Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Aug. 23, 2019

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In JoDaviess County, While on patrol at Apple River Canyon State Park, CPO Hoftender and CPOT Doescher observed a vehicle drive by with a child hanging out of the car window. A vehicle stop was conducted, and the man was cited for the violation.

In Ogle County, While on patrol at Castle Rock State Park, CPO Teas conducted a vehicle stop. Cannabis was discovered, and the driver was issued a civil citation.

In Ogle County, while conducting fishing compliance checks, CPO Teas found a man without a valid fishing license and in possession of live, rusty crayfish (invasive species). Citations were issued.

In Whiteside County, While patrolling Morrison-Rockwood State Park, CPO Palumbo issued five park citations, one driving without a license citation; and he completed a juvenile contact for a juvenile being in possession of 40.9 grams of cannabis. Multiple written warnings for park and Illinois Vehicle Code violations were also issued.

In Bureau County, While checking fishermen along the Hennepin Canal, CPO Wagner cited two individuals for fishing without a fishing license.

In LaSalle County, While patrolling near the Illinois and Michigan Canal State Trail, CPO Wagner observed two individuals who appeared to be hiding or concealing something. When confronted, both individuals fled the area. After a brief search by multiple officers, the subjects were located. The subjects were cited for resisting a peace officer, trespassing on the railroad right-of- way, and having a dog off leash.

In LaSalle County, CPOs Jansen and Kaufman, along with CPOT Gerdes, responded to the Starved Rock Lodge for a report of an unwanted guest at a wedding reception. After being on scene for 20 minutes, it was determined that the unwanted guest had left the Park.

In LaSalle County, CPO Kaufman conducted fishing compliance checks at two lakes. He found an individual with no fishing license and two undersized smallmouth bass. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Putnam County, CPOs Finn and Willand conducted watercraft safety inspections and fishing compliance checks. CPO Willand found several boats that did not have the required safety equipment on board, and the fishermen did not have fishing licenses. He also found one fisherman with an undersized largemouth bass. CPO Willand wrote four citations and nine written warnings for the boat and fishing violations.

In Tazewell County, CPOT McCarter assisted in a sport fishing enforcement detail at Powerton Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area. One citation was issued for snagging, and one written warning was issued for fishing license not in possession.

In Tazewell County, CPOT McCarter arrested a Tazewell County resident during a fishing compliance check for an outstanding failure to appear warrant.

In Sangamon County, While patrolling Lake Springfield, CPO Macias conducted a fishing compliance check on four individuals. The individuals did not speak English, and after checking their identification and finding an interpreter, appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Stephenson County, CPO Beltran and CPOT AJ Hyatt arrested two men for having undersized bass and over limit of crappie.

In Fulton County, While on patrol in a restricted area at Rice Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area, CPO Thompson conducted a stop of a trespassing vehicle. The driver was issued a citation for unlawful transport of an uncased bow in a vehicle, and written warnings were issued for fishing without a valid fishing license, trespassing, and no valid driver’s license on person.

In Tazewell County, CPO Gerard cited an individual at Powerton Lake for unlawfully snagging sport fish.

In Macoupin County, While on a boat patrol of Gillespie Lake, CPO Gushleff issued a citation to a subject who disregarded instructions from City of Gillespie employees not to enter the fireworks blast zone. He caught up with the boat and conducted a safety inspection of the vessel. The subject did not have his battery covered as required by law, and a citation was issued for the violation.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Brett Scroggins

In Lake County, CPO Winters cited a subject at Grays Lake for failure to immediately release an undersized largemouth bass.

In Lake County, CPO Reid arrested a subject at Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park for driving with a suspended driver’s license and no valid insurance. In a separate incidence, CPO Reid arrested a subject at Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park for possession of cannabis, less than 10 grams.

In Lake County, CPO Kelley cited a subject on Loon Lake for waterskiing/tubing without having a competent observer on the boat.

In Lake County, CPOs Reid and Knop arrested four juveniles at Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park for being in possession of a stolen vehicle. One subject was also charged with obstructing identification for providing numerous fictitious names, and a second subject had an outstanding warrant from a previous stolen vehicle arrest.

In Cook County, CPO Sanford assisted University of Chicago personnel with the relocation of a goose family from atop a building on campus.

In Cook County, CPO Stanbary issued a written warning to a boat operator at Lincoln Park Lagoon for an equipment violation and unnumbered watercraft. The boat operator was also warned after bank fishermen complained that their lines were ran over by the prop of the same boat.

In Cook County, a fisherman at Belly Deep Slough was issued a warning by CPO Stanbary for no license in possession.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes is investigating the killing of a flock of geese at a private club.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes responded to a call regarding shots fired outside Channahon State Park. A man was shot while in his back yard. Channahon Police and the Illinois State Police are handling the investigation.

In McHenry County, CPO Davis assisted the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department with setting a perimeter after a suspect with a firearm fled from a deputy during a traffic stop. The suspect and his passenger were taken into custody without incident.

In McHenry County, CPO Kelley and Intern Gott attended the NRA Youth Education and Hunting Challenge at the Richmond Hunt Club. Over 100 young participants were able to access the education trailer, ask questions, and enjoy looking at the furbearer pelts and displays.

In Will County, While patrolling Des Plains State Fish and Wildlife Area, CPO Bergland observed two people fishing. Before he got out of his squad, he saw one of them try to hide a bottle of beer (alcohol is prohibited at this site). When he got out his squad, he could smell the odor of burnt cannabis. He approached the two subjects and discovered neither of them had fishing licenses. Citations and warnings were issued.

In Cook County, While checking fishermen, CPO Klemme and CPOT Kusta observed two subjects fishing. When asked for fishing licenses, one individual provided a current license; and the other individual claimed that he was fishing in Indiana and it was “free fishing days.” After a short investigation, it was determined that he was an Illinois resident and was not eligible for free fishing. He was issued a citation for no fishing license.

In Cook County, CPO Stanbary and CPOT Kusta located a fisherman on the Calumet River that was in possession of two yellow perch during a closed season. A citation was issued, and the fish were seized.

In Kendall County, CPO Bergland received a request for an interview from a six-year-old Yorkville kindergarten student. It was for a class project assignment. The student would like to be a CPO when he grows up. He went to the student’s home and did the interview. After the interview, he gave the student the CPO Creed. He also activated the emergency lights and siren in the squad, and the student got to sit on the Department’s airboat that he had brought along for the occasion.

CPO Vaughan concluded a deer investigation which ended with citations and warning issued for unlawful take of deer without a permit, failure to tag immediately, and no hunting license.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Clark County, CPO Wellum responded to a report of an injured deer on I-70. He located the deer; but due to its extensive injuries, the deer was dispatched.

In Clark County, CPO Wellum observed a subject in a vehicle at Mill Creek Lake with an open container of alcohol, and the driver was issued a citation for illegal transportation of alcohol. In a separate incidence, CPO Wellum assisted a stranded boater on Mill Creek Lake. The boat’s engine quit working, and he assisted with moving the boat to the boat ramp for removal from the water.

In Clark County, CPO Wellum assisted a Clark County deputy with a report of a stabbing. The subject was arrested and taken to the Clark County Jail for processing, and the case is being handled by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

In Moultrie County, CPO Mieure and CPOT Hyatt conducted a traffic stop and issued the driver two written warnings for no proof of insurance and no vehicle registration.

In Moultrie County, while conducting fishing compliance checks at Lake Shelbyville, CPO Moody cited a Bement man and woman for possession of drug paraphernalia. The man was also cited for no valid fishing license.

In Jasper County, While patrolling Newton Lake, CPO Taylor and CPOT Willand completed several sport fishing checks. One individual was discovered to be a child sex offender and was taken into custody by CPOT Willand. The individual was jailed at Jasper County Jail.

In Hardin County, CPOT Peecher and CPO Williams assisted the Hardin County Emergency Management Agency and the Sheriff’s Department with the search for a subject who went missing on the Ohio River following a boating incident in Kentucky waters. Officers used side scan sonar to assist in the search.

In Franklin County, CPOT Doescher and CPO Folden conducted a traffic stop. During the stop, CPOT Doescher identified the smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle. When asked about the cannabis, the driver handed over a baggie of cannabis and a pipe. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Monroe County, CPO Schachner patrolled several local lakes and encountered five different subjects who were fishing without a valid fishing license. Two other subjects were kayaking without life preservers. Several citations and multiple written warnings were issued.

In Effingham County, CPO Smith and CPOT Buchanan patrolled Lake Sara by boat. They issued one citation to a boat operator for towing a skier with no observer. They issued another citation to a boat operator who was allowing a passenger to ride on the bow while the boat was underway. Thirteen warnings were issued for various other boating violations.

In Franklin County, CPO Jourdan arrested a 20-year-old male at Rend Lake for operating a boat under the influence of alcohol. The underage male was in possession of beer and a bottle of vodka. A citation was also issued for failure to have an approved life jacket on board the boat.

In Franklin County, CPOT Wilkinson and CPO Williams arrested a passenger of a vehicle on a Hamilton County warrant. During the arrest, CPOT Wilkinson discovered the driver had suspended privileges in Illinois. A Notice to Appear was issued.

In Franklin County, CPOs Jourdan and Williams, along with CPOT Wilkinson, conducted a boat patrol at Rend Lake. CPOT Wilkinson observed two subjects dancing on the rear seats of a watercraft that was underway. The watercraft was stopped, and CPOT Wilkinson determined the operator to be under the influence of alcohol. Following arrest, the operator submitted a breath sample indicating a BAC of .092. In a separate incidence, CPOT Wilkinson cited an operator for violating a no wake area on Rend Lake.

In Coles County, CPO Mieure issued a Charleston man one citation for not having enough life jackets on board his boat for the number of passengers. In a separate incidence, CPO Mieure issued Charleston man three written warnings for boat equipment violations.

In Coles County, CPO Mieure issued a written warning to a Charleston man at Fox Ridge State Park for fishing without a license. CPO Wellum conducted a traffic stop on an Indiana resident. The driver was issued a citation for speeding.

In Coles County, CPO Greuel cited a Neoga man at Lake Paradise for civil cannabis and fishing without a valid fishing license.

In Coles County, while checking fishermen at Lake Paradise, CPO Moody cited a Mattoon man for possession of cannabis. He also wrote various citations and warnings to other fishermen for fishing violations.

In Montgomery County, CPO Gushleff conducted a boat safety check and found that there were two children and an adult on the boat. One child, who was under 13 years of age, was not wearing a life jacket as required by law. His father, the operator of the vessel, was cited for the PFD violation.

In Montgomery County, CPOT Olroyd, along with CPOs Lentz and Goetten, arrested a subject at Lake Lou Yeager for OUI. The subject had a BAC of .086%.

In Fayette County, While on patrol at Ramsey Lake State Park, CPO Roper encountered a suspended driver operating a vehicle. The subject was also transporting two children that were not secured in car seats. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In St. Clair County, CPO Ray assisted an Illinois Department of Agriculture Investigator with seizing a horse from a residence due to severe malnutrition. The horse was taken to a care facility.

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