Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – April 5, 2019

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Henry County, CPO Posateri collected a dead bald eagle that was hit by a car. It will be relayed to the US Fish and Wildlife Service and then forwarded to the National Eagle Repository. Eagles and eagle parts are available only to Native Americans enrolled in federally recognized tribes for use in religious and cultural ceremonies.

In Jo Daviess County, CPO Hoftender completed an administrative deer investigation. She determined that the Galena man had used another Galena man’s deer permit because he did not want to use his either sex tag. The subject who loaned the deer permit was issued a citation for hunting without a valid permit, and the other subject was issued a citation for unlawful possession of an illegally taken deer. Parts of the deer were seized. Warnings were issued for falsification, failure to take the deer to the check station, and failure to tag immediately upon kill.

In DeKalb County, While working at Shabbona Lake State Recreation Area, CPO Murry observed three fishermen approximately 300 yards from the campground setting up their ice fishing equipment and drilling holes in the ice. This site does not open until 8 a.m. in the month of March. A fishing compliance check was conducted. One of the fishermen was on his phone, and he said that he was unable to get a license because the state system was down. While writing the three fishermen citations for the violation of the posted closing period of the site, the one fisherman was able to purchase his license while waiting on his ticket.

In DeKalb County, CPO Murry arrived at Shabbona Lake around 7:15 a.m. and observed an ice fishing shanty set up approximately 300 yards from the bait store. He spoke with the fishermen and informed them the reason for the stop. They stated they did not see the three different signs they passed, as well as one they were parked right next to, showing the hours the site was opened. When explaining they would be getting citations for the violation, one of the fishermen became extremely belligerent and vocal. CPO Murry, along with one of the fishing partners, asked him to calm down multiple times. After the man became more belligerent, CPO Murry warned him that he would be evicted from the park if he did not calm down. The man then began cursing and yelling more. CPO Murry advised him he was evicted from the park for 90 days, and he was served with an eviction notice.

In LaSalle County, CPO Wagner received a complaint that someone was feeding deer. During the investigation, antler traps baited with corn were found on the property. A citation was issued for the offense.

 In Winnebago County, CPO Alt is investigating deer harvest record complaints from the 2018 deer hunting season. A Winnebago County man was found to have unlawfully harvested a large white-tailed buck without a deer permit. Other violations addressed included unlawful taking of a protected species, unlawful hunting white-tailed deer without a deer permit, and falsification/misrepresentation of a deer harvest record.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson investigated potential permit violations committed during the 2018 archery deer season. He received a confession to failure to tag deer immediately upon kill and unlawful hunting without valid permits. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

 In Fulton County, CPO Thompson investigated a Canton man for the unlawful take of a white-tailed deer during the 2018 firearm deer season. He received a confession to failure to tag deer immediately upon kill and unlawful possession of illegally taken deer. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson conducted waterfowl enforcement. He observed hunters deposit their cigarette butts on the ground on several occasions. Written warnings were issued for littering and failure to sign in/sign out at the check station.

In McDonough County, CPO Elliott completed an investigation into a subject who failed to tag his deer immediately upon kill. The subject explained he did not want to use his either sex permit, so he purchased an additional antlerless only permit long after taking and transporting the deer. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Peoria County, CPO Lazzell received a case disposition regarding a nonresident hunter from Tennessee who had provided false information to the IDNR to obtain Illinois resident firearm deer permits. The Tennessee man pled guilty to hunting without a valid deer permit and was ordered to pay a fine of $977.

In Greene County, CPO Goetten responded to a complaint of coyote hunters trespassing on private property. Upon arriving in the area, one suspect vehicle was stopped. Both occupants possessed uncased firearms, and both were issued citations. Several other members of the hunting party were identified. Enforcement action for hunting on property without permission is pending investigation.

In Jersey County, CPO Goetten investigated a Georgia resident for falsifying information to obtain resident deer permits. The subject was charged in Johnson County with the assistance of CPO Johnson. He pled guilty and was fined $1,613.

In Jersey County, CPO Goetten received a disposition regarding two West Virginia hunters and one Indiana hunter illegally taking deer. All three subjects were charged in Clark County. Two pled guilty to charges resulting in $1,200 fines. The third subject was charged with taking a buck illegally in Indiana as a result of the investigation.

In Pike County, CPO Blazinic received a complaint regarding an individual keeping two live snow geese in a dog pen in their backyard. The geese had originally been taken in Pike County but relocated to a residence in Adams County. CPO Blazinic and Quincy Police Department Animal Control seized the snow geese. The geese had been shot with lead shot and each had a broken wing. The geese were transported to Western Illinois Veterinary Clinic where they were euthanized. CPO Blazinic located the individual responsible and issued four citations for the offenses. Two of the citations were for unlawfully taking an animal out of the wild and retaining it alive. The other two citations were for unlawfully using lead/toxic shot on migratory waterfowl.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Jed Whitchurch

In Kankakee County, Sgt. Wollgast and the Limestone and Essex fire departments responded to a report of someone falling through the ice at Mazonia. Upon arrival, they found two dogs on the ice; and no one was in the water. The dogs had been missing from their residence for several days. The owner arrived and was able to call one of the dogs off the melting ice. The other dog had to be rescued by the Limestone Fire Department’s airboat.

In Cook County, CPO Sanford conducted a deer investigation stemming from a potential permit violation. Upon completion of the interview of the suspected violator, he determined the subject unlawfully harvested a white-tailed doe without a valid permit. The subject purchased a permit, tagged the deer, and reported the harvest after the fact. The individual was issued a citation and two written warnings for the violations.

In Cook County, while on patrol at William W. Powers State Recreational Area, CPO Stanbary issued a written warning to an ice fisherman who had parked his vehicle in a prohibited area and was blocking the roadway.

In Cook County, while patrolling Schiller Woods, CPO Stanbary observed two separate individuals feeding deer in the preserve. Both were issued written warnings and educated on the unintended consequences of feeding wildlife.

In Cook County, While on patrol, CPO Mooi was contacted by a site technician at William W. Powers State Recreation Area regarding a vehicle with no occupants. The site was closing, and the site technician could not locate the people. CPO Mooi walked into the Wolf Lake overlook, and he observed four people walking and smoking. When he spoke with the individuals, he could smell the distinct odor of burnt cannabis. After a short conversation, the individuals admitted to smoking earlier. The individuals agreed to be searched and allowed a search of their vehicle. No contraband was found. The individuals were issued written warnings for remaining in the site after closing.

In Cook County, CPO Mooi was patrolling the Chicago Lakefront when he observed a vehicle ahead of him leaving Montrose Harbor. The vehicle had a child standing in between the two front seats. CPO Mooi conducted a vehicle stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, he observed the standing child and a female passenger in the backseat with an infant in her arms. A record check of the driver indicated he had a suspended license. The driver was issued a citation for a suspended license, along with a citation and a warning for the child restraint violation. The woman was a valid driver and could take control of the vehicle. CPO Mooi ordered the man to place the infant securely in the car seat before leaving; however, the man did not know how to use the seat. CPO Mooi explained the use of the seat and belts and made sure the child was secured in the seat before sending the couple on their way.

In Cook County, CPO Thornley conducted a compliance check of two waterfowl hunters at Wolf Lake. A check of their licenses determined one of the hunters did not sign his federal waterfowl stamp as required. A written warning was issued for the violation.

In Cook County, while checking perch fishermen, CPO Thornley observed a large group between some old building walls. He checked to see what they were doing and determined they were painting on the wall. He contacted the site’s security, and it was handled per property protocol.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

n Coles County, CPO Mieure came upon a pickup truck stuck along a dead-end road, and the subject stated he had gotten off the side of the roadway because he had to swerve for a deer. The truck had become stuck in the ditch, and the driver had a friend attempting to winch him out with another truck. Both vehicles caused major ruts to the roadway. CPO Mieure contacted the road commissioner and the property owner to see what actions they wanted taken. The Charleston man was issued a written warning for damage to government supported property, and he agreed to return to the location with his tractor to fix the damage to the roadway and the ditch. The subject was given phone numbers to the landowner and road commissioner.

In Coles County, CPO Moody received a disposition involving a case of trespass to harvest ginseng and harvesting ginseng without a harvest license. The Charleston man pled guilty to both charges and was fined $628, and he was placed on six-month supervision. The 90-day jail sentence was stayed.

In Edgar County, CPO Wellum received a complaint of illegal trapping; and when he arrived on scene, he located a raccoon in a trap on the property. The property owner did not have a nuisance permit. The subject was issued a citation for trapping out of season.

In Bond County, CPO Lentz cited a Florida resident for claiming Illinois residency and taking two does and a ten-point buck. The buck was seized, and several citations were issued to him for unlawful taking of deer and permit fraud.

In Montgomery County, CPO Goetten received a complaint of a subject selling deer meat. The suspect was identified and interviewed. He admitted to the violation. The deer were harvested in Arkansas. Additional violations were also discovered during the investigation, and the Arkansas Department of Natural Resources was notified. CPO Goetten seized an illegally taken bear hide, skull, and claws. Several pounds of deer meat were also seized. Enforcement action is pending in Illinois and Arkansas.

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers completed an investigation into hunter interference and harassment of waterfowl which involved the use of an airplane. The pilot was flushing waterfowl from the ground until the waterfowl were gone. The pilot then flew extremely close and in front of the hunters who were hunting from a boat before leaving the area. The pilot was issued citations for hunter interference and harassment of waterfowl using an airplane.

In White County, CPO Taylor received a complaint of commercial fishermen taking undersized catfish. When he arrived at the location, he observed one boat loaded with Asian carp, carp, and 15 legal catfish. The two subjects on board both had a commercial fishing license. The two subjects stated they had two other boats at another boat ramp nearby. He informed the two commercial fishermen that they needed to have one commercial fisherman per boat. The operators of the other boats were issued citations for not having a commercial fishing license.

In Union County, Giant City State Park staff requested CPO Lewis’ assistance with an abandoned vehicle in the Park. The vehicle was left unattended in a field, and it was stuck in the mud. Extensive damage to flora and the field made it apparent that the driver of the vehicle had been “mudding” before becoming stuck. A Giant City site technician advised CPO Lewis that as he was securing the gate to block access to the field, the driver of the car in question pulled up, identified himself, and confessed to causing the damage. He said that the car belonged to his mom.  The site technician told the driver he could not retrieve the vehicle until he cleared it with the superintendent. The site technician then posted signs on the gate and the windshield of the car as a reminder. CPO Lewis’ investigation revealed that the driver was driving with revoked driving privileges. Additionally, he had been convicted for driving while revoked three times. Further investigation revealed that the subject had two convictions for driving off the roadway in the Park. Both incidents ended with him getting stuck while mudding in the same field. Despite warnings not to retrieve the car, the subject returned the next evening with a friend and tried to get the car unstuck. This action caused additional damage to the field. The car they were using to free the stuck vehicle became stuck as well. The Union County Sheriff’s Department responded to the field and arrested the subject. Damage to the field was estimated to be $2,000. The Union County Sheriff charged the driver with driving while revoked, criminal damage to property, and criminal trespass. CPO Lewis added a felony driving while revoked charge.

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