Hunters, fishermen better hope legislators finally do right by Fish & Boat and Game commissions

I recently read that the chairmen of the House and Senate committees have said they “pledged to seek” increased license fees for the Fish & Boat Commission. Glad to read that, but I’ll withhold any celebration until I see the increase in actual print, and a little extra money leaving my wallet for my fishing license.

After all, I’ve been listening to promises from state representatives for at least the past 20 years on how they intend to relieve the huge burden of property taxes assessed my household every year, and well, we all know how that has panned out.

Whether or not elected officials are able to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to this state’s usage of its natural resources by hunters, fishermen, boaters and others who enjoy quality time outdoors, they’d better know that outdoor recreation puts a whole lot of money into Pennsylvania’s coffers, from which they draw money for just about any imaginable expense needed to govern this state.

With chronic wasting disease well on the way to becoming a full-blown problem ending with possible disastrous results, the effects of a warming climate, continued water pollution, habitat loss, gas wells and pipelines, the position of “we really have more important things to do and worry about” taken by our government proves without doubt that there is a highly serious threat that will ultimately lead to the destruction of hunting and fishing and other outdoor pursuits if things don’t change.

It will certainly take a whole lot of money for the Fish & Boat and Game commissions to wage these fights in their quest to keep the marine life safe and water healthy and wild animals and their habitats healthy and vibrant — and if they don’t get the needed funds, the battle will, indeed, be lost.

Politicians are elected to serve the public good in an effective and intelligent manner, not spend all their time with the bickering and disputes that are drawn along party lines they stand behind today. We as citizens of this state are owed that by these officials.

Keep in mind, politicians have often stood beside big business and large companies that have replaced clean and healthy water with waters filled with life-destroying chemicals, have infused those same pollutants into the land, have warmed the air to a dangerous and ever increasing level, and substituted toxic fumes for clean air — and then claim in political statements that it’s progress in the name of humanity.

Time to call the politicians on this crap, and push them to fight and do the right things for people who elected them, and even more so for the wild places and wild things of Pennsylvania.

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