Outdoor News Offers Free Subscriptions to Youth who Complete Minnesota DNR Firearms Safety Certification

7043e3bfeebe79fa00ea9068ce331354-MNcoveryouth.jpg(Plymouth, MN) – Outdoor News Inc., publisher of locally written fishing and hunting outdoor newspapers in seven Great Lake states, is offering youth ages 11 to 17, and adults, who have successfully completed the firearms safety certification program, the Minnesota DNR Becoming an Outdoor Woman series or an adult mentored learn to hunt program through the Minnesota DNR in 2019 with a complimentary three-month subscription to Minnesota Outdoor News.

“When it comes to being true to our hunting heritage, Outdoor News is an authentic voice for what matters to hunters in the great state of Minnesota. By providing an opportunity for youth and adults to receive their own subscription to Outdoor News, we are committed to reinforcing the hunting heritage and building upon the foundation of growing interest for the shooting sports and ethical and safe practices in the field .” said Rob Drieslein, president of Outdoor News.

The MN DNR firearm safety class consists of classroom and field experience in the safe handling of firearms and hunter responsibility. The field experience allows students to learn and demonstrate commonly accepted principles of safety in hunting and the handling of firearms. Youth ages 11 to 17 can complete the online course at HunterCourse.com, and still be eligible to enjoy the newspaper subscription offer, although the MN DNR recommends that parents register their child for a sanctioned Field Day before the youth completes the online course. See a full calendar of classes and field days online at http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/safety/firearms/index.html


The “junior subscription” offer is available for youth who have completed their safety certification program in 2019 or for adults successfully completing one of the qualified programs. A downloadable form and additional details on the program can be found here.

Outdoor News offers even more resources for youth age 18 and under through the Junior Pro Team. Membership is free and open to youth across the USA.

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