Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Nov. 1, 2019

Northwest Zone– Captain Laura Petreikis

In Henry County, CPO Posateri investigated a hunter with a possible fictitious hunter safety number. The hunter admitted to not taking the course, and the number was entered from his online account. The hunter was issued a citation for the violation.

In Rock Island County, CPOT McKune and CPO Francisko investigated a report of a goose taxidermy mount being offered for sale at a re-sale shop in Moline. In most cases it is illegal to sell any parts of migratory waterfowl. The officers located the mount in question. The store owners were cooperative with the investigation, as well as the lady who brought the mount to the resale shop to sell. It was determined that there was no intent to break federal/state law, and the people involved were not hunters or familiar with hunting laws. The goose mount was something left at a house from a previous occupant. The owner retook possession of the mount, and written warnings were issued.

In Bureau County, CPO Wagner received a TIP report of individual hunting who was known to be revoked from purchasing licenses and permits due to child support issues. He proceeded to the location in question and found the individual in a tree stand with a loaded crossbow. The individual was cited for hunting without deer permits, hunting license, and habitat stamp. The subject was also cited for transporting an uncased crossbow on an ATV and possession of cannabis, not more tha n 10 grams. Another individual hunting the property received citation for transporting an uncased crossbow on an ATV.

In Boone County, CPO Alt is currently investigating the unlawful hunting of white-tailed deer by aid or use of bait.

In Boone County, CPO Alt conducted a hunting compliance check of an archery deer hunter. The man was found to be in violation for an unsigned archery deer permit. He issued the man a warning for the offense, and he had him sign the permit.

In Bureau County, while conducting dove enforcement at the Hennepin Canal Parkway, CPO Wagner cited one individual for hunting with lead shot; and one individual was cited for hunting without a habitat stamp. Several written warnings were also issued to the hunters.

In Winnebago County, CPO Alt encountered a man and woman fishing in Rock Cut State Park. A fishing compliance check was conducted, and neither individual had a fishing license. Further investigation revealed that the man was a registered violent sexual predator prohibited from being present in any public park. The man was charged with fishing without a fishing license and unlawful entry or remaining in a public park as a sexual offender.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley responded to a boat incident on Pool 20 of the Mississippi River. A Tennessee man had experienced problems with his boat, and his boat began taking on water. After a failed attempt to put the boat on the trailer, the man tied the boat to his truck to secure it. The rope broke, and the boat flipped over. No one was injured.

Northeast Zone – Captain Jed Whitchurch

In McHenry County, Sgt. Schreiber cited a subject fishing along the Fox River at the Stratton Lock and Dam for illegal take of sport fish with a cast net. The subject was found to be in possession of eight very small bluegill and one white crappie in a five-gallon bucket. It was determined that he had used a cast net and was unaware that you could not keep the fish.

 In Kankakee County, CPO Farber received a complaint regarding a subject who was hunting with a crossbow from a motor vehicle. CPO Farber located the vehicle and spoke with the driver.  He observed an uncased/loaded crossbow sitting in the passenger seat of the violator’s truck. The poacher admitted that he attempted to take a white-tailed doe from the roadway while sitting in his truck. The doe was found in Hooper Branch Savanna Nature Preserve. The violator was charged with hunting by the use/aid of motor vehicle, hunting from the roadway, unlawful transport of uncased/loaded crossbow in a motor vehicle, hunting without permission, and hunting without a valid archery deer permit.

In Kendall County, CPO Bergland received information that a subject killed a deer in a restricted area at Silver Springs State Fish and Wildlife Area. The next day he located the subject hunting at the site, and the subject showed the CPO where he had shot the deer. One citation was issued.

In Will County, CPO Reid responded to an incident at the boat ramp at Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife Area. A truck and boat trailer slid off the ramp and were completely submerged in the river. The driver of the vehicle was able to exit before the truck filled with water. The vehicle and trailer were removed by a tow service, and no injuries were sustained during the incident.

In Will County, CPO Reid checked an archery deer hunter in the field. He was able to determine the hunter had provided false information to fraudulently obtain a hunting license and deer permits. The hunter was arrested for falsification of records, hunting without a valid permit, and hunting without permission.

In Cook County, Sgt. Whitchurch was on patrol when he observed two subjects unlawfully attempting to snag salmon at a Lake Michigan harbor closed to snagging. Once the subjects saw Sgt. Whitchurch, both attempted to leave the area and hide. He spoke with both subjects, and it was learned one of the subjects lived out of state and did not possess a valid nonresident sport fishing license, or a Lake Michigan salmon stamp. Both subjects were educated on the snagging regulations and fishing license regulations. Citations and written warnings were issued for unlawfully snagging in waters closed to snagging, unlawful snagging within 200 feet of a moored watercraft, unlawful fishing without a valid nonresident sport fishing license, and unlawfully attempting to take salmon without a valid Lake Michigan salmon stamp.

In Cook County, while conducting a snagging enforcement detail at Jackson Harbor, CPOs Stanbary and Thornley issued one citation to a fisherman for pollution of a waterway after he was observed throwing beer cans on the ground very close to the water’s edge. A fisherman fishing out of a small jon boat was issued a citation after he ignored an earlier warning about having no navigation lights or personal flotation device onboard. A citation was issued to a snagger who was found fishing with no salmon stamp. Warnings were issued to a fisherman for no license in possession and snagging within 200 feet of a moored craft.

In Cook County, CPO Thornley spotted a fisherman illegally snagging on the north side of Fullerton Avenue. The man was issued a citation for unlawful snagging in an area prohibited for snagging. The man was also issued a written warning for unlawful snagging within 200 feet of a moored boat. In a separate incident, CPO Thornley spotted two fishermen illegally snagging on the north side of Fullerton Avenue. Both men were issued a citation for unlawful snagging in an area prohibited for snagging. The two men were also issued a written warning for unlawful snagging within 200 feet of a moored boat.

Central  Zone – Capts. Petreikis and Whitchurch

In Adams County, CPO Wheatley investigated a deer he found lying outside a Quincy woman’s residence. The meat from the buck had been harvested, and the carcass was partially in a trash bag. He interviewed the woman, and he asked to see the necessary permits and licenses required for taking the deer. It was discovered that she tagged the buck with an antlerless only permit and called it in as a doe. It was also discovered that she was hunting without a habitat stamp. The state park where the deer was taken requires that bucks have at least four points on one side, and this deer did not. Citations and written warnings were issued for the infractions.

In Macoupin County, CPO Gushleff and CPOT Olroyd investigated a ginseng complaint. A landowner reported that his trail camera took pictures of a subject digging ginseng on his property. The subject was identified and interviewed. He admitted to harvesting the ginseng. The same subject was also caught on another property by a Macoupin County Sheriff’s deputy. The deputy confiscated the ginseng and gave it back to the landowner. CPOT Olroyd cited the subject for harvesting ginseng on land without permission. It was learned the next day that the subject bought his ginseng harvester license the day after he was caught on the trail camera. CPO Gushleff went back to the subject’s residence and issued a citation for harvesting ginseng without a license.

In Cass County, CPO Thornley and CPOT Roesch conducted deer enforcement. The officers conducted a compliance check of a hunter at his vehicle. The hunter said that he had harvested a doe. CPO Thornley requested to see the hunter’s license and permits, and the hunter complied. It was determined that the harvested deer had not been tagged in the field immediately upon kill. The hunter stated he did not have his tag with him in the field to tag the deer. A citation was issued for failure to tag, and a written warning was given for not having permits on his person in the field.

In Morgan County, CPOT Wahlbrink and CPO Wichern performed a boat safety inspection on boat with three passengers on board who had been fishing on the Illinois River. After a short interview, one fisherman admitted catching bluegill with a cast net and using the fish for bait. A citation was issued for taking the bluegill with an unlawful device, and three written warnings were issued for boat safety equipment violations.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

IIn Clinton County, While conducting deer hunting compliance checks, CPO Macias conducted a compliance check on a hunter as he walked out of the timber. Several field points were discovered in his quiver. He asked the hunter if he was using them for hunting deer, and the subject said, yes. The hunter was new to the sport, and CPO Macias educated the young man on the fact that only broadheads were to be used for hunting deer. A written warning was issued to the new hunter.

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers completed an investigation regarding a person that was camping at Randolph County Lake State Recreation Area and left without paying the owed camping fees. The subject admitted that they had been arrested and taken to the Randolph County Jail while the camper remained at the park. The subject did not want to pay for the nights that the camper occupied the site.  The subject towed the camper back home and did not pay the owed camping fees.  A citation was issued for not paying the owed camping fees.

In Washington County, CPO Schachner received a call from a subject wishing to trap weasels during closed season. The subject complained that his outdoor cat had killed a weasel. The subject wanted to trap the remaining weasels and “relocate” them so his cat would not kill them. During the lengthy conversation, the subject was warned multiple times not to place any traps out of season and to immediately remove any traps which he may have already placed. Several weeks later, CPO Schachner and CPOT Roundcount were in the area and drove past the property. CPO Schachner observed two set traps. The violator was contacted, and a third set trap was located on his property. The violator was issued a citation for trapping furbearers during closed season.

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