Pennsylvania Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Dec. 6, 2019

From the Game Commission

Snyder County Game Warden Harold J. Malehorn filed a citation against an individual for killing a spike buck during the October antlerless deer season. The hunter failed to tag the buck and never reported it as a mistake kill.

Snyder County Game Warden Harold J. Malehorn is investigating a hunting-related shooting incident involving two fox hunters.

Snyder County Game Warden Harold J. Malehorn filed charges against a father and son for unlawfully killing deer over bait. The father was charged with unlawfully possessing three deer, including a deer over his legal limit, and hunting over bait. The 16-year-old son was charged with hunting over bait.  The father killed two antlerless deer and his children – the son and a 12-year-old daughter – killed two. All were shot over bait and none were tagged. The game law allows for adults to be charged for violations of minors under their control. The father was charged for the major violations. Numerous warnings were issued as well.

York County Game Warden Cameron Murphy reports on the first day of archery he snuck into a known baited area before it was light out. Once shooting light arrived, Murphy noticed a small button buck at the bait pile and, within seconds, the deer being shot with a crossbow. Murphy announced his presence, ordered the hunter to come down from the treestand. The investigation quickly determined the hunter had placed the bait there and knew it was unlawful to hunt there until 30 days after all bait and residue were gone. Warden Murphy tracked the deer, recovered it and filed citations for hunting through the use of bait, as well as the illegal deer. The hunter pleaded guilty to all fines.

Blair and Bedford counties Game Warden Brandon Pfister charged an individual with harvesting 4-point deer during the antlerless only season.  

Blair and Bedford counties Game Warden Brandon Pfister reports that, through a joint effort with Pennsylvania State Police Troop G, Hollidaysburg, a stolen skid steer valued at $45,000 has been recovered.     

Mifflin County Game Warden Amanda M. Isett has cited several people for spotlighting with a firearm in the vehicle.

Perry County Game Warden Steven Brussese reports that individuals have pleaded guilty to charges filed for the use of a vehicle to locate deer and for shooting the deer from a public road.  This occurred twice within a several minute timeframe, which resulted in two unlawfully harvested antlerless deer.

Franklin County Game Warden Trevor Shauf reports an individual was cited for hunting without a license and illegally taking a deer. Another individual was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, DUI, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.  

From the Game Commission

Bradford County Game Warden Blake Barth reports citing an individual for the unlawful use of a vehicle while hunting and killing an antlered deer out of season. 

Monroe County Game Warden Praveed Abraham reports citing an individual for shooting at a bear within a safety zone in a crowded housing development.

Monroe County Game Warden Praveed Abraham participated in the execution of a search warrant in Bucks County involving multiple agencies. Evidence of the unlawful taking of a deer and other offenses were discovered. 

Wayne County Game Warden Adriel Douglass reports a bountiful bear and deer harvest during the early muzzleloader and archery seasons. Citations were issued for an unlawful bear taken in Sterling Township, with several other investigations ongoing.

Luzerne County Game Warden Justin Faus reports that he and his deputies issued multiple citations related to baiting and other unlawful activities in October and early November.

Sullivan County Game Warden Rick Finnegan reports that four bears killed through the use of bait were seized during the muzzleloader bear season. It is unlawful to use any type of food-based material, including scents and lures, to entice bears into shooting range. 

Bradford County Game Warden Mike Goodenow reports two individuals are facing multiple charges stemming from nighttime poaching. Witnesses were able to obtain information that led to a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle. Charges include misdemeanor firearm possession, unlawful possession of a deer, unlawful use of lights while hunting, having a loaded firearm in a vehicle and shooting from a road. Both poachers face stiff fines and possible jail time.

Pike County Game Wardens Bob Johnson and Patrick Sowers report that two Matamoras men were recently apprehended after unlawfully taking a nice 9-point buck. A tip from a concerned sportsman initiated the investigation and the pair eventually confessed to their crimes. Charges are pending and include hunting through the use of a motorized vehicle, trespassing and the unlawful killing of the deer.

Susquehanna County Warden Ben Rebuck reports citing an individual for taking and possessing the head of a road-killed buck.

Wyoming County Game Warden Vic Rosa reports more hiking activity on State Game Land 57 in the Forkston area. Hikers need to be prepared when venturing in this location as the terrain is extremely rough and, without cell service, locating a lost hiker is difficult.

Pike County Game Warden Patrick Sowers reports a nearly 600-pound bear was killed illegally through the use of bait. Two individuals involved will be charged. 

Northumberland County Game Warden Derek Spitler reports citations were filed in East Cameron Township for the unlawful killing of an 8-point buck that was shot with a slug gun during the archery and early muzzleloader deer seasons. 

Montour and Northumberland counties Game Warden Jared Turner reports that seven individuals were cited on the opening day of pheasant season for violations including the use of unplugged shotguns, hunting within safety zones, shooting on or across roads, hunting without a pheasant permit and unlawfully taking game.

Susquehanna County Game Warden Mike Webb reports that baiting in his district continues to a problem with several suspected bait sites being investigated so far during this hunting season.                                                                                                                                         

From the Game Commission

Berks County Game Warden Ryan L. Zawada reports, attending a court hearing for a Fritztown man he filed citations against last archery season. An Operation Game Thief tip led to the investigation, which showed the man had no hunting license and he’d shot a large buck behind his house over a corn pile. He was found guilty in court and will have his license revoked for several years. 

Bucks County Game Warden Tyler Barnes received a call from someone who witnessed a deer being shot from a vehicle in Falls Township. Barnes quickly arrived on scene and found the suspected truck, which in the back had an 8-point buck that had been killed with buckshot. Multiple citations have been filed against the individual. 

Lancaster County Game Warden Greg Graham reports prosecuting numerous individuals for unlawfully taken deer. These range from out-of-season kills to mistake kills resulting from carelessness. 

Lancaster County Game Warden Greg Graham reports that several individuals were cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia while on state game lands. These violations are on the rise in the district.

Lancaster County Game Warden Daniel Gibble reports, citing two individuals for hunting geese while the season was closed and unlawfully taking a Canada goose. Both individuals were cooperative, but hadn’t taken the time to consult the 2019-20 Hunting & Trapping Digest for season dates before going afield. 

Montgomery County Game Warden Raymond Madden reports detecting numerous violations by pheasant hunters at State Game Land 234, including hunting in safety zones, without proper licenses, and having loaded firearms in vehicles.  

Schuylkill County Game Warden Jason Macunas reports an 8-point buck was shot illegally on Reading Anthracite property off Darkwater Road, New Castle Township, on Oct. 9.  The deer was located by an archery hunter who overheard one or more off-road vehicles approaching the pole line. Several minutes later, he heard gunshots, then found the buck lying dead. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact the Southeast Region Office at 610- 926-3136.

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