Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – March 1, 2019


CO Brett DeLonge and probationary CO Breanna Reed donated approximately 200 pounds of moose and deer meat to the Jacobetti Home for Veterans in Marquette. The venison was supplied from a deer that was illegally taken and the moose meat was the result of a moose that was hit by a vehicle. Superior Custom Game Processing donated its time to process and package the deer that was illegally taken in Marquette County.

COs Josh Boudreaux and Jonathan Kamps checked a group of predator hunters off a power line in Sands Township. When officers asked the individuals to produce the hunter orange they wore on their way to their set, one of the individuals reached into his pocket, then frantically began checking his other pockets realizing he had forgotten it on the dash of his truck at the road. Having no prior history of violations, COs followed the individual back to his truck to retrieve his hunter orange and explained the reasoning for the law. The hunter, who had just recently gotten into predator hunting, stated it was a mistake he was sure to never make again and thanked the COs.

CO Jeremy Sergey was checking anglers on Shakey Lakes in Menominee County when he came across a group of anglers packing up for the day. After checking fishing licenses, Sergey noticed one of the individuals had a bass. Sergey asked the individual if he happened to know when bass season closed. The individual said he thought sometime in October. Sergey informed the individual catch and immediate release is all year round however possession of bass ended on Dec. 31. The bass was seized, and a citation was issued.

CO Jennifer Hanson and Wisconsin Conservation Warden Tim Price interviewed a father and son involved in the illegal taking of a fisher and marten. The son, a Wisconsin resident, admitted to illegally trapping a fisher and marten in Michigan. He had asked his father to purchase the tags after the fact and lend them to him. Charges are pending through the Iron County Prosecutors office for taking fisher/marten before season, taking fisher/marten without a license, taking fisher/marten by a Wisconsin resident, using another individual’s tag for fisher/marten, and lending tag to another individual.


CO Mike Evink and PCO Todd Sumbera were first on scene to back-to-back snowmobile accidents in northern Schoolcraft County. When approaching the intersection of Trail 88 and Trail 43, one subject crashed into the rear end of his riding partner causing a three-snowmobile pile up. The officers were able to provide first aid while waiting for emergency medical services (EMS) to arrive. One injury required EMS transport to Marquette General Hospital. The second accident occurred on snowmobile Trail 8, involving one sled. The subject was driving too fast for trail conditions before losing control and crashing his snowmobile. Injuries were suffered, but medical treatment was refused.

COs Colton Gelinas, Justin Vinson, Chris Lynch and Stephen Butzin participated in a two-day active-shooter training held at Northern Michigan University. COs are certified police officers in Michigan and would respond to any active shooter event in their communities. The training provided the COs with numerous techniques that can be used in an active shooter event.

CO Colton Gelinas was on snowmobile patrol when a fatal snowmobile accident occurred in northern Luce County. Gelinas and Luce County Sheriff Deputy Tim Maskus assisted MSP troopers out of the Sault Ste. Marie post in the investigation. Speed was determined to be a major factor in the crash.

CO Colton Gelinas was on patrol in Mackinac County checking ice anglers. Gelinas observed approximately 12 tip-ups on the ice with several flags up, but nobody was checking the tip-ups. After 30 minutes Gelinas located and contacted a group of anglers who stated they got cold and needed to warm up. Gelinas explained to the anglers that the lines needed to be attended at all times. Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Calvin Smith and PCO Ariel Corr braved the negative 40-degree weather and patrolled Drummond Island for the first annual Winter Jeep Jamboree. There were around 50 jeeps participating in the jamboree. There were no issues on the island during the event.


CO Ethen Mapes was on patrol near Thumb Lake when he was dispatched to a lost and stuck snowmobiler. With the subzero temperatures, Mapes hurried to find the individual. After a short search, Mapes located the individual who was worn out and advised Mapes that he wanted to just leave the snowmobile in the woods and come back when there was less snow. Mapes told the man that he wouldn’t need to leave the sled as he would help him get it out. Mapes was able to free the subject’s snowmobile and get him on his way. Later that day, the man called central dispatch to thank Mapes for his efforts in helping him get the sled out because he would have abandoned it for the season.

COs Chad Baldwin and Ethen Mapes responded to a call of a stranded deer near Horton Bay. The deer had wondered out onto the slick ice and could not make its way back to shore. The COs carefully checked the thickness of the ice as they made their way out to the deer. After reaching the deer, Baldwin was able to drag the deer to shore where it was released unharmed.

CO Andrea Erratt received a call about a very weak injured deer with an arrow stuck in its shoulder. An Antrim County Sheriff’s deputy dispatched the deer before Erratt arrived. The deer was extremely thin, and the bolt appeared to have been in the deer for a while. Erratt talked to some neighbors who said the deer had been hanging around for a long time. Erratt received a call from another neighbor who thought he may have shot the 7-point buck in early November. His bolt matched the one found in the deer.

CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint about a snowmobiler who had trespassed on posted property, even driving by a house and out a driveway. After getting fuel for his sled, the snowmobiler returned to trespass on a different part of the property on his way back to US 31. Erratt located the trespassing snowmobiler in a neighborhood nearby and he admitted seeing a no trespassing sign on a cabin. Erratt checked the snowmobile that did not have a trail permit and was missing one registration decal. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Rebecca Hubers was approaching a fishing shanty on an inland lake in Benzie County when she observed a man who appeared to be “racing” her toward the same shanty from another direction. Hubers met the man at the shanty at the same time and the man pushed his way into the shanty, ignoring Hubers’ requested to stop, in order to break a fishing line. Hubers had to pull the man from the shanty when he continually failed to comply with her verbal demands, to stop the man from disposing of any other criminal evidence. The man was charged with fishing with more than three lines and was taken into custody for three outstanding misdemeanor warrants.

While on patrol in Leelanau County, CO Patrick McManus noticed a snowmobile being operated on the shoulder of a public highway against the flow of traffic, and the sled was missing a current trail permit sticker. When McManus attempted to stop the snowmobile, it turned away from the and tried to flee the area and get away. After several minutes of searching for the rider, McManus was eventually able to find them at a nearby gas station. Due to the subject being a juvenile, McManus contacted the parents at their residence and discussed snowmobile laws, rules and regulations.

CO Angela Greenway was on patrol of the Haymarsh State Game Area and contacted a group target practicing and shooting clays. Greenway observed freshly shot spray paint cans in the area and one individual admitted to shooting them. Greenway provided a warning on shooting spray paint cans as not being environmentally friendly and provided the group with options for targets in the future.


While patrolling Houghton Lake in Roscommon County, COs John Huspen, James Garrett and Micah Hintze observed an individual operating a motocross bike in a careless manner. Huspen contacted the individual as he was doing doughnuts around pedestrians attempting to shower them with snow from the tires. The man was also operating without a helmet and did not have an ORV license for the machine. Enforcement action was taken.

COs John Huspen and James Garrett were advised by Sgt. Jon Wood that a snowmobile went through the ice near the mouth of the Muskegon River on Houghton Lake. When in the area, the COs were flagged down by the owners of the snowmobile. After determining there were no injuries and no one in the water, the COs assisted in removal of the snowmobile. A nearby homeowner wearing a pair of chest waders offered to help. The helpful citizen stood in three-foot deep water and lifted the back of the snowmobile as the COs pulled it out of the water by the skis and back onto the ice. The helpful citizen was assisted out of the water and back on solid ice. The COs thanked the man for his help and pointed the snowmobilers back in the direction of the nearby snowmobile trails.

While patrolling Iosco County, CO Tyler Sabuda located a couple of individuals ice fishing in an area all alone. Sabuda contacted the anglers and determined they were in possession of multiple undersized northern pike. Enforcement action was taken.

While on patrol, COs Ethan Gainforth and Joshua Wright noticed some unattended tip-ups on the ice outside of a cabin on a rural Clare County lake. The COs stopped at the cabin and were soon greeted by two men. An undersized northern pike was observed by the cabin door. The men explained to the COs that the pike had “swallowed the hook” and they “did not want the fish to go to waste.” The men also explained to the COs that they had intentions of ‘pickling’ the pike. The COs explained the importance of releasing the undersized pike for the overall management of the species. A citation was issued for the undersized fish.

CO Phil Hudson received information that a subject was in possession of two freshly killed deer hanging in a barn. Hudson, along with CO Craig Neal, responded to the subject’s address. The COs were met at the door by the man. After a short interview, he admitted to shooting the deer with a rifle during the closed season. Both deer were seized, and further enforcement action is being sought through the Arenac County prosecutor’s office.


CO John Byars followed up on a hunter harassment complaint that happened during firearm deer season. Byars met with the complainant to review video evidence and interviewed other complainants. The CO made contact with the suspect who stated that he did not harass anyone. The statement from the suspect did not match the video evidence. A warrant request was submitted to the prosecutor.

CO Mike Haas was checking a popular fishing location in western Isabella County when he noticed a group of anglers walking through posted, private property. Haas parked his patrol truck near the suspect’s vehicles and followed their tracks through the snow. The footprints lead through a hole that had been cut in a chain-link fence, through private property and onto the lake. Haas contacted the anglers who immediately admitted their wrong doing. While Haas was speaking with the anglers, CO Josh Russell was patrolling nearby when he heard radio traffic concerning the complaint and assisted at the scene. Citations were issued to the men for recreational trespassing.

CO Joe Myers assisted Beaverton Police Department on a snowmobile accident where the driver fled the scene of the accident. Myers followed the tracks in the snow to the location where the police had taken the driver into custody. Charges are pending through Beaverton Police for leaving the scene of a snowmobile accident.


CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County when he observed a vehicle on the shoulder of the road with hazard lights on and a subject looking under the hood. The CO pulled up to check on the occupants and help. During the contact, the CO discovered one of the subjects had a valid warrant out of Ottawa County. The subject was taken into custody and lodged at the Allegan County jail.

CO Sam Schluckbier responded to a snowmobile personal injury accident in Allegan County. The accident occurred when a female driver hit a frozen mound adjacent to the designated trail. The driver rolled the snowmobile and collided with a small tree. The driver was taken to a local hospital and treated for back pain. While directing snowmobile traffic at the scene, Schluckbier observed an unregistered snowmobile pass by his location. Contact was made and enforcement action was taken.

CO Sam Schluckbier checked ice anglers on an inland lake in Allegan County. During the patrol he contacted multiple citizens who were eager to start the 2019 ice fishing season. During one of the checks he watched as two anglers quickly packed up their gear and ice shanty. While walking back to the launch, Schluckbier requested to see their fishing licenses. The two subjects stated that they were not fishing and were only drinking beer on the ice. Schluckbier found this claim to be false, pointing out that they were carrying baited fishing rods, live bait, drilled holes in the ice, and were sitting there for over two hours in single digit temperatures. After further discussion, the two reluctantly admitted to fishing without licenses. They claimed the ice was not good enough, so they didn’t feel like buying a license. Both individuals were cited for the violation.

While patrolling snowmobile trails, COs Tyler Cole and Travis Dragomer observed a vehicle spin out on the icy roads, doing several doughnuts and proceed to correct itself and continue down the road. At the very next intersection, the same car proceeded to spin out for a second time, and then drove down the road in reverse for approximately one-half mile. A traffic stop was conducted, and the driver erroneously claimed to have been unable to maintain control of his vehicle. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Jason McCullough concluded a trespass investigation where the suspect was spotted by a neighbor hunting on another adjoining neighbor’s property. The complainant confronted the trespasser and immediately recognized him as the same hunter who was trespassing on the same property almost exactly one year ago. The last time the trespasser had shot a deer while trespassing. When the trespassing hunter realized he had been recognized, he just hung his head and went home. Warrants are being sought for second offense trespassing through the local prosecutor’s office.

CO Nick Wellman was assisted by COs Chris Reynolds, Jeff Goss and PCO Nathan Beelman in conducting interviews for a deer case from earlier in the season when someone had reported a possible over limit of deer in the youth season. After a full day of interviews, a full confession was received from the father who admitted to shooting a big 9-point buck during the youth hunt and his son killing another big 9-point the next night using fraudulent tags. In all, the interviews yielded five illegal deer and several other violations spanning the last two deer seasons. The antlers of the deer from this year were seized and a report will be sent to the Branch County prosecutor’s office seeking charges.

CO Chris Reynolds, while on patrol in Hillsdale County, observed a vehicle stuck in a large snow drift. The officer patrolled to the vehicle and found an elderly handicapped individual who was unable to free the vehicle. With the recent storm, all tow trucks were extremely busy and running hours behind. The officer used his issued equipment and assisted the motorist to get them back on the roadway. The motorist was extremely grateful for the assistance.

CO Matthew Neterer and PCO Luke Robare investigated a complaint where the reporting party heard a gunshot in the early morning hours behind his neighbor’s residence. The complainant thought that his neighbor poached a deer. Neterer and Robare patrolled the area on foot and located fresh blood and boot tracks in the snow. Further investigation revealed photos of the suspect posing with a coyote on social media. The coyote was killed and recovered on a neighboring property where the suspect did not have permission to hunt. The coyote was also shot within 150 yards of an occupied dwelling without permission. Charges are being sought for both violations though the Clinton County prosecutor’s office.


While checking anglers along Lake St. Clair, CO Joseph Deppen encountered a group of anglers that had multiple tip-us out on the ice. None of the tip-ups were labeled. Further checks revealed that three anglers did not have fishing licenses and they were smoking marijuana on public waters of the state. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Kris Kiel met with the prosecutor and received a five-count warrant for a subject that took an over limit of antlered deer in 2015, 2016 and 2017, using deer tags of another, and over baiting for deer. The case was the result of an investigation conducted by Kiel and CO Brad Silorey, stemming from a large bait pile found by CO Joseph Deppen.

CO Pat Hartsig and PCO Tom Peterson followed up on two waterfowl blinds left standing for over two seasons in St. Johns Marsh. The officers retrieved the information off the blinds and contacted the owner and informed him of the importance of removing blinds from the state refuges. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brad Silorey and PCO Jaime Salisbury worked on conducting interviews on subjects whose deer where discovered at a local taxidermist to be in violation of law. Salisbury and Silorey where able to interview one subject and obtain a confession that the subject had shot a deer in early October and purchased his deer tag when he found out the processor would not accept it without a tag. With photographic evidence, and a written confession, charges are being sought through the local prosecutor’s office.

CO Brad Silorey and PCO Jaime Salisbury followed up on a suspicious set of antlers found during a taxidermy inspection. Silorey and Salisbury suspected the antlers came from a deer that had been shot before the kill-tag was purchased. Salisbury interviewed the suspect asking about their hunting success. After a thorough interview, the suspect confessed to shooting the deer before purchasing a kill-tag. The remaining meat from the deer was taken as evidence and later donated to the needy. Enforcement action was taken.

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