Find positive ways to encourage more Wisconsin deer hunting

This Georgia man spent nine days hunting deer in Wisconsin this year.

One of the more disappointing aspects of the recently completed nine-day gun deer season was the insults chucked our way just when we expect more from hunters in terms of deer herd management.

Most hunters are not lazy and they certainly weren’t skunked during opening weekend, as some would have us believe.  There is more to deer hunting than killing a deer and going home, even though that’s what some do.

The herd—some two million by some estimates before the season began—was not reduced as many deer managers would have liked.  And yet, the “scheduling” of seasons has about reached its limit—maybe.

Instead of worrying about crossbowers shooting too many of “our” deer, how about encouraging this group of hunters to shoot more deer?  Let’s suggest more hunters purchase a crossbow.  Invite the out-of-state hunters here who make Wisconsin a destination location for whitetails.  Encourage them to come here when deer movement is peaking during the rut and then to come back for gun season, too.

Many hunters looked forward to an October hunt.  Open one. And don’t forget about the muzzleloarder, archery, antlerless, Holiday hunt, and youth hunt, too.

That’s a start and let it begin by all of us educating the public what deer hunting really is, why the blaze orange, that shooting a rifle is not as dangerous as some believe, and that deer hunting helps in many ways: Traffic accidents, forest regeneration, reducing crop damage, and the state’s economy.

It’s either that or the deer populations will have to be controlled in other ways.

The estimated deer population is likely higher than it has ever been.

Thank a deer hunter; don’t insult him or her.

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