Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Feb. 8, 2019

Northern Region

Park Falls Team

Wardens Kurt Haas, of Medford, and Jaime McDermid, of Menomonie, followed up in December with an illegal deer case in Jackson County. The wardens learned through an investigation that a cable TV show was airing hunts as if those hunts were taking place in the state of Michigan. It turns out the hunts were really taking place near Black River Falls. Enforcement actions were taken.

Wardens Haas and Gaven Brault, of Green Bay, were investigating in December an illegal deer killed in Taylor County. The suspect was accused of hunting deer without a license and using a rifle during the archery season. The suspect stated the blood at his corn pile was from a squirrel he shot. After DNA tests came back from the lab, it was confirmed the blood was from a deer and not a squirrel. Enforcement action is underway.

Warden Dan Michels, of Park Falls, responded to a complaint in December of a landowner shooting a deer that was injured by a car. The landowner’s dogs chased the deer down and the landowner shot the deer with a handgun during the closed season for gun-deer hunting. The person later registered the deer as a car-killed deer. The person was advised to report injured deer to the DNR or local sheriff’s department to dispatch the animal. Enforcement action was taken.

While following up on complaints in December from the gun-deer season, warden Tom Heisler, of Winter, made contact with a couple groups on a private parcel of land bordering the Flambeau River State Forest. Heisler discovered multiple violations, including fishing without licenses, fishing with too many lines, operating ATVs in prohibited area, failure to have name or I.D. number on an unattended stand on state lands, and damage to a resource. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Heisler investigated a road-hunting complaint from the gun-deer season. Heisler’s investigation showed that the person shot a large buck from a road and then registered it as a Waushara County kill. Violations included shooting within 50 of a road’s center, hunting within 50 feet of road’s center and providing false information.

Warden Heisler took enforcement action against an individual who cut a large tree in December to block a road on Flambeau River State Forest property and prevent access by vehicles he said were disrupting his hunt.

Woodruff Team

Wardens Matt Meade, of Mercer, and Robin Miller, of Hurley, contacted an angler on the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage in December who was fishing with seven unattended tip-ups. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Jim Jung, of Rhinelander, attended a Shop with a Cop program organized by the Rhinelander Police Department. Area kids were assisted by law enforcement officers in shopping within the Rhinelander community for the late-year holidays. This was all made possible from local donations.

Warden Chris Bartelt, of Lake Tomahawk, worked with DNR forestry staff on an investigation into a state land timber sale. It was found that a contractor had hauled wood away from the sale before the state had approved its removal. Enforcement actions were taken.

Warden Rich Thole, of Boulder Junction, observed UTV tracks on a road and on state property west of Boulder Junction in December. Thole followed the tracks to a cabin on Wool Lake. The UTV was located on the property and the operator was identified. The operator did not have a rear registration plate displayed, had operated on area roads, and had operated through the state property in the area. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Meade took enforcement action against individuals who failed to obey the “buck-only” rule in Iron County during the gun deer season. The hunters knew the rule, but chose to ignore it because they hunted on private property and didn’t think anybody would find out.

Warden Meade and an Iron County deputy responded to a serious snowmobile accident in Iron County over the Christmas holiday. The operator was arrested for OWI and refused a blood draw at the hospital. Multiple citations were issued, including operating a snowmobile without safety certification.

Northeast Region

Warden James Moore, of Kewaunee, investigated a complaint regarding a stolen colony trap that was lawfully set in the Besadny Fish and Wildlife Area in Kewaunee. Several various types of traps were set in the area by the trapper, but only one of the two colony traps was missing. The investigation is ongoing.

Warden supervisor George Protogere, of Green Bay, received a complaint from the Brown County Sheriff’s Department in December regarding subjects chasing deer with a truck in a fenced in tree farm. The subjects were attempting to herd the deer toward a hunter in order for the hunter to get a shot at the deer. Protogere was not able to respond, so Brown County deputies investigated for Protogere. At a later date, Protogere conducted a follow-up investigation, which resulted in enforcement action on two of the suspects.

Peshtigo Team

Warden Clark Delzer, of Shawano, responded to a hunting incident at the North Oak Hunt Club in Shiocton in December and found that a hunter was shot by his own dog after one man placed a loaded firearm on the ground and the dog stepped on it. The victim was in stable condition.

Lake Winnebago Team

Wardens Michael Disher, of Chilton, and Amanda Kretschmer, of Winneconne, investigated a complaint of a hunter shooting multiple bucks during the archery deer season and having family members register them. The wardens’ investigation showed the suspect shot multiple bucks and had a relative buy an archery license. The relative then illegally registered the buck as an antlerless deer so additional bucks could be harvested. The suspect then harvested at least one other illegal deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Disher investigated a complaint in December of a hunter who harvested a deer during a statewide firearms season while dressed in full camouflage. Disher’s determined the hunter wore only a blaze orange stocking cap while walking to his hunting spot, but removed the cap after climbing into his portable treestand. The hunter shot an antlerless deer, which was registered late. Enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling the Rat River Wildlife Area during the four-day holiday hunt, warden Kretschmer checked two hunters in a DNR parking lot. One hunter did not have a valid deer harvest authorization for Winnebago County. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Zack Seitz, of Shiocton, received a hotline complaint regarding three individuals fishing on the Wolf River near New London who had 11 northern pike in their possession (five pike over their bag limit). Seven of the pike were undersized. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Thomas Sturdivant, of Neenah, received a call from a citizen who saw an individual dump a large recliner in a ditch in Outagamie County and drive away. The citizen was able to safely get a description of the vehicle and license plate number. Sturdivant went to the location and documented the littering violation. Sturdivant eventually stopped at the suspect’s residence and spoke with his spouse. She confirmed that they had, within the past few days, loaded the chair (verified description) in the van that her husband operates. She expressed her dismay with her husband. Sturdivant requested the chair be picked up and properly disposed of, to include texting a copy of the receipt from the landfill to the warden. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sturdivant, while checking ice anglers on Little Lake Butte des Morts in Winnebago County, observed one individual fishing with four lines. That fisherman possessed 85 perch. The daily bag limit is 25. Enforcement action was taken for fishing with more than three hooks, baits, lures and possession of game fish in excess of bag or possession limits.

Warden Vong Xiong, of Sherwood, assisted warden Anthony Arndt, of Plymouth, with an interview of a Hmong individual Arndt had contacted in the field. Xiong translated the interview over the phone. Enforcement action was taken for having a loaded firearm in a vehicle, improper blaze orange and hunting small game without a license.

West-Central Region

Lower Chippewa Team

Wardens Kevin Christorf, of Cornell, and Jake Bolks, of Eau Claire, were asked by a Nebraska conservation officer to assist with an investigation into an illegally harvested mule deer by a Wisconsin resident. The individual shot the mule deer in the wrong unit and also did not possess the required habitat stamp. The wardens sent all of the information to the Nebraska officers. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Bolks and Christorf were on patrol when they observed a woman parked against traffic on a bridge in Cadott. Upon contact, the woman told the wardens that two individuals and a dog were in the partially frozen Yellow River. The wardens grabbed rescue equipment and were heading to the river when they observed the individuals get to the shoreline. The wardens placed the individuals and the dog in the patrol truck. They also assisted them in getting out of their wet clothes and getting warm. Medical treatment was declined. The wardens learned that the dog had chased a goose across the ice into the open water and got stuck. The individuals went after the dog because they feared it was going to drown. The wardens transported the individuals to their residence.

Wardens Christorf and Bob Kneeland followed up on an investigation in December of a hunter shooting a deer from the road in Eau Claire County near Hamilton Falls. It was found that the two hunters shot a deer from the road onto private property without permission. Further investigation found that the hunters possessed two more deer illegal deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Christorf and Kneeland followed up on an investigation of a hunter shooting at a deer off of the road in Chippewa County near Cadott prior to the gun deer season. They contacted the hunter later in the day, who was found to be in possession of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle. The wardens learned that earlier in the day the man used his vehicle headlights to illuminate a deer that was standing on private land. The man shot at the deer from the roadway, nearly striking a hunter who was legally awaiting the start of shooting hours. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Christorf and Bolks followed up in December on an investigation of a hunter shooting a deer off of the road in Clark County near Greenwood. The man harvested a large buck on private property after shooting hours. The man shot the deer while standing on the roadway and did not have permission to hunt the property. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Christorf and Kneeland followed up in December on an illegal hunting complaint from the archery season. They found that a hunter had harvested a buck earlier in the archery season. It was found that the hunter overbagged on bucks and harvested an additional large buck near Wheaton in Chippewa County over illegal bait. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Bolks assisted the Clark County Sheriff’s Department with the arrest of two burglary suspects on the final day of the nine-day gun-deer season. Bolks was conducting an investigation into an illegally shot bear when he was asked to assist with a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle. As Bolks arrived on the scene, one of the suspects fled from the traffic stop into an adjoining cut soy bean field. Bolks was able to corral the suspect using his patrol truck and take the suspect into custody with the assistance of a Wisconsin state trooper.

Wardens Ken Thomson, of Fall Creek, and Zach Seitz received a complaint in December that an individual shot two bobcats without permits. An investigation revealed that the hunter shot two bobcats at night while predator hunting, and that he thought the two were gray foxes. Enforcement action was taken.

Mississippi River Team

Warden Meghan Jensen, of Trempealeau, worked with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officer Rob Hirschboeck to coordinate the donation of several traps to be used in the Wisconsin Cooperative Trapper Education Program within Trempealeau County and the surrounding area. Trapper education classes are taught by trappers.

Warden Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, met with an individual in December who called the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department to report that he had made a mistake and shot a small buck during the holiday antlerless season. Hochhausen met with the individual, who was up front and honest about his mistake. The deer was sold to a person who could use the meat.

Warden Bob Jumbeck, of Alma, with the assistance of warden Meghan Jensen, responded to a late hunting complaint in December and found that an individual had killed a deer from the roadway after hours. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Jumbeck investigated an archery-buck-over-limit complaint with the assistance from several team members. The investigation determined that an individual shot two bucks with his compound bow during the archery season. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Jumbeck responded to a complaint of waterfowl hunting in a closed area. He found that six individuals had harvested ducks within the Lost Island Closed area on Pool 5. Enforcement action was taken.

Wisconsin River Team

Wardens Bryan Lockman, of Stevens Point, attended the UW-Stevens Point Ducks Unlimited Student Chapter monthly meeting in December and give a general law talk and answered any questions.

Warden Lockman attended the town of Dewey meeting when they were discussing ATV/UTV routes on town roads. Lockman answered questions from the public and board members.

Warden Lockman attended the town of Amherst meeting in December at the request of the town chairman and a resident. They discussed options in dealing with houses being struck by bird shot from waterfowl hunters on the Tomorrow River.

Warden Jon Scharbarth of Stevens Point participated in Coffee with a Cop program to encourage interaction between UW-Stevens Point law enforcement students and local law enforcement officers.

Warden Josh Litvinoff, of Schofield, gave a career talk to a Mosinee High School class.

Wardens Josh Litvinoff and Tyler Flood held a fur tagging event in December at the Wausau DNR office.

Warden Paul Leezer investigated a complaint of a subject who shot and killed a buck during the December antlerless-only season. Enforcement action taken.

Wardens Leezer and Erika Taylor participated in the Shop with a Cop program in Clark County.

Lower St. Croix Team

Warden Brad Peterson, of Pierce County, responded to a call of a pig in a corn field along a highway. Multiple citizens had contacted Peterson to asked if they could shoot the pig, as they thought it was possibly a feral pig. Peterson arrived and located the small but full grown pig in a corn field. The pig appeared to be a pet. Peterson made some calls and located the pig’s owner who came and recovered his missing pet.

Warden Peterson received a complaint in December about a person who had a mechanical feeder in his backyard to feed deer and other critters. Upon contact, the property owner said he was unaware that the feeder was illegal. His first question was: “Why do they sell these feeders everywhere if they are illegal?” In the end, the property owner agreed to remove the feeder, and Peterson issued him a warning.

Warden Paul Sickman, of St. Croix County, received a complaint in December about a dirt bike being operated at the Willow River State Park where no such operation is authorized. Sickman located the operator, who was a juvenile. The juvenile and his parents were warned about the illegal operation.

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