Proposed legislation calls for DNR to certify, develop distribution program for non-toxic ammunition

It’s early in the spring legislative session, but already an interesting – not to mention confusing – bill has been filed that could create headaches for the state’s hunters.

Senate Bill 202, filed Jan. 30 by Sen. Iris Martinez, D-Chicago, calls for “nontoxic ammunition to be required when taking all wildlife, including game mammals, game birds, non-game birds, and non-game mammals with any firearm.”

Interestingly, the measure includes the DNR as the “certifying body” over the proposal. As if the DNR doesn’t already have enough to do with a skeleton staff.

SB 201 provides that the “Department shall adopt by rule a public process to certify ammunition as nontoxic ammunition and shall define, by rule, nontoxic ammunition to include only ammunition in which there is no lead content, excluding the presence of trace elements of lead.”

And “DNR shall establish a process that provides hunters with nontoxic ammunition at no or reduced charge.”

SB 201 was sent to the Senate Assignments Committee on the same day it was filed.

Read more about the legislation and its potential effects in the Feb. 22 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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