‘Bizarre’ case of dozens of dead geese in Idaho parking lot [video]

For Idaho conservation officer Jacob Berl, it was an unusual Saturday night.

Upon leaving his lab, Berl found at least 51 dead geese lying in an Idaho Falls parking lot.

“Several of the geese had their stomachs blown open, and all of them were dead. None were injured,” Berl told the East Idaho News.

While the cause wasn’t immediately apparent, it came after a storm with lightning and large hail.

“Hail likely would have knocked them out of the sky,” said Berl, who collected the bodies of the 48 snow geese and three Ross’ geese.

Then this week, someone else reported finding 60 dead geese on the roof of a self-storage company.

“It’s sad to see any animal die, but fortunately snow geese are pretty abundant and are not a rare or threatened species,” Berl said. “It was just a freak accident.”

Chuck Trost, a retired Idaho State University professor who taught ornithology and animal behavior, told the Idaho State Journal that the incident was “bizarre.”

— Greenwire

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