Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Dec. 14, 2018

Northwest Zone– Captain Laura Petreikis

In Stephenson County, CPO Beltran investigated a deer hunting violation at Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Recreation Area. It was discovered that a local hunter failed to report his harvest for CWD testing. The hunter was issued citations and warnings for several violations.

In Stephenson County, CPO Beltran investigated a Freeport man for hunting over bait. It was discovered that four deer were unlawfully taken, and the hunter failed to have the necessary licenses. Citations and warnings were issued.

In Stephenson County, CPO Alt responded to a complaint of unlawful trapping of furbearing mammals during the closed season. An anonymous caller reported that a raccoon was caught in a live trap adjacent to a residence and was left to die. The dead raccoon was decaying in the trap. The investigation was validated; however, the resident denied placing the trap. Further investigation revealed the resident was unlawfully trapping badgers on the same property. The resident was cited for unlawful trapping of furbearing mammals during the closed season and issued a mandatory court appearance.

in Boone County, CPO Alt completed a random commercial inspection of a licensed furbearer breeder permit holder. The investigation revealed the individual unlawfully took a baby raccoon from the wild and believed they were lawful to do so if they purchased a furbearer breeder permit. The permit holder indicated they only kept the live raccoon for eight weeks, then released back to the wild. The permit holder was educated as to the permit requirements under the wildlife code and advised it does not authorize taking live furbearing mammals from the wild and retaining them. Warnings for failure to maintain records and unlawful possession of a furbearing animal from the wild were issued.

In DeKalb County, CPO Murry received a TIP complaint regarding nonresident hunters illegally hunting waterfowl. While investigating the

complaint, he found four hunters hunting waterfowl. A check of the hunters revealed that one hunter did not sign his federal waterfowl stamp, and a written warning was issued for the violation. The hunter then signed the stamp. No other violations were found.

In LaSalle County, While on patrol, CPO Filipiak received a tip of individuals taking multiple trips back and forth to their vehicle with several trout. A compliance check was conducted, and the three individuals were found to be in possession of 20 trout. The individuals did not have a trout stamp where required. Each fisherman was issued citations for fishing without a trout stamp and unlawful possession of over the daily possession limit of trout for each fish. The fish, fishing poles, and all items used in the illegal taking of the trout were seized as evidence and will be filed for forfeiture.

In Winnebago County, CPO Alt responded to a hunting without permission complaint from the Rockford Airport Authority. Three waterfowl hunters were found to be unlawfully hunting on airport property along the Kishwaukee River. The violations addressed included: unlawful hunting on lands without permission, failure to sign and affix federal waterfowl stamp to the hunting license, unlawful hunting migratory waterfowl with an unplugged shotgun, failure to display a valid watercraft registration decal, and unlawful operation of motorboat without covering or securing the battery.

In Calhoun County. CPO Weishaupt received a call while off duty regarding the possible poaching of a deer. He contacted a Calhoun County deputy and asked him to investigate. The Deputy located two subjects dragging a buck that was tagged with one of the subject’s archery permit. Both hunters had a bow with them. CPO Weishaupt arrived at the scene and examined the seven-point buck. The deer had been field dressed and appeared to have been shot with a firearm. The hunter who had tagged the deer claimed he shot it with a bow. After further investigation and talking with the subject, the hunter admitted the deer was shot with a gun by someone he did not know. He wanted the meat, and he did not want to let the person who shot it have the deer. He tagged the deer and had a friend help drag it out.  The subject was cited for unlawful possession of a deer, and a written warning was issued for improper tagging. The deer was seized, and the meat was donated to the Sportsmen Against Hunger.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley was notified of a Warsaw man hunting with his daughter, and the daughter was without a hunting license or deer permit. He was also advised that the daughter had harvested a buck that evening. He responded to the residence and located the man. After conducting a short interview, he found that his prior information was factual. It was also discovered that the man did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp. Besides needing the hunting license to supervise a youth hunter, the man had previously harvested a turkey. The man was charged with hunting without a license, parental responsibility for his daughter hunting without a license, and parental responsibility for his daughter hunting without deer permits.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Brett Scroggins

In McHenry County, while at the Chain O’Lakes State Park gatehouse, Sgt. Schreiber observed four waterfowl hunters, in two separate vehicles, come into the Park. A strong odor of burnt cannabis was coming from two subjects when they entered the gatehouse to sign in for the day. A bag of cannabis and swisher sweet cigars were seized from two individuals in the first vehicle. A large bag of cannabis, a one-hitter pipe, hash oil containing cannabis, and an assortment of glass pipes were seized from the second vehicle, occupied by two of their friends. CPOs Winters and Kelley were notified, and the subjects were cited for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber followed a hunter who was dropped off at a nature preserve early in the morning. The man walked into the nature preserve in the dark and attempted to archery hunt. CPO Farber spoke with the individual who had dropped off the hunter, and the man was arrested on several charges. His equipment was also seized.

In Will County, CPO Reid observed muddy tracks coming off a restricted area at Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife Area. He followed the tracks for a short distance to a residence where he found two men caping out a buck, and there was another untagged buck cape in the yard. The men were illegally archery hunting in the restricted area and had just shot the buck. Both men were arrested on multiple deer hunting charges, and the bucks were seized.

In Cook County, While on patrol at Lake Michigan, Sgt. Whitchurch observed a person unlawfully trying to snag salmon in waters closed to snagging. Once the individual saw Sgt. Whitchurch, they immediately walked over to their vehicle and put the fishing pole with a snag hook attached into the vehicle. This was the same person he had dealt with two weeks prior, and a citation was issued for unlawful snagging at that time. Once again, enforcement action was taken against this individual for the snagging violation.

In Cook County, Sgt. Whitchurch checked anglers who were targeting yellow perch at the Lake Michigan shoreline. A check of one of the approximately 30 anglers in that area revealed the angler was unlawfully fishing without a required license, and a written warning was issued.

In Cook County, while patrolling Jackson Harbor, CPO Stanbary noticed a man snagging on a dock near a moored watercraft. When the CPO approached the fisherman, he tried to hide his snag pole in a dumpster and claimed he was not fishing. The CPO informed the fisherman that he had been watching him snag, and he was issued a citation for unlawfully snagging within 200 feet of a moored craft.

In Cook County, CPO Thornley conducted a snagging detail at Burnham Harbor, and he checked several fishermen. Two men were spotted fishing along the north wall at the pipe and using their poles in a manner used by snaggers. When the two men noticed CPO Thornley, they cut their fishing lines with their teeth. The two men were issued citations for snagging in a prohibited area, and warnings were issued for pollution of waterways for cutting their line into the water.

In Cook Couty, while conducting sport fish enforcement at Belmont Harbor, CPO Thornley spotted two individuals fishing along the north wall, and he determined that they were snagging along the dock. The men snagged two salmon and placed them in their car. The individuals were advised that snagging was prohibited in Belmont Harbor, and citations were issued to each man for snagging in a prohibited area. The men were also issued written warnings for fishing within 200 feet of a moored vessel. The fish were seized and given to a lawful fisherman. In a separate incident, CPO Thornley checked several perch fishermen. He conducted a compliance check of one man that had walked back to his truck. Twenty-five perch were counted, and the limit for perch is 15. The man stated that he was fishing with another man, but his partner walked along the edge to fish in a different area. The partner could not be located, and the man was issued a citation for over limit of yellow perch.

in Piatt County, CPO Reeves investigated a personal injury hunting accident that occurred on IDNR property. When the archery deer hunter was climbing down from his tree stand, the top piece gave way when he sat on it. This caused the man to fall backwards. The man’s feet got hung up in the cross bars on the bottom section of the stand which prevented him from falling to the ground, but he was hanging upside down. He was able to retrieve his cell phone from his pocket and called 911. He was transported to the hospital by emergency response personnel where he was treated for two broken ankles.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Clark County, CPO Wellum located two hunters hunting over a baited area. The area was baited with salt blocks, mineral blocks, persimmons block, grain, corn, and beans. Both subjects were issued citations for hunting over a baited area and illegal feeding of white-tailed deer.

In Coles County, CPO Moody investigated a complaint of dogs chasing deer on neighboring property. The owner of the dogs was advised to control the dogs by keeping them on their own property.

In Monroe County, CPO Schachner observed a subject fishing from a homemade boat on a small pond after dark. The subject was wearing a headlamp and repeatedly shining the shoreline in a manner consistent with searching for wildlife. When he spoke to the man, he recognized him as the same man he cited for no fishing license two years before. Once again, the subject did not have a fishing license. A loaded .22 rifle was leaning against the console of the boat, and the subject admitted he was trying to shoot a beaver that was in the pond. The subject received a citation and numerous written warnings.

In Gallatin County, CPO Haggerty received a call regarding a dead bald eagle. The eagle was located under power lines, approximately 10 feet from the road. The cause of death was undetermined, and the eagle was turned over to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

In Jefferson County, A duck hunter contacted CPO Williams regarding a truck parked at the Cottonwood Access Area at Rend Lake. The hunter was concerned that someone was missing because the truck had been running since before dawn with the parking lights on and window down. CPO Williams checked the unoccupied truck and was able to obtain the owner’s name and contact information. The owner, who was out duck hunting, was notified about his truck; and the issue was resolved.

In Crawford County, CPO Roper received information of deer carcasses being illegally dumped. The investigation revealed that two individuals were involved. CPOs Roper and Taylor also found multiple hunting violations involving the two individuals. CPO Roper issued 13 citations to one of the individuals for violations that occurred in 2016, 2017, and 2018. CPO Taylor issued five citations to the other individual for violations occurring in 2018.

In Saline County, CPO Williams assisted Saline County Animal Control staff with an investigation involving a captive fox that bit a subject. The subject with the fox possessed the required paperwork and proof indicating the animal was acquired from a captive breeder.

in Crawford County, CPO Taylor received information that a subject killed two deer and dumped them in a creek. Further investigation showed the subject did not have deer permits or a hunting license. The subject admitted to killing the deer and dumping them in the creek, and he was issued five citations.

In Crawford County, CPO Taylor received information and a game camera picture of a subject with a small shovel in hand. The subject was identified and admitted to digging ginseng. A citation was issued for trespass to dig ginseng.

In Lawrence County, CPO Taylor received a call from a hunter that called in an eight-point buck using his antlerless only permit and needed to change it to his either sex tag. After looking at the hunter’s permit, he only had an antlerless only permit at the time he was hunting. The hunter went and purchased an either sex permit after he had killed the buck.  A citation was issued for unlawful take of antlered deer without permit.

In Alexander County, CPO Vasicek observed a vehicle traveling slowly on a remote road and shining a bright light out of the passenger window. The light was being used in a manner consistent with someone trying to unlawfully locate wildlife. A vehicle stop was conducted, and there were three people in the vehicle. A cased crossbow, loaded with a bolt tipped with a broadhead, was discovered between the passenger’s legs. The subjects stated they were turning around to get a better look at a buck they had seen with the spotlight. Multiple citations were issued, and the equipment was seized.

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