Rescue efforts continue for anglers stranded on Lake of the Woods

An effort to reach anglers stranded on Lake of the Woods in blizzard conditions continued Tuesday morning.

According to reports as of Monday afternoon, all anglers reported missing had been accounted for, but a report on the Northern Light Region Facebook page Tuesday morning said another party of anglers has now been reported missing: Two adults and two children. Family had reported them missing earlier Tuesday morning and hadn’t heard from them since Friday, according to the post, which said that the Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Department was working to secure a helicopter to assist with the search efforts.

Also in the post, Lake of the Woods County Sheriff Gary Fish said that an area resort has been able to reach most of the stranded anglers on the big lake in far-northwestern Minnesota, but unable to reach two fish houses. Those efforts also continued Tuesday morning, and Fish said the department will attempt to reach those houses by snowmobile, the post said.

According to the Baudette-based NLR, resort owners and workers have been working since Sunday morning to rescue anglers that were left stranded on the lake after 30- to 50-mph winds left ice roads blocked with drifted snow, keeping anglers from exiting the lake – more than 100 anglers were originally reported as being stranded, some approximately 25 miles out on the lake.

Those conditions spelled trouble on other lakes across the state over the weekend, too. According to reports, four anglers were rescued from Greenwood Lake in Cook County on Sunday, and a number of anglers were stranded overnight on Lake Mille Lacs.

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