Hunting released pheasants on Wisconsin’s public lands

It may not be South Dakota, but Wisconsin’s pen-raised pheasant program with birds released on public hunting areas does offer a decent opportunity for those who want to hunt and exercise their dogs without leaving the Badger State. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

Some hunters, for whatever reason, are satisfied to hunt the closest locations when chasing pheasants on public lands.

While that works some of the time, mostly it doesn’t.  Others have been there first with better dogs, better shooting and better companion hunters.

Next time pick locations that are out-of-the-ordinary and when possible avoid weekends, too.

Instead of being able to step out of a vehicle and be in a pheasant field, if possible, walk that half mile and then load the shotgun and unleash the companion.

Some DNR pheasant stocking release schedules are well known, but others are varied so don’t try to win that battle of chasing the stocking truck. Hunting from Sunday afternoon through Thursday may be better.

If the habitat is farmed and regardless of the standing corn or beans, search out strips next to a woods or move into the woods a few yards.  These are pen-raised birds and seem to be content to spent time there after coming out to feed or stay there if pushed off good cover in the fields.

If cover is minimal, pick the best of the worst.

Don’t overlook the possibility of killing a turkey in Zone 1, too, while pheasant hunting, but only if you have an authorization permit.

Deer season usually goes on without there being any pheasant releases, but don some blaze orange and go for a walk.  The deer hunters may appreciate you doing it, too.

About 10 locations get holiday bird releases just before Christmas.  Extra birds are placed during this slot.

Driving some roadways adjacent to public lands, not to hunt, but to see or photograph roosters offer some possibilities, too.

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