Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Sept. 28, 2018


Acting Sgt. Mark Leadman and CO Josh Boudreaux responded to a complaint of a deer just being shot in a camp yard in the Watson area. The complainant advised that the deer was still alive but had a broken back. Michigan State Police troopers from the Gladstone post were also dispatched as they were closer to the scene. Upon arrival, the complainant advised that an ORV had just been heard leaving the area and the deer was now gone. Leadman and MSP troopers followed the ORV tracks back to a residence where one suspect was caught in the act of skinning the small spike horn deer that was hanging in his front yard. The subject’s father admitted to shooting the deer as he drove around with a loaded rifle attempting to harvest a deer. The father and son were both arrested as the son had a warrant for his arrest out of Delta County and the father had shot the deer out of season and in a safety zone while having a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle. The deer and rifle were also seized.

CO Cody Smith responded to a car/bear accident involving multiple cub bears. One cub was able to be placed with a rehabilitator and seems to be making progress. Unfortunately, the other bear cub did not make it.

COs Jeff Dell and Jared Ferguson received information on an illegal bear bait. The bait was located and numerous violations were observed including an illegal ORV trail and excessive and exposed grain. An investigation continues.

CO Zach Painter was on patrol in Gogebic County near Wakefield when he observed an ORV being driven down the center of the roadway and with an expired ORV sticker. A stop of the ORV revealed the operator to be a 13-year-old without supervision. The 13- year-old also did not have an ORV safety certificate. Painter contacted the guardian of the minor and enforcement action was taken.


COs Robert Freeborn and Bobby Watson continued their investigation into the string of early deer baits they located this summer.

CO Robert Freeborn and US Forest Service Officer Dave Tembruell closed off an illegal ORV trail.

COs Robert Freeborn and Stephen Butzin assisted Cpl. Mike Hammill in locating an illegal gill net in Lake Michigan. The COs searched the reported area for over an hour but were unable to find the net.

CO Calvin Smith assisted a Chippewa County deputy with a search at a local residence for a stolen vehicle. While the two officers were en route to the residence, two vehicles matching the description of the suspects passed them. Traffic stops were conducted on both vehicles. Not only were their driver license’s suspended, but one suspect was also found to be in possession of illegal drugs. The suspects were arrested and lodged in the Chippewa County Jail.

COs Calvin Smith and Tom Oberg participated in a three-day training course that focused on preventive radiological and nuclear detection during maritime operations. The multi-agency course was held on Lake Huron and trained officers how to detect and respond to radiological and nuclear threats.

CO Calvin Smith checked a pair of Canadian fishermen who were trying their luck behind the United States Federal powerhouse on the St. Mary’s River. When Smith asked the pair to produce a Michigan fishing license they stated they did not need one as they were over the age of 65. Smith then advised them that they were fishing in US waters and were directly behind the federal powerhouse. Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Justin Vinson was patrolling Brevort Lake when he observed a broken-down vessel. Vinson contacted the occupants. Vinson assisted returning the boat to the launch. The boat was safely removed from the water. Vinson continued the patrol. Activity was slow on the lake but, one boat was found with an expired registration. Law enforcement action was taken.


CO Duane Budreau responded to a complaint on private property of an individual baiting deer prior to Sept. 15. It was determined that several different parties were hunting the same property and overcrowding was occurring. The individual responsible for the bait was contacted and cited for baiting deer prior to Sept. 15. Budreau also contacted the property owner and advised him of the violation on his property. The property owner stated he was revoking permission to all hunters not following DNR rules.

CO Andrea Erratt stopped a boat operating with no stern light more than half an hour after sunset. The operator also did not have a Type IV PFD onboard his 23-foot boat. Erratt ticketed the operator of the vessel for improper navigation lights and warned him for failing to have proper PFD.

CO Nathan Sink was on patrol when he observed an ORV rider operating without a helmet. Sink conducted a stop on the ORV. Upon approach, Sink also observed the ORV had not been licensed since 2014. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Sidney Collins and Paul Fox patrolled the Montmorency/Presque Isle County lines for early bear baits. Several baits were found to be in violation and an early treestand was set up on state property. The owners of the bait will be contacted for enforcement action.

CO Sidney Collins and the Montmorency Sheriff’s deputies are working an incident involving several bear hunters. One of the subjects is alleged to have brandished a firearm in a threatening way. One subject stated that while setting his baits for bear, three trucks surrounded him to block him in. The subject showed them he was a CPL holder and drove away quickly. The investigation is ongoing.

Sgt. Mike Mshar responded to a complaint of a bear in a residence near the town of Lewiston. The bear had taken the screen off a window and entered the sun room and then attempted to gain access to the kitchen where the homeowner was cooking tacos. The bear left the residence but returned and re-entered the home a second time. The bear left with some coaxing and has not been back. Information was turned over to the area wildlife biologists in case the bear becomes an issue.


COs Rebecca Hubers and Scott MacNeill responded to a Head Start Pre-School after staff reported a sow bear and cubs in the parking lot dumpster right before child pick-up time. The bear was gone upon their arrival. The COs assisted staff with clean up and checked the area to assure them the bear was gone.

CO Hubers assisted Frankfort Police Department and U.S. Coast Guard and responded to a call of an angler being swept off the Frankfort Pier by a large wave. The person was pulled to the wall by family and resuscitation was started until EMS arrived. The angler did not recover.

COs Patrick McManus and Amanda McCurdy patrolled a large portion of the Boardman River on their kayaks. The focus for the day was to speak with various anglers and other user groups about New Zealand mud snails. The COs were able to contact numerous individuals and not only educate them on the dangers of this aquatic invasive species, but also speak with them about area issues and concerns. The information gained from the individuals will help the COs with future patrols along the river.

CO Rich Stowe attended a township meeting in Grand Traverse County to address citizen questions about the future of shooting ranges on state land.

CO Rich Stowe, while on ORV patrol, observed a vehicle in a rural location in Grand Traverse County driving in a careless manner. The dust trail was followed and contact made with the occupants. Enforcement action was taken on motor vehicle violations, as well as MIP.

CO Rich Stowe monitored the start of an Offshore Powerboat Association Poker Run on West Grand Traverse Bay involving 55 offshore racing boats.


CO Charlie Jones was waved down by a boater on Torch Lake in Kalkaska County. The boater advised Jones of an individual who dove into shallow water, which resulted in a neck injury. Jones observed the individual laying on the bow of the boat with a PFD and keeping his neck immobilized. Jones escorted the pontoon to the launch where he met EMS. The injured subject was transported to Munson Medical Center.

CO Charlie Jones was dispatched to Torch Lake where a boater who was riding on the bow of a pontoon boat had fallen off and sustained multiple injuries from the prop of the motor. The injured subject was turned over to EMS and transported to the hospital. The individual sustained broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a fractured skull.

COs Matthew Zultak and Ben McAteer were checking anglers along the Muskegon River in Roscommon County. Contact was made with an angler fishing near a local dam. Upon first observation, the angler appeared to be in possession of seven bluegills. However, the COs also located a cooler in the angler’s vehicle. Upon consent to search, the COs located another 28 bluegills in the cooler. Enforcement action was taken for the over limit of panfish.

COs James Garrett, Jeff Panich, Jon Warner, Tyler Sabuda, Kyle Bader, Brad Bellville, and Sgt. Bobbi Lively conducted a group patrol at the 2018 Mud Jam event in Hale located in Iosco County. The COs patrolled the event over a four-day period and wrote 64 citations, gave 42 verbal warnings, and made hundreds of contacts.

CO Mark Papineau handled a complaint regarding a Clare County resident that had reportedly shot a sandhill crane. During the initial investigation of the area, Papineau and CO Phil Hudson were able to locate the carcass of a sandhill crane, which had been dumped in the woods. During a telephone interview, the suspect admitted that the crane had been shot with a rifle as part of a bet with friends and that the carcass had been tossed in the woods to conceal the remains. Further investigation revealed that the suspect is a convicted felon and not able to possess firearms. Sgt. Jon Wood later accompanied Papineau to the suspect’s residence to secure the firearm and conduct a follow-up interview. Charges are being sought through the Clare County Prosecutor’s Office.


CO Joe Myers was on marine patrol in Gratiot County when Montcalm County Central Dispatch put out a call for a nearby unit to response to an MSP trooper who had a subject at gun point off M-46. Myers was close by and responded to assist. The subject was later arrested and charged with multiple offenses.

CO Josh Russell was checking lakes in the Flat River State Game Area when he observed an ORV operating on a closed trail. Russell contacted the ORV driver and issued a citation for operating on an undesignated trail. As the CO sent the driver on his way, another ORV pulled up. Russell made contact and issued another citation for operating an ORV on an undesignated trail.

CO Mike Haas received a complaint from a concerned citizen through Isabella Central Dispatch that a wolverine was hit by a car in western Isabella County. The dispatchers attempted to inform the caller that it was highly unlikely that the animal was a wolverine and after much debate the complaint was referred to Haas. Haas located the animal in question and identified it as an American badger.

While working Isabella County, CO Dan Robinson was called to a property where an individual had caught another subject on his property on game cameras. The complainant knew the subject and had told him verbally not to go on the property last hunting season when the suspect walked near his treestand while the complainant was hunting. The suspect was interviewed and admitted that he walked through the property at least five different times since he was told not to be there. Information and evidence was obtained and the suspect was issued a citation for criminal trespass.


CO Tyler Cole was patrolling near Maple Lake in Paw Paw and came across an individual fishing on shore. A check was made for licenses and any fish caught. When asked if the subject had a fishing license, the subject produced a 2018 fishing license. When asked what the subject’s birthday was, the subject produced a birthday that did not match up with the license. After investigating, it was found that the subject had been using his friend’s fishing license and couldn’t remember the friend’s birthday when asked. Enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling the Three Rivers State Game Area, CO Micah Hintze stopped to speak with the driver of a vehicle in a designated parking location. While speaking through the passenger window Hintze detected the scent of marijuana and observed a plastic Ziploc bag containing the substance as well as a pipe and grinder. The individual was arrested for a misdemeanor warrant and charges for the possession of drugs and paraphernalia are pending with the St. Joseph county prosecutor.

While patrolling the Bass River Recreation Area, CO Ivan Perez noticed a subject on a PWC towing three small children on a tube with no observer. Perez called the subject to shore and informed him of the violation. The subject stated that he thought it was OK if he had side mirrors. Enforcement action was taken.

While checking a boat launch in Grand Haven Township, CO Ivan Perez noticed a vessel with three subjects return to the dock. Perez made contact and began a fishing check. Perez did not see any PFDs on board and asked the subject if he had any. The subject could only produce two. Perez asked for a Type IV throwable, but the owner of the vessel stated his vessel was under 16 feet. Perez then asked the subject for his registration to check the length of the vessel. The operator stated he had left it at home. Perez copied the vessels registration numbers down and contacted dispatch, but the registration numbers came back as “no record on file.” Perez double-checked the numbers and they were correct. Perez then checked the numbers on the opposite side of the vessel and found that two of the registration numbers had been reversed. Perez checked a second time with dispatch and the vessel came back as being 16 feet, 4 inches. Perez also found that the vessel was missing a fire extinguisher. A citation was issued along with several warnings for the equipment and numbering violations.


CO Chris Maher received a complaint of an individual baiting deer prior to Sept. 15. Upon investigation and contact with the suspect, Maher recalled that he had been to the residence and spoke with the suspect on a previous complaint though no charges were sought at that time. Maher located the bait which also exceeded the two-gallon limit. Maher then informed the suspect that Jackson County has just recently been placed on a baiting ban due to recent CWD regulations but informed the suspect that even without the ban it was illegal to bait this time of year. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Chris Reynolds responded to a complaint in Hillsdale County regarding an individual who had several wild animals in captivity. When the CO interviewed the suspect, he advised that rehabilitating wild animals without a permit was illegal and the animals needed to be released or sent to a licensed rehabilitator. At this point it was apparent that the individual was passionate about helping animals, so the officer gave the subject the number of a licensed rehabilitator and explained that the rehabber could sponsor and possibly help them in the process of becoming a licensed rehabilitator. The subject has already signed up for and paid for classes to become a licensed rehabilitator. The animals were turned over to a licensed rehabilitator and a warning given for having the wild animals in captivity.

CO Sam Schluckbier patrolled the Grand River for fishermen near Grand Ledge. While inspecting one fisherman’s daily catch he found a bag filled with small panfish and an undersized smallmouth bass. The fisherman seemed confused about the species he had caught and kept throughout the day. He also failed to review the fishing digest prior to fishing since he was unaware of size requirements and regulations. Schluckbier educated him on the basic rules to follow and provided him a digest to keep. The smallmouth bass was confiscated, and enforcement action was taken.


COs Kris Kiel and David Schaumburger measured 150 walleye fillets seized in a walleye over limit case. The lengths of the fillets were mathematically calculated with a formula to establish each fish’s original weight for reimbursement.

COs Nick Ingersoll and Keven Luther were patrolling Pointe Mouillee State Game Area when they contacted three anglers fishing off “The Banana.” After a check of the anglers fishing licenses and fish they had caught, it was determined that the anglers had kept three undersized northern pike. After questioning the anglers, it was determined they knew what the legal-size limit for northern pike was, and just wanted to keep them because they said there were too many. Enforcement action was taken for possessing undersized northern pike.

CO Keven Luther conducted a marine patrol of the Detroit River. Luther patrolled from Belle Isle to the Detroit lights and back. Four verbal warnings were issued for minor marine violations.

Later that evening, Luther received a complaint from Station 20 of a Canada goose shot in the head in the parking lot of Delray Park Marina. Luther and CO Walzak were on scene shortly and contact was made with the suspect. The suspect admitted to shooting the goose with a BB gun. Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Adam Beuthin was on patrol in Monroe County when he observed two ORVs operating on the roadway heading in his direction. The ORVs quickly changed direction and the CO stopped the ORVs on the roadway. When asked what they were doing on the roadway, the subjects explained they didn’t know that it was illegal and were coming from a buddy’s house up the road. The CO explained the dangers of operating on the roadway and not wearing helmets or eye protection. Multiple violations were addressed and enforcement action was taken.

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