Bowunters easily top last year’s harvest; 40 percent were taken with crossbows

(Windigo Images)

Bowhunters wrapped up the 2018-19 season Sunday with a total harvest of 61,360 deer, a solid increase over last year’s archery harvest of 58,164.

In the coming days, totals for the second late-winter and CWD season (Jan. 18-20) will be tallied, giving us the grand total for the deer season. At this point, the final number should be very similar to last years 147,535.

Meanwhile, DNR has not released data on the final week of the archery season, but its report on Jan. 14 indicated that through Jan. 13, 59 percent of the harvest has been taken using compound bows, 40 percent by crossbows and 1 percent by traditional bows. It is expected that those ratios will remain when DNR releases its final archery season report.

The top five counties for archery deer harvest through Jan. 13 were Pike (2,061), Fulton (1,541), Jefferson (1,447), Adams (1,377), and Williamson (1,135).

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