Thanksgiving goose? Most waterfowl opportunities dwindling, but Canada goose field hunting still worthwhile

So serious is the threat that state officials are noting the highly contagious avian-specific flu disease has been detected in Ohio-based gulls, eagles, geese (above) and, in domestic fowl, a flock of pen-raised chickens in Franklin County.

With significant ice cover throughout most of the state, very little duck hunting took place over the past week, and opportunities will continue to dwindle accordingly, the Minnesota DNR said in it’s weekly waterfowl migration and hunting report.

According to the report – the final one of the fall – there is still open water on some rivers and some portions of larger lakes, and in some areas, geese and ducks are maintaining some open water holes on lakes.

Many Canada geese and tundra swans were observed migrating into and through the state late last week and through the weekend. Field hunting for Canada geese, and some mallards, has been good in portions of the state. Canada goose numbers remain good in many areas and should provide some opportunity for goose hunters over the next week, especially in central and southern Minnesota.

The weather forecast calls for high temperatures in the teens and low 20s in northern Minnesota with lows in the single digits through the weekend. In southern Minnesota, high temperatures should be in the mid-20s to low 30s with lows in the teens.

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