There’s treasure in that ‘trash’

The author with a bowfin he recently landed.

In my years of fishing, I can name many fish that offer a thrill to chase and to fight, and many other anglers would agree to those same fish. The ones that seem to get overlooked are those that anglers don’t tend to target. These would be those so called “trash” fish. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Some may think that they know where I am going with this, but don’t jump to conclusions. Carp, suckers, and large drum may come to mind, but an often-overlooked species is the bowfin.

These critters are voracious eaters and you can get them to take anything from lures to live bait. Typically, live minnows or (where legal) bluegills suspended under a float will entice them to bite. They are typically always on the prowl for an easy meal and there is nothing like an injured baitfish to attract their attention.

Bowfin like to inhabit the shallow weedy backwaters of lakes and rivers and this makes it easy for both boat and shore anglers to target. Because of the areas they like to roam, a good braided line is something to consider in order to get these fish from burying into the weeds.

Read more about my experience with the bowfin in the June 28 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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