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Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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Illinois Fishing Report – Nov. 29, 2019


Chain:The channels have been producing good catches of panfishon small tungsten jigstipped with single spikes. There are few reports on walleyesand bass as the launches are all frozen over and the bigger water is not safe for travel yet.

Bays have been producing good catches of white bass in 15-foot depths. The crappiebite also has been good, but finding them is hard. They have been suspending on the breaklines near deeper water. The north end of Channel Lake has been producing good catches of panfish. The weeds are still green and are holding good quality fish.


Lake Michigan: The northern harbors were seeing a decline in the amount of fish caught, but there are still brownsand steelheadbeing caught. Spawn sacks under a float are working well as well as the standard tinselor white tube jigtipped with wax worms.

The steelheadbite is starting to increase in the downtown harbors with spawn being a primary choice of baits. Tinsel jigsas well as tube jigsunder floats are also producing fish. The inner harbors are starting to form ice so you may need to move around to find open water.

Navy Pier and the downtown harbors are starting to produce perch. The fish are ranging in size and a lot of sorting is required, but crappie rigswith fathead minnows seem to be producing the best.

Lakers are still being caught trolling dodgerswith Spin-n-glowsalong the reef near the Port of Indiana. They are being found in 20 to 40 feet of water around and on top of the reef. Boaters venturing out of Chicago launches are finding the lakers and brown troutout deep but they are still around and hitting well.

The bite has been slow in the downtown harbors. Crappie rigswith fathead minnows seem to be producing the best.


Shabbona:Crappiesare being caught over the fish cribs. Search the cribs that surround each of the land piers. The secret to success this time of the year is to use a lively minnow. You will have to continually change your minnow because they don’t last long. Perchare still being caught along the deeper weedlines. Use minnows near the bottom for best results.



Crab Orchard Lake:Anglers are reporting that crappiesare being found at depths ranging from about six to 10 feet. Most are in heavy cover near points. The best baitshave been minnows and jigs. Bright colors seem to be the best bet. Bluegillsare being caught near riprap and around weedbeds on the typical bluegill baits. Bassfishing has been slow.


Baldwin Lake: Catfish are on the move and those that are being caught are small. Anglers are tossing crankbaitsaround rip rap and catching a few bass. Bluegillsare slow but will hit on meal worms or wax worms occasionally.


Carlyle Lake:White bass are hungry for jigs. Bluegillfishing is fair on worms. Sauger fishing has been fair. Crappiefishing is so-so, and most success is with minnows.


Kinkaid Lake:Overall, fishing has been slow. Bluegillshave been biting on worms, but the bite has tapered off. Crappiesare slow, but some are being taken on minnows in 12 to 15 feet of water. Muskies are being caught, though action is slow.


Horseshoe Lake: Crappieshave started biting better. Brush piles in deep water have provided the best action. Minnows and jigsare equally effective. Bass have been slow, as have bluegills.


Lake of Egypt: Crappieaction is slow but getting better. Fishing for bluegillshas been slow.


Little Grassy:Crappieshave been biting on minnows, mostly in cover in about 15 to 20 feet of water. Bass action has improved, but remains slow. Plastic wormshave worked best. Bluegillsare running small and biting on worms.


Rend Lake:Crappiesare biting fair on jigsfished along the Route 154 riprap and over crappie sets in Gun Creek and near bridge pillars. Bassfishing has been slow.


Lake Murphysboro:Catfish action remains excellent, particularly in the morning and early evening. Most anglers are using chicken liver and nightcrawlers. Bass are also rated fair to good. Crappieanglers are finding fish are various depths. Minnows are the preferred bait. Bluegillaction is slow.



Powerton Lake: Smallmouthsare being caught on crankbaitsand small jigs. Good currents are reported in the discharge area. Banditsand inline spinnersalso are working.


Lake Bloomington: Bluegillsare biting on worms, but are slow and small. Crappiesare being caught on minnows in 12 to 14 feet.


Lake Decatur: Crappiesare being caught on minnows. Bluegillfishing has been slow, with a few being caught on worms. Catfish have been very slow on worms and stinkbaits.


Lake Shelbyville: Crappieshave been biting in shallows or around brush on jigsand tubesof chartreuse with yellow, red or white and chartreuse tubes. Muskies are biting below the spillway.


Clinton Lake: Crappiefishing has been fair near brush with minnows. Bluegillsare being caught on worms near shore.


Coffeen Lake:Bassfishing has been good for anglers using crankbaitsand plastic worms. Crappieshave been slow to bite. Catfish have been caught on nightcrawlers and stinkbaits. Striped bass have been hitting top-water luresin the evening.


Lake Springfield:Bluegillsare biting on worms along shorelines. Crappiefishing has been slow. Catfish have been biting on shad. White bass have been hitting spinnerbaitsnear the bridges.


Sangchris Lake: Crappiefishing has been good on minnows.


Newton Lake: Bluegillsand bassbiting fair on minnows and worms.


Lake Taylorville: The crappiebite has been hot. The bait of choice is small jigstipped with wax worms or spikes under floats. Skipping under the deeper docks or finding the submerged timber and green weeds is working.



Illinois River: The walleyeand sauger bite has dropped off. The bite shut down and fish are harder to find. Anglers who  are catching fish are finding them here and there and nothing is showing up as a good pattern. Trolling lead core with stickbaitsor three-way rigswith the bottom weight being a jigand minnow and an F-9 Rapalaon the long line. Work the flats created on the current bends.


Fox River: The walleyebite is starting to pick up with some fish being reported at the McHenry Dam and also in the Elgin area. The fish are being caught on Gulp-style jigs as well as jerkbaits. There have been some good schools of white bass showing up as well.


Kankakee River: Pike have been lively, and smallmouth basshave been biting near Momence on minnows and spinners. The catfish bite has died, as the fish have gone into their wintering holes. Smaller baits with a lot of scentare best.


Des Plaines: The walleyeshave been found using jerkbaitsand jointed minnowbaits. They are being taken in the evening hours working the deeper holes that are adjacent to shallow water. Good numbers of northern pike are also to be found fishing live bait under a floator throwing inline spinnersand jerkbaits.

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