Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – March 8, 2019

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Ogle County, CPO Hoftender responded to a poaching complaint. The caller thought the deer had been shot. She determined that the yearling deer had been killed by coyotes.

In Stephenson County, CPO Hoftender responded to a complaint involving the possible poisoning of a hawk. With the assistance of an DNR district biologist, the hawk was tested for poison.

 In Stephenson County, CPO Beltran investigated a case regarding the illegal take of white-tailed deer. The deer meat was donated to local churches. An eight-point rack, along with a cape, was seized from the local taxidermist; and citations were issued.

In Winnebago County, While checking ice fishermen on Pierce Lake at Rock Cut State Park, CPOs Wagner and Alt found two individuals consuming alcohol. Alcohol is prohibited at Rock Cut State Park. Both individuals were cited for possession/consumption of alcohol in a restricted area.

In Winnebago County, CPO Alt stopped a Machesney Park man for operating his snowmobile unlawfully upon a controlled access highway. A snowmobile safety inspection was conducted, and the operator was in violation for unlawfully operating an unregistered (unnumbered) snowmobile and failure to cross the highway 90 degrees to traffic flow. In a separate incident, CPO Alt conducted a snowmobile safety inspection. The operator was cited for improper/failure to display valid registration.

In Stephenson County, CPO Alt arrested a Freeport man for unlawful deer hunting with an unplugged shotgun, insufficient blaze orange clothing, and unlawful deer hunting by aid or use of bait. The man pled guilty and was assessed fines and costs of more than $500.

In Whiteside County, CPO Teas responded to an incident involving two snowmobiles that broke through ice in a flooded field. One subject was able to ride out, but the other became stuck and had to walk to dry ground. Both operators were later cited for not having valid registration.

In Bureau County, CPO Wagner received a complaint from park staff about seeing lights shining from a vehicle along the Hennepin Canal. Park staff provided the license plate number, and he was able to locate the owner of the vehicle. After the initial interview, the subject admitted to hunting from the roadway. The man provided the name of the person with him. The second subject also admitted to hunting from a motor vehicle. Both were charged with hunting by aid or use of a motor vehicle, using light from a motor vehicle, and transporting uncased/loaded firearms in motor vehicle.

In DeKalb County, CPO Murry received a report of two vehicles with the occupants hunting coyotes from the road. He responded to the area, and evidence of the occurrence was found. With assistance from DeKalb County Sheriff’s Deputy Fox, he located one of the vehicles in question. An interview of the owner reveled he and a hunting partner observed a coyote running across the field. The subject stated that he stopped his vehicle, and the passenger exited the truck and shot the coyote. The man suspected of shooting the coyote contacted CPO Murry after finding out he was looking for him. While interviewing the suspect, he admitted to shooting the coyote from the roadway. He said he thought he missed the coyote, so they left. The suspect was issued citations for hunting from a roadway, hunting within 300 yards of a residence, and hunting without permission. He was given warnings for hunting within 300 yards of a residence (a second house), wanton waste, and hunting by aid or use of a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was given a citation for hunting without permission – accomplice.

In Fulton County, Sgt. Avery, along with CPOs Gerard, Thompson, and Lazzell, conducted waterfowl enforcement. The CPOs observed hunters in a goose pit who were unlawfully using an electronic calling device during the regular goose season. A compliance check was conducted; and the CPOs identified additional violations which included unlawful hunting with an unplugged shotgun, unlawful possession of lead shot, and unlawful hunting without a valid hunting license. A total of 15 citations were issued, and two electronic callers were seized as evidence.

In Fulton County, CPOs Thompson and Elliott issued nine citations to a Canton man for unlawfully taking a nine-point buck with a firearm during the closed season. The CPOs received information about the alleged occurrence from an Illinois State Police trooper. When the man was interviewed, he admitted to shooting the buck with a shotgun during archery season when he was trespassing.

In Cass County, CPO Wichern charged a Virginia deer hunter with transporting his son’s untagged deer and tagging the deer with an over the counter antlerless only permit purchased after the harvest.

In Cass County, CPO Macias was called to assist a Cass County Sheriff’s deputy. The deputy found a subject hunting squirrels near the outskirts of Beardstown. When the CPO arrived, the subject had a shotgun and a single squirrel in his possession. The subject did not have permission to be on the land, did not have a hunting license, had no FOID, and was a convicted felon. The subject was taken into custody. Several citations were issued, and his shotgun was seized as evidence.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Jed Whitchurch

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber received a complaint from Kankakee River State Park staff regarding subjects trespassing in the old women’s prison located in the Park. Conservation Police, Illinois State Police, and Kankakee and Will County Sherriff’s deputies responded to the scene. The responding officers cleared several buildings and located three subjects with cutting tools. The subjects were looking for scrap copper. The area is clearly marked “No Trespassing.” All three subjects were arrested for criminal trespass to state supported property, and they were transported to the Will County Jail.

In Kendall County, CPO Bergland conducted an investigation on a hunter that killed a deer on the opening day of the firearm season. It was determined that the hunter had not immediately tagged the deer and had used the wrong tag when he did tag it and report the harvest. One citation and one written warning was issued to the hunter.

In Will County, CPO Reid responded to a complaint of multiple individuals ice fishing on private property without permission. The individuals were each cited for fishing on private property without permission. Additional enforcement action was taken for fishing without a valid license.

In Will County, following an extensive investigation, CPO Honiotes contacted a subject who was hunting on property without permission of the landowner. The investigation revealed ten violations which were documented on four separate dates during the 2017 and 2018 hunting seasons. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Cook County, CPO Thornley conducted sport fish enforcement at the South Slip along the Calumet River.  A fisherman that was fishing with three poles was checked. The fisherman was asked if he had his name and address on the third fishing pole as required. The fisherman stated he did not know there was a rule for that. The man was given the “Illinois Fishing Information” digest, and he was educated on the rule. A written warning was issued for the violation.

 In Cook County, CPO Thornley spotted two men fishing along the slip at Lake Michigan and made his way over to them. He requested to see their fishing licenses. One of the fishermen did not possess a valid sport fishing license, and he denied he was fishing. CPO Thornley showed the fisherman his binoculars and advised him that he had been watching him for the last ten minutes. The fisherman was issued a citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license.

In Cook County, While following up on a baiting complaint, CPO Stanbary discovered several people at a Cook County forest preserve feeding deer from their vehicles. Four separate warnings were issued, and he educated the individuals on why feeding deer was prohibited.

In Cook County, CPO Stanbary recovered a red-tailed hawk that was found deceased outside a home. It was suspected that the hawk ran into a window or glass door.

In Cook County, while conducting compliance checks, CPO Stanbary issued a citation to an ice fisherman for no valid sport fishing license. A records check showed the fisherman had not purchased a fishing license for several years. He was also issued a written warning for failing to mark his ice shelter with name and address as required. A second fisherman was issued a warning for an untagged ice shelter and no license in possession.

In Cook County, while following up on a deer hunting investigation, CPO Stanbary cited a hunter for unlawful take of a white-tailed deer and no valid archery deer permit. The hunter was issued written warnings for failure to immediately tag deer, failure to report harvest by 10:00 pm, and no habitat stamp. In Cook County, CPO Klemme responded to complaints of illegal feeding and baiting of deer. Individuals were observed feeding the deerand leaving a large amount of trash such as plastic bags, plastic containers, and cardboard boxes on the ground. Several violations were observed, and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Cook County, CPO Klemme responded to a complaint regarding two bucks that were poached near a garbage dump. The deer were shot and left at the scene.

In Cook County, An individual at a Cook County forest preserve was issued a written warning after CPO Stanbary observed the man feeding a bag of carrots to deer. In a separate incident, CPO Stanbary investigated an animal feeding complaint in Itasca. Neighbors complained that a nearby resident was feeding cat food to wildlife and creating a nuisance animal situation. He spoke with the offending resident regarding the situation.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Clark County, CPO Wellum received a complaint regarding a subject shooting a bow from the roadway. With the assistance from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, he located the vehicle. He interviewed the suspect and received a confession. The subject was issued a citation for shooting from the roadway; and written warnings were issued for transportation of an uncased bow, hunting without permission of landowner, and hunting deer out of season.

 In Edgar County, CPO Moody cited a Paris man for harvesting a doe during archery deer season with no archery deer permits. The man was also issued other miscellaneous written warnings.

In Franklin County, CPO Folden completed an investigation which revealed a Franklin County man harvested a deer and failed to

immediately tag the deer upon harvest. He was also hunting without a habitat stamp when required. One citation and one written warning was issued.

In Hamilton County, CPO Haggerty received a TIP complaint regarding the unlawful take of an albino white-tailed deer. A joint investigation with Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Officer Ward was conducted, and violations were found. The subject received citations for failure to report harvest of a white-tailed deer by 10:00 pm and unlawful possession of a white- tailed deer. Officer Ward recovered the seven-point skull cap and cape.

In Jefferson County, CPO Jourdan investigated a complaint of unlawful take of deer that occurred during deer season. It was discovered that the man killed a trophy, 11-point buck with a shotgun. He then purchased an archery permit to tag the animal and delivered it to a local taxidermist. The deer head was seized, and the man faces charges of unlawful take, hunting without a permit, no hunting license, and no habitat stamp.

In Clay County, CPO Smith interviewed two subjects, and both subjects admitted to killing antlerless deer without immediately tagging the deer. Both hunters had a valid deer permit when they killed the deer, but neither wanted to use their either sex permits. Written warnings were issued to both subjects.

In Effingham County, CPO Smith responded to a complaint of goose hunters hunting on property without permission. He located the hunters out in the middle of a harvested cornfield. One citation and one written warning was issued to both subjects.

In Marion County, CPO Smith received information from CPO Roper pertaining to an individual goose hunting from the roadway. CPO Smith spoke with the complainant. The complainant stated that he observed a person jump out of a vehicle with a firearm and shoot at geese while standing on the roadway. CPO Smith was able to locate and interview the subject. The subject stated that he uncased the gun on the roadway and shot at the geese while standing in the ditch. Three written warnings and one citation for discharge of firearm on roadway were issued.

In Marion County, CPO Smith was notified by a Fayette County resident of a possible deer hunting violation during the late winter antlerless season. The person went deer hunting in Marion County the weekend before the actual season and killed a doe. CPO Smith gave the individual the benefit of turning himself in and only issued a written warning.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis investigated an unlawful deer harvest report. The person that made the harvest report did not shoot the deer. He had asked a hunter if he could have a deer if he had the opportunity. The hunter shot a deer and offered it to the individual. Because the individual did not want the hunter to spend money on another tag, the subject purchased a permit and tagged the deer as his own. After talking with both individuals, warnings were issued to both, and both were educated on the proper procedure to follow in the future.

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