Ohio Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – June 7, 2019

Central Ohio – Wildlife District 1 

State wildlife officer Greg Wasilewski, assigned to Richland County, received a request for assistance from a Richland County sheriff’s deputy about a deer carcass that had been dropped off as litter along a public roadway. The deputy provided photographs and other evidence and a suspect was identified. Officer Wasilewski ran a check of the suspect’s deer harvest information but found no report of a recent deer harvest. The officer then contacted the suspect, who admitted that he had disposed of the items along the road. The suspect told officer Wasilewski that the deer had been killed on the road but the suspect was unable to produce a receipt for it. The suspect was charged with illegally possessing a deer and for littering. The suspect pleaded guilty and paid $324 in fines and court costs.

Northwest Ohio – Wildlife District 2

On the opening day of the 2018 teal hunting season, state wildlife investigator Jeremy Payne was patrolling Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area and heard hunters shooting 30 minutes prior to shooting time. Investigator Payne quickly located the hunters. As more teal were approaching, investigator Payne yelled at the hunters to stop shooting and come out of the marsh. The hunters were confused as to when legal shooting time started, which was sunrise. State wildlife officer Nathan West, assigned to Wyandot County, was called and issued all three hunters a citation for shooting before the legal hours. They each received $25 in fines and $125 in court costs.

Northeast Ohio – Wildlife District 3

During the deer muzzleloader season, state wildlife officer Randy White, assigned to Lorain County, received a hunting without permission complaint from a landowner whose property was adjacent to a railroad right-of-way. Officer White arrived at the railroad crossing just as a railroad maintenance vehicle was traversing the tracks. The railroad employee offered officer White a ride down the tracks, and he located the suspects trespassing on private property. Both individuals were issued summonses for hunting without permission, and one of the subjects was arrested on an active warrant. The men were convicted in Oberlin Municipal Court and ordered to pay $300 in fines and court costs.

During the deer gun season, state wildlife officer Tom Frank, assigned to Mahoning County, responded to a hunting without permission complaint. He arrived on site and observed an individual attempting to field dress a deer. Officer Frank contacted the man and discovered that he was the landowner’s brother. He contacted the landowner, who requested that his brother be issued a summons for hunting without permission. Further investigation revealed the man had two active arrest warrants. Officer Frank secured the suspect, wrote the summons, loaded his hunting gear and deer into the patrol vehicle, and transported the man for the arresting agency. The individual appeared in court and was convicted. He was ordered to pay $298 in fines and court costs and the deer was forfeited to the Division of Wildlife.

Southeast Ohio – Wildlife District 4

During the 2018 deer gun season, state wildlife officer Anthony Lemle and state wildlife investigator Kirk Kiefer were patrolling in Guernsey County. The officers contacted two hunters about an untagged deer violation, and then headed different directions to continue their patrols. Within a mile of the previous encounter, investigator Kiefer observed a person kneeling beside a skinned deer. He parked his patrol vehicle and contacted the hunter. When asked, the hunter stated that the deer was not checked in. The hunter acknowledged that he was aware of the tagging regulations and was going to check the deer in later. Officer Lemle arrived and issued the hunter one summons for failing to tag a deer. Before leaving, investigator Kiefer assisted the hunter with checking in the deer.

During the 2019 spring turkey season, state wildlife officer Ted Witham, assigned to Jackson County, and state wildlife officer Jared Abele, assigned to Vinton County, spent a morning working a wild turkey bait site. The officers were traveling to the location when they heard a gunshot near the baited site. The officers approached the site and saw decoys in the baited area and watched an individual walk from a ground blind toward the decoys and pick up a dead gobbler. The officers identified themselves and contacted the individual, who was cited for hunting wild turkeys over a baited area. The officers seized the shotgun and the gobbler as evidence. The case is pending in court.

Southwest Ohio – Wildlife District 5

During the 2018 Memorial Day weekend, state wildlife officer Brad Turner, assigned to Preble County, and state wildlife investigator Ryan Garrison contacted anglers at Acton Lake. Throughout the day, the officers contacted 28 people in the act of fishing. The officers found that seven people did not have fishing licenses. All seven individuals were cited into Eaton Municipal Court where they each paid $145 in fines.

• In May 2018, state wildlife officer Aaron Ireland, assigned to Butler County, followed up on a wild turkey harvest record investigation. Officer Ireland contacted the subject of the investigation and advised him of the discrepancies of the harvest record. The suspect admitted to officer Ireland that he killed a wild turkey without a valid permit. The wild turkey was seized as evidence and the suspect was issued a summons for the violation. The suspect pleaded no contest in court and was found guilty. The judge issued a fine of $150 and the wild turkey was forfeited to the DNR Division of Wildlife.

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