Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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What a ‘lark’ to feed wild birds free food

A white-breasted nuthatch picks up a hickory nut piece. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

I imagine that, 50 years ago, most bird feeding was done with kitchen scraps, waste grains, and a bit of beef fat.

What’s wrong with a little nostalgia? Save the prime rib ribs, pork chop bones, chips from picking hickory nuts, boned out deer carcasses, and picking up a few road-killed small animals for the birds?

And while most birds, save blue jays, won’t tackle whole kernel corn, pick up some spilled corn roadside and smash each kernel on concrete and see the juncos, cardinals, nuthatches, and others sorts pick and fly off with an edible piece.

We feed birds and other wildlife if legal, and do this to watch them. Why not try something a little different and see how the birds handle old-fashioned feeding?

And it’s free. All it takes is a little time.

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