New Year small-game hunting with rabbits and bushytails

Now that bow season is over, the writer is sighting in his small-game rifles and preparing to take his daughters squirrel and rabbit hunting.

My schedule doesn’t allow me to really consider small-game hunting until archery deer season ends. Only then do I grab my .22, my .17, and a handful of shells for each and head to my buddy’s farm, where he’s got a gun range set up.

It’s a rare year where the point-of-impact on either rifle changes much, but I always like to sight-in and make sure they are dead-on before heading afield.

This year, for a couple of reasons, I’m really excited about small-game hunting. For starters, we’ve had some really decent weather days this winter. Any time the temperatures hit near 40 degrees and the sun is shining in January, it’s a good day all around. And those days only improve if you have a few free hours to sit under some oaks and wait out a foraging squirrel. Or maybe you can sneak away in the afternoon to creep along an overgrown fencerow while trying to spot a rabbit catching some rays.

The other reason I’m excited about this month and the next is because my little girls are old enough to tag along on some small-game hunts. They might carry a BB gun just to practice safe handling afield, but they won’t be thumping any bushytails or bunnies of their own.

They will witness the whole process and be a part of it from start to finish. I’m sure along the way we’ll get distracted by the prospect of finding a shed antler or just general exploring, both of which suits me fine. I just want to be out there with the girls while we soak in a nice winter day and maybe bring home something for dinner.

That alone is a great reason for winter small-game hunting.

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