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Cumberland area

Wardens Peter Carlson and Jesse Ashton responded to a shoot-from-road complaint near Cumberland in November. The suspect was located and said he believed the deer were on state property because he did not see any “no trespassing” signs and that they were not on the road when he shot the deer. The individual was found to have shot two deer on private property within 50 feet of the center line of a county highway.

Warden Jon Hagen, of Spooner, followed up on a November complaint of illegal open-water hunting on a Sawyer County lake. Hagen made contact with two hunters and learned that one of the hunters did shoot at a flock of divers from his kayak. The hunter informed Hagen that he was near the middle of the lake when he shot at the flock. Enforcement action was taken for open water hunting and no life jacket.

Wardens Hagen and Michael Williams, of Spooner, responded to trespass complaint with the Washburn County Sheriff’s Department deputy regarding a trespass issue after the end of the shooting hours. The wardens ascertained that the group shot at a doe standing on the side of the road. The individual, who had shot out of the vehicle, was attempting to track the deer on private land and would not come out of the woods because the individual was too nervous to talk to the game wardens. The wardens met with the individual the following day to discuss the prior evening’s incident. 

Wardens Hagen and Williams followed up on a hotline call of shooting from a vehicle in northern Washburn County in November. The wardens investigated the scene and later followed up with the suspect. The wardens learned that the suspect had shot a doe from his vehicle. Unbeknownst to the subject, there was an 11-year-old hunter and his mentor approximately 70 yards away from the deer when the subject shot. The doe had been walking toward the youth hunter and mentor. Unfortunately, the deer was shot illegally before the youth had a chance to harvest the animal legally.

Wardens Hagen and Williams stopped to check on a vehicle in November that was pulled over to the side of the road just after shooting hours in southern Washburn County. The hunter had just gotten out of the woods. The wardens conducted a license check and learned that there was marijuana inside the vehicle. The wardens seized the marijuana and turned the individuals and case over to Washburn County Sheriff’s Department for charges.

Wardens Joshua Loining, of Rice Lake, and Jared King, of Black River Falls, contacted a subject based on a complaint of a sandhill crane being shot. An investigation showed that an individual shot a sandhill crane, placed illegal deer bait in Dunn County, and Illegally transported a whole deer carcass into the state of Wisconsin from Illinois. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Loining and King contacted three hunters during the gun-deer season who had their truck parked in the middle of the road in Barron County. Upon contact, it was discovered the persons were hunting from the roadway and had open intoxicants in the truck. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Loining and King contacted two subjects in Hillsdale regarding a complaint of a buck that was shot during the archery season by a man who then may have had his wife register the buck under her buck authorization. The investigation showed that the wife had illegally registered the deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Loining and King contacted a person regarding a complaint of an antlerless deer being shot on opening weekend of gun deer season, but not registered. Upon contact, it was determined that the subject was hunting with his 13-year-old child during the gun-deer season. The youth shot an antlerless deer and the father never registered the deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Jesse Ashton, of Luck, and Lt. Russell Fell, of Cumberland, were checking archery deer hunters near Luck after hunting hours ended when they located two vehicles and two subjects in a rural area. Upon contact, the wardens detected the smell of burned marijuana and located marijuana on both subjects. Ashton located methamphetamine and a pipe on one subject and a large amount of marijuana in the subject’s vehicle. The person was arrested and turned over to Polk County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

Wardens Ashton and Peter Carlson worked a complaint of large deer bait in western Polk County in November. Contact was made with the hunter during gun season, who admitted to dumping more than the legal amount of bait.

Warden Ashton received two ongoing complaints about a person suspected of leaving unattended tip-ups on Little Blake Lake and Balsam Lake. Wardens Ashton and Carlson located four unattended tip-ups on Blake Lake, and 13 unattended tip-ups on Balsam Lake. Enforcement actions were taken.

Wardens Dustin Gabrielson and Peter Carlson investigated a complaint of a rifle-shot deer during the archery season in northern Burnett County. The wardens found that a hunter shot and non-fatally hit a buck in the leg with his crossbow, then grabbed an AR rifle that he had in the stand and shot at the deer four more times. The buck was later found by the wardens.

Wardens Gabrielson and Dylan Belisle contacted a group of raccoon hunters in November and found one non-licensed hunter hid a rifle in the woods. They also found an untagged trap and one individual was trapping without a license.

Antigo area

Warden Pat Novesky, of Tomahawk, issued numerous citations to hunters in violation of the baiting ban in November. Many of the hunters were using a volume of bait well over the 2-gallon limit, and even the previous 10-gallon limit. The largest bait pile was an estimated 15 cubic yards of material and dumped in a well-designed food plot.

Wardens Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon, and Josh Voelker apprehended two individuals found to be illegally shining for deer while in possession of three firearms. Following a vehicle contact with the individuals, three firearms and a spotlight were seized as evidence, and enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Tim Otto and Ben Herzfeldt investigated a complaint of a person shooting a turkey without a permit or license in November. The wardens were made aware of an incident by the Langlade County Sheriff’s Department in which a person shot a turkey, but some of the pellets ricocheted off of a junk tire and hit a neighbor’s vehicle. As a result of the investigation, enforcement actions will be taken.

Warden Otto heard a Langlade County deputy responding to a medical emergency in the White Lake area. Otto responded and performed chest compressions on a 31-year-old male who had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. Otto was able to obtain a pulse and upon arrival by a sheriff’s deputy, NARCAN was administered. The subject regained consciousness and was transported to the local hospital.


Wisconsin Rapids area

Wardens Josh Litvinoff, of Schofield, and Kory Lilga heard a medical call over the radio about a female who was not breathing and needed CPR. Litvinoff and Lilga were the first to arrive on the scene, along with one first responder, and helped perform CPR until a pulse was regained. Paramedics arrived and transported the patient.

Warden Litvinoff attended a safety meeting at the Domtar Company and participated in a question and answer session regarding deer season rules and regulations.

Wardens Paul Leezer, of Wausau, and Austin Schumacher contacted a subject sitting in a car with the window down in a state-owned parking lot. Upon contact, a strong odor of burning marijuana was detected. It was found that the subject was from New York and had been in Wisconsin for employment purposes for about two weeks. The subject was found to have marijuana, paraphernalia, and an expired New York driver’s license.

Wardens Leezer and Schumacher attended the annual Edgar Whitetail Night event and gave a presentation about deer regulations and answered questions. The event was attended by approximately 200 persons.

Wardens Leezer and Schumacher donated approximately 60 pounds of processed venison to a food pantry. The venison had been seized as part of an illegal deer hunting case.

Warden Bryan Lockman, of Stevens Point, investigated a complaint of an individual hunting during revocation. The hunter was contacted and enforcement action was taken. The hunter was also arrested for two outstanding warrants as well.

Warden Jon Scharbarth and recruit Vong Xiong spoke at the UW-Stevens Point Fisheries Society meeting in November.

Wardens Erika Taylor, of Marshfield, and Roy Kubisiak contacted an individual near Babcock who had three firearms in the vehicle, with one loaded rifle in the back seat.

Warden Taylor and the Wood County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call about a missing hunter north of the Wood County ATV park. The missing hunter was found by Taylor 100 yards off the road.

Warden Taylor gave a regulation update presentation on the deer season to the members of the Elks Club in Wisconsin Rapids.

Black River Falls area

Warden Molly Detjens, of Adams, received a complaint in November that a person with revoked hunting privileges had shot several deer illegally. Wardens investigated and found the suspect shot five deer illegally while being revoked and was in possession of an additional illegal deer. Two of the deer were shot with a firearm during the 2018 bow season. One of the deer was shined and shot with the aid of another person during the 2018 bow season. A total of four deer and three firearms were seized during the investigation. Enforcement action is pending.

Warden Matt Modjeski, of Sparta, reported the outcome of a 2017 case involving criminal deer poaching violations as well as resisting/obstructing a conservation warden. The investigation was a coordinated effort involving the Fort McCoy Police Department, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and Modjeski. The three defendants were sentenced with fines totaling more than $15,000. Two of the defendants had their state DNR hunting, fishing and trapping privileges revoked for three years.

Warden Modjeski received a complaint of not enough authorizations for deer hanging in a barn near Clifton. Modjeski identified a suspect who had obtained two free farmer bonus antlerless authorizations. He also found the suspect did not own any land and did not qualify for the free authorizations. Warden Ryan Mannes and Modjeski determined that the suspect failed to register six deer and provided false information to obtain the free authorizations. Enforcement action was taken.

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