Wisconsin Outdoor News Fishing & Hunting Report – May 31, 2019


You’ll find sunfish and crappies on Balsam, Wapogasset, and Sand lakes in 10 to 12 feet most days. Crankbaits or a jig and minnow are turning walleyes in 10 to 14 feet during the day in 6 to 8 feet during low-light periods at Cedar Lake, Lower Turtle Lake, and Wapogasset. Northern pike are hitting minnows on the Apple River, and bass are an easy catch in shallow water on most lakes.

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If Chequamegon Bay anglers can find a dry day they should be pleasantly surprised, as fishing was very productive last week. Smallmouth bass are moving into the shallows in good numbers and starting to pick out their bedding sites. Northern pike and walleyes also are feeding in the shallows. Anglers flat-line trolling crankbaits from Long Island out toward the islands are still catching cohos, brown trout, splake, and a few lake trout.”

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The bass fishing has been fantastic with some giant fish getting caught. The fishing has been good up and down the peninsula with some of the bigger bags coming from the southern end of the peninsula where the water is a bit warmer. Some of areas include Little Sturgeon, Riley’s Bay, Sand Bay. Sawyer Harbor and the Sturgeon Bay Flats. Perch season is open and with the giant schools of perch that were seen during the closed season and with the lack of pressure they had over the winter due to poor travel conditions, we anticipate a great year. Walleye fishing has been on fire for the past few weeks. That action should just keep rolling along right into June. The night and day bite have been good for trollers and anglers who prefer to cast and rip jigs. Try Chaudoir’s Dock, Henderson’s Point, Sherwood Point and off-shore structure from Larsen’s Reef up past Monument Point. Trolling with Flicker Shads and minnows, Bandits, Husky Jerks and Rogues. For the rip-jiggers, Rippin Raps, hair jigs, blade baits and Keitech paddle tails have been the best

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The lakes are very high. The water temperature dropped significantly last week. It will take a while to get back to where it was. The Wisconsin River is at a high level also, and has a lot of current, making it hard to fish. Walleyes are hitting throughout the area. Fortunately, the spawn happened on the Eagle River chain before the last two severe cold fronts. Warmer water is needed for weed growth. Last year the water stayed so cold in the spring that it hampered a lot of weed growth. Walleyes love to feed in new weeds at this time of year, but right now they seem to be just holding in deeper water. This makes daytime fishing tougher. Jigs and minnows remain the best bait for them now. If you are fishing in the evenings, it is worth fishing the shorelines, but look for the holes on the Eagle River chain during the daytime. Cribs or boathouses will hold fish also. Bass fishing is just starting, but the cold weather has interrupted this, too. Large female smallies will cruise shorelines now, but remember that you can’t keep them until June. It’s a bit early for largemouths. Northerns are hitting well now, and if you can find weeds you will find pike feeding in them.

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The rivers are swollen with the recent rains, and there is more in the forecast over the next few days. Memorial Day Weekend will be a different story. We should see lots of sunshine and temperatures up into the 70s – finally. Trout fishermen continue having luck on the streams. The walleye bite picked up over the past couple of weeks. Fishermen are having success with trolling and jigging with minnows and leeches. Crappies have started to move into the shallows but haven’t started to spawn yet. Pike and bass fishermen were having some luck on minnows and spoons. 

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On the Fox River, anglers were hardly getting any walleyes – only picking up one every once in awhile, and they had to work for it. A lot of sheepshead were being caught at Voyageur Park. On windy days, boat anglers who were going to fish the bay got stuck fishing the river due to rough water. Duck Creek and Longtail Point saw very light pressure last week, but at Suamico early last week some boats picked up a few walleyes. They really had to work to catch the few they did. Trolling with crankbaits performed better than crawler harnesses. 

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Anglers are catching fish using various tactics, but downsizing and slow presentations are the key until temperatures warm. Trolling will catch some fish, but this is a great time to cast, jig, and drift for active fish. For bigger walleyes, try slow-retrieve crankbaits in shallower areas, especially early and late in the day. Jigs and minnows in deeper water also work well near stream inlets and over rock and gravel areas. Northern pike are cruising shallow and mid-depths looking for panfish. Largemouth bass have been quiet, but walleye anglers report catching smallmouth bass (catch-and-release until June 15). This is a great time for big crappies. Seek the warmest water areas you can find. 

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Although toms have slowed down with their gobbling, there were still plenty of gobblers strutting during the fifth and sixth seasons. Fish have been very active on Lake Superior. Fisherman are coming off the big lake with their bags full of a variety of species. Crappies are biting on the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage and bass should be hitting hard this weekend. The first gosling brood appeared on the Turtle-Flambeau two weeks ago. Fawns started dropping May 19 and May 20. Morels are starting to pop, mosquitos and black flies have hatched, and leaves are budding out.

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In Sheboygan County, a few anglers were seen trying their luck on the South Pier. Most tried throwing spoons for trout and salmon but had little success. The Cleveland Ramp was not put in yet last week.

In Ozaukee County, a few anglers tried the Port Washington piers and utility area with little success. A few boats launched, but overall things were quiet. The Amsterdam ramp should be in by now.

In Milwaukee County, shore anglers reported little success due to weather. Anglers in the few fishing boats that came in reported little success. The pier was also rather quiet but a few anglers were out trying their luck. The South Shore and Bender Park ramps were quiet last week due to rough waters. Those coming in reported little success.The Oak Creek power plant pier saw the most effort and success. Many anglers fished at the far, right corner of the pier and caught a good number of browns, along with some cohos and king salmon.

In Racine County, fishing last week was slow. Few fish had been reported caught on the piers or shores. All of the catches have come from boats, but even the boats are having tough times consistently catching fish. The last day on the Root River for the season was fairly uneventful. Harbor and pier fishing has been consistent but slow. Most fishermen are throwing crankbaits or spoons but aren’t having any luck. Most of the fishing effort has come along the south pier.

In Kenosha County, fishing activity last week was not very productive. Some anglers tried the piers and shorelines at Kenosha harbor, but they are having no luck. Only a few boat trailers were seen and the boaters who did go out came back in with limited success. Only a few cohos and lake trout were reported. Again, the poor weather hasn’t helped fishing reports any.

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There was very little fishing effort last week in Manitowoc or Two Rivers. A few anglers out of Two Rivers tried for whitefish, but with no luck. They targeted whitefish in 90 to 100 feet. Anglers fishing off the piers in Two Rivers had little luck.

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Surface temperature of the Eau Claire River at the store was 51 degrees last week. Reports from local anglers are mixed, but shore anglers aren’t doing as well as boat anglers. Colder water seems to be giving anglers a rough time so far. The best reports are Lake Wausau crappies in 10 to 14 feet of water on minnows and bright jigs.

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In Marinette County, fishing on the Peshtigo River picked up at the end of last week with a good walleye bite seen by boat anglers trolling crawlers in the mouth of the river. Fishing on the Menominee River and in the bay was slow last week. Some walleyes were caught in the river, but not in high numbers. No walleye or brown trout activity was reported from the bay, with only a few northern pike caught.

In Oconto County, Oconto Park II, the breakwater, and the Pensaukee boat launches saw moderate fishing pressure last week. Most anglers were after walleyes with little to no luck. Some white bass were reported out of Pensaukee by walleye anglers. Also the occasional northern pike and perch was caught. Geano Beach early in the week was averaging five to eight boats using the launch until things got rough.

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Rain and sleet last weekend put a kibosh on what looked like the start of a great weekend. Crappies had moved in and walleyes were starting to get active and then – whoop! – back to the drawing board. Since then things have improved a little. The crappies have creeped back, but the walleyes are still a bit finicky. Anglers also seeing muskies in the sunny shallows. On warmer days crappie action has been very good in 5 to 7 feet, but also check in tight to wood as some crappies have committed to the nesting process, even after the cold. Pike action is very good where you can find cabbage. Bass action has been fair to good, with the walleye action improving. Fishing evenings has been the best due to cold mornings up through May 23. It’s tough to predict what the muskie opener will be like. It should be good. Anglers are seeing fish cruising the shallows. Leave the paired spawners alone, please!

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The North Fork and South Fork of the Flambeau River are still very high. There has seen some sporadic fishing. Folks are fishing for redhorse and catfish. There were two frosts last week, though water temps seem to be climbing. Grouse were still drumming and the turkeys were still strutting and gobbling. Geese and ducks are nesting and some goslings have been seen. Does and cow elk were heavy with fawns and calves last week. Cows are wandering on their own looking for a safe place to calve.

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