Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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New Gear Options for the Run-And-Gun Ice Warrior

(Photo courtesy of Clam/Ice Team)

Fishing in comfort, cutting holes faster, and taking that run-and-gun approach when ice fishing to an even higher level is the theme with this year’s line-up of new shelters, augers, and accessories.


About the time you think the ice fishing marketplace can’t advance further, manufacturers continue to set the bar even higher. Here’s what they’ve done for the upcoming winter fishing season.

Clam Shelters

The C-360 Hub Shelter by Clam packs down small for anglers on the move and a thermal skin keeps heat in and reduces propane use. It also has an abundance of head and fishing room. 


Combine this with advanced hub technology and you have a superior pop-up portable ice shelter – the C-360 Thermal Hub. It’s one of those perfect ice fishing shelters for anglers and families looking to stay warm and comfortable.


The C-360 is a four-sided shelter that’s easy to set up and pack down that comfortably accommodates up to three anglers. Its 600 total denier fabric retains heat and reduces condensation, it has an oversized skirt for ample snow banking and comes with a carry bag, anchors and tie ropes.


The X-400 Thermal Hub ice fishing shelter boasts 64 square feet of fishable area, but packs down small. It’s also a four-sided portable hub that has plenty of room for heaters, chairs, equipment and the kids. Anglers will also enjoy the unique X-series design, as well as the black roof to attract sun and retain heat. 


The X-Series of flip-over shelters by Clam have become known as some of the toughest portable houses on ice. Built for extreme conditions, the X-Series Fish Traps are backed by a three-year warranty and are constructed with heavy-duty materials and superb engineering. 


One of the major changes this year is the new Side Symmetry Door System. These “corner” doors allow anglers to get in and out of the shelter quickly and easily without climbing over gear and their fishing partners, without the use of any additional poles.


Anglers always want to stay on the ice longer, inspiring the demand to stay warm and comfortable, thus the Clam Yukon X Thermal shelter has been developed. 


Complete with 1¼-inch pole system and a full thermal skin, the Yukon X Thermal ice fishing shelter is sized perfectly for two anglers to fish and move comfortably. This shelter includes two deluxe removable, adjustable seats, and a grey interior sled makes it easier for anglers to locate gear. It too has a three-year warranty.


The Clam Nanook XL is a two-person, thermal portable fish house that allows anglers to fish comfortably side-by-side, or for really big guys, the Nanook works as a great one-person house. With Clam’s exclusive Symmetry Door System, anglers can enter or exit the shelter with ease. 


The Nanook Thermal XL is the thermal version of one of Clam’s most popular models. This lightweight design cuts through the snow or glides easily across the ice to set you on top of the perfect spot. And a thermal skin retains heat and burns less propane. 

Ice Runner Spear House

Over the past couple of years, Ice Runner from KMDA Inc. introduced a new brand of portable shelters. Its one-man and two-man portables received rave reviews from anglers across the ice belt.


This year, the new Ice Runner Stalker Spear House is designed specifically for spear fishing with its fully insulated design and 100 percent blacked out interior.


The Stalker features almost 21 square feet of canvas floor space, a large 36-by 24-inch hole opening, and push-button poles with countersink technology for fast, easy set up and take down. This shelter also comes with a storage bag for easy transport.

Shappell Portables

Eagle Claw Shappell is introducing two new ultra-sturdy, mobile ice shelters featuring extreme duty insulated fabric. The BR1000i and FX150i offer anglers insulated protection from winter conditions in shelter designs prime for fishing.


Designed for easy set-up, the BR1000i two-person shelter features a solid, one-piece easy-up frame. When anglers are ready to move locations the shelter folds in on itself for quick and easy transportation across the lake.


Anglers can stay warm by keeping their feet off the ice and in the sled while the extreme duty insulated fabric shell blocks out wind and cold. The padded sliding bench allows anglers to fish from inside the shelter in two flip-top 8.5-by-11-inch fishing areas in the bottom of the sled.


The FX150i is a one-man flip shelter that also is fully assembled on a Jet Sled base for ease of portability. The ability to keep feet off the ice in the sled tub within an insulated shell means anglers can stay on the ice comfortably for longer. In addition, the FX150i features more space than comparable one-man shelters.


Unique to Shappell and common to all of its shelters are the removable and replaceable windows. Anglers can fully remove the plastic window covering for added ventilation.

Otter Tribute Hub

Otter Outdoors is excited to announce the launch of the new Limited Edition Tribute Lodge Hub. It has all the great features of the Best Selling Otter XTH Pro Lodge Hub with a new Patriotic theme.  To honor veterans, Otter will donate a portion of every Otter Tribute Hub sale to the Wounded Warrior Project.


Known for quality and innovation, Otter has reinvented the hub style shelter. The XTH Pro series are rich with cutting edge design features such as heavy duty ice anchors and anchor straps with adjustable quick release cam buckles. Otter’s exclusive ICE-LOCK anchoring system provides three-point corner lockdowns to help prevent wind lift and corner wear.


Overhead storage hammocks, integrated rod and tool holders and deep cargo pockets gets gear off the ice and ready. Propane gas hose port helps put the heat where you need it and Otter ThermalTec 600 denier insulated shell provides light blocking/wind stopping protection. 

Jiffy Augers

The New Jiffy Model 46 X-Treme propane auger features a heavy duty, cast aluminum transmission with steel drive gears for improved drilling performance. Its new cast aluminum propane tank holder offers easy assembly and removal of the propane tank as well as improved durability.


The propane regulator is now built into the propane tank holder, which offers a more rugged design and  improved performance.


The Jiffy 49 cc., OHV four-stroke engine makes the 46 X-Treme the most powerful propane unit available. Matched with its STX Steath five cutting blades, the 46 X-Treme can handle even the most extreme ice drilling conditions with ease.


The Jiffy Model 56/E6 Lightning – Lithium ION battery powered Ice Drill has three specific features of the Jiffy E6 Lightning that sets it apart from the competition for drilling performance – a six amp/hour battery, high torque brushless motor, and the Jiffy Ripper Blade.


The 6-amp battery allows anglers to drill more holes on a single charge, the high torque brushless motor offers superior drilling power, and the Ripper Blade cuts faster and has longer life than any other blade, especially in dirty ice. 


The E6 Lightning weighs less than 27 pounds and its wide stance operator handles offer less fatigue. The drilling and hole cleaning functions, as well as the night lights are all found in the throttle control assembly offering ease of operation with the touch of your thumb. The E6 Lighting also offers a USB charging port to charge your cell phone or other small electronic devices.

Strikemaster Auger and Drill

The new lightweight Lite-Flite Lazer Drill is designed for any professional quality 18v (or higher) brushless hand-held cordless electric 1/2-inch chuck drill or StrikeMaster ice auger power head. 


The drill is molded with a blend of synthetic resins and built with a heavy-duty, steel hex shaft and reinforced “T” connection to carriage for strength. The carriage is formed from engineered compounds for unbeatable durability allowing you to drill every hole with confidence. 


Power Point keeps the drill unit in place while drilling and the twin chrome-alloy stainless steel Lazer blades ensure a smooth, clean cut every time.


 The new StrikeMaster Lithium 40v combines decades of ice auger experience with leading edge design and power engineering. This auger will muscle through the ice,  hole after hole. It’s 40-volt, 5-amp hour lithium ION battery powers an electric DC brushless motor for reliable, constant speed and torque. 


A planetary gear system provides lightweight durability and high power density for unmatched performance. Enjoy innovative cutting via the legendary StrikeMaster Lazer blades, which provide a fast cutting edge. 


Additional features include custom impact-resistant handles with ergonomically placed opposing deadman/power switch and built-in LED lights. Forward/reverse control runs in forward for cutting and reverse to flush slush.

Clam 6-inch Conversion Kit

The Clam conversion kit enables anglers to use their basic drill to cut holes by simply attaching a cordless drill (18-volt industrial drill recommended) to the drill plate and a lazer style auger and you’re ready to go. 


The Conversion Kit and Drill Plate have a rubber grip handle that provides stability and leverage when drilling holes in the ice. It includes all hardware to mount drill (drill not included), and is available in a 6- or 8-inch diameter.


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