Anglers can help as DNR considers Mississippi River regs changes

The Minnesota DNR is encouraging anglers who fish the Mississippi River between Hastings and the Iowa border to fill out an online questionnaire aimed at gathering public input as the agency reviews bag and size limits for gamefish on that stretch of the river.

The questionnaire asks anglers about their opinions on the quality of fishing in the river, what they think about existing bag and size limits, and their reactions to potential regulation changes. To receive a link to the survey, send an email to Comments will be accepted through July 31.

Earlier this spring, the Minnesota and Wisconsin DNR held five public input meetings to kick off a multi-state review of size and bag limits on the Mississippi River flowing between the two states, many of which have not been revised in decades. All gamefish species are being looked at, including sunfish, crappie, largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike, white bass, walleye, sauger, catfish and yellow perch.

“We don’t have any specific proposals in mind, but some of these limits have been around a long time, so we’d like to hear what people think about them,” said Minnesota DNR Lake City area fisheries supervisor Kevin Stauffer.

Input from meetings, online questionnaires and other fisheries data, may be used to develop recommendations for possible regulation changes agreeable to both Minnesota and Wisconsin. After that, each state would have to go through its own official rule-making process, with additional opportunities for public comment. The earliest any changes might go into effect would be 2020.

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