Walker calls for enhanced CWD protocols

The DNR estimates the new restriction will reduce doe harvest by 25 to 30 percent.

Gov. Scott Walker is asking the DNR and Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) to implement chronic wasting disease rule changes developed within the governor’s office.

(Tim Eisele blog: Too little, too late from Gov. Walker on Wisconsin CWD management efforts?)

“We are working with DATCP to implement two rulemaking changes for deer farms. The movement of live deer from CWD-affected counties will be banned and we are going to require enhanced fencing for all deer farms,” said Walker.

All deer farms are currently mandated to have 8-foot fences.

“This new rule will require farmers to either build a non-permeable fence, build a second fence of the same height, or add an electrical fence within the boundaries of their current 8-foot fencing,” Walker said. “This gives deer farmers the ability to choose the best option for them while enhancing protections for both the wild deer herd and farm-raised herd.

“While our deer farmers are playing a critical role in containing the spread of CWD, we also need to rely on our hunters to help in this effort,” he added. “The DNR will be requiring hunters to debone deer prior to transporting in CWD counties. If a hunter is taking their deer to a licensed taxidermist or a processor, the whole deer can be moved.”

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