Selling a Wisconsin deer hunting idea to visitors

Hunters come to Wisconsin from around the world. Why not help them when we can?

An enthusiastic man from Louisiana called, asking about Wisconsin’s deer seasons. He was excited about taking advantage of all Wisconsin had to offer.

The deer hunter has friends and relatives “on the east coast of Wisconsin,” he said, somewhere halfway up the Lake Michigan shore.

No, he wasn’t looking for a place to hunt; just wanting to begin learning about rules, regulations, and seasons so he could come here understanding more about our deer hunting.

Some of us might do well to have the same excitement about understanding the regulations and recreational opportunities instead of complaining about them.

I was so impressed that I helped him to begin acquiring some pamphlets from the DNR. He wasn’t fully into internet searches and had gotten somewhat frustrated with wait times from help lines at this time of the year.

I was impressed that he was persistent rather than giving up and then complaining.

Wisconsin recreationalists might do the same if put in a position to sell Wisconsin’s opportunities, help out and directing when possible.

Many of us believe we might be better off with more, not fewer, hunters. Age and place of residence should not matter.

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