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Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Dec. 15, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

While on boat patrol on the Mississippi River Pool 13, CPO Jones cited a woman for possession of a walleye in the protected slot (20 to 27 inches). During the same boat patrol, CPO Jones also cited a Savanna man for possession of an undersized large-mouth bass (under 14 inches).

CPO Jones cited both a Rock City man and a Savanna woman during different boat patrols for failure to have enough wearable life jackets for each person on board their boats.

A 30-year-old man from Preston, Iowa was getting liquored up on his Oquawka boat on the Mississippi River. CPO Beltran and CPO Jones performed a boat safety inspection and during the search for fish they discovered a cooler of ice- cold Bud Lite beers and a bucket full of empties. The Preston man failed field sobriety testing and blew over the legal limit resulting in his arrest for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol. Iowa DNR Andrew Keil assisted in the arrest and turned the boat over to a sober passenger. Court has been set in Carroll County in August.

CPO Francisko conducted an investigation into possible illegal trapping in Galva at the request of the Galva Police Department. It was determined that an in-town resident used long spring foot hold traps in her front yard flower garden to deter animals and stray cats from using the flower beds as a litter box. A neighbor’s dog (who was not under full control of the owner) got into the flower beds and stepped in one of the traps. Foot hold traps are designed to hold an animal and not injure them. The dog was released unharmed. It was determined that no Conservation Wildlife codes were violated but other state laws and ordinances may have been violated. The case was referred back to the Galva Police Department. The Galva resident agreed it was bad judgement to use a foot hold trap in town and agreed not to do it again.

CPO Finn and an intern were patrolling the Illinois River near Peru when they discovered a van parked in a location closed to public access. After walking the river bank, CPO Finn and the intern found three men fishing illegally and one of the men snagging Asian carp. All three men received citations for fishing without permission and one of them received a second citation or illegally snagging fish. All three were warned for trespassing and illegally parking.

CPO Kaufman received a call regarding an intoxicated individual in a motorized wheelchair harassing fishermen on the  I & M Canal. The individual had struck the fishermen with his wheelchair and was trying to push them into the water. LaSalle City Police Department had located the individual and when they confronted him he struck their squad with his wheelchair. The intoxicated wheelchair operator received two citations from CPO Kaufman and another citation from the LaSalle City Police.

CPO Kaufman received a call regarding an individual running around Matthiessen State Park in his underwear scaring park visitors.  CPO Kaufman was unable to find the man or his vehicle.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Siedsma responded to an anonymous tip in reference to four subjects at the Carpentersville Dam using a net to take sport fish. Upon arrival three male subjects and a juvenile were observed in the middle of the river at the base of the dam, casting a net into the water. The subjects were observed for approximately three minutes and then brought to shore for questioning. The subjects were in possession of one 13-inch walleye and a drum. Citations were issued for the unlawful use of cast net to take sport fish, using a cast net within 300 yards of a dam and failure to release short fish.

CPO Siedsma responded to a call in reference to a boat accident on the Fox River in Elgin north of the I-90 Bridge. Upon arrival, one male subject was being transported to the hospital via Elgin Fire for a fracture to his left leg after being struck by his friend operating another PWC (personal watercraft). Upon interviewing the striking operator, it was determined that the subject was possibly under the influence of alcohol and field sobriety tests were performed. The subject was then arrested for OUI and processed at Elgin Police Department. The second operator was interviewed at the hospital and arrested for OUI.

CPO Hurt was conducting sport fishing enforcement at Pedersen Park in Antioch. An individual was seen fishing and shortly after seeing CPO Hurt pull into the parking lot, the individual promptly packed up and left. CPO Hurt later determined the individual’s fishing privileges were revoked. Later that day, CPO Hurt went to the fisherman’s residence and asked to see his fishing license. The subject explained he had tried to get a fishing license earlier in the day and was told he could not purchase a license due to being delinquent on child support. The subject elected to fish anyway without a license. The subject was arrested for fishing without a valid sport fishing license while privileges revoked. The subject was cited and released on a notice to appear.

CPO Eric Mieure while conducting boat inspections at Heidecke Lake discovered two short walleye within a live-well. The site specific regulations for Heidecke Lake require a minimum length limit of 16 inches. One subject was issued one citation and one written warning for short fish.

CPO Reid observed three Chicago men snagging below the dam on the DuPage River at I&M Canal State Park. None of the individuals possessed a valid fishing license and six citations for unlawful snagging in a prohibited area and no fishing license were issued. Fishing equipment used to unlawfully snag was also seized.

While checking fishermen at the I & M Canal Trail Channahon Access, CPO Honiotes observed a young man wading out into the water below the dam to retrieve a lure. As the man waded, his friends were heard loudly cursing and carrying on as multiple families with small children recreated nearby. One of the men had a Sprite bottle in his possession, which appeared darker in color than normal. Interviews were conducted and the subject admitted the Sprite, which belonged to him, was mixed with alcohol. The subject was issued a written warning for possession of alcohol in the park. His friend, who repeatedly stating he had not been fishing, was issued a citation for unlawful fishing without a valid resident sport fishing license.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Moody and McReynolds were informed of two people who may be cooking meth under a bridge along the river so they checked the area. The two found evidence of meth being cooked as well as items left at the scene identifying who the suspects were. While waiting for the ISP Meth Response Team to arrive, Moody and McReynolds cited a Greenup man who had driven under the bridge for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

CPO Barnes and CPO Moody responded to a 911 call of kayakers in trouble on the Kaskaskia River in Moultrie County. The Sullivan couple had over turned their kayaks and was clinging to a tree in swift water. The couples 11 year grandson called 911 and their location was found by a ping to his cell phone. CPOs Barnes and Moody launched a Jon boat and rescued the Sullivan couple from the tree. They picked up the grandson and the kayaks. The couple was cold but uninjured and returned to the boat launch.

CPO Barnes received a complaint of several subjects fishing and keeping short muskie at the Lake Shelbyville spillway. CPO Barnes arrived at the scene and made contact with two Indiana subjects. One subject stated he did not have a fishing license and he was not fishing. CPO Barnes located a Gatorade bottle with line and tackle still in the water next to the subject who then admitted to fishing. After interviewing the subjects they admitted to taking the fish they caught to a nearby hotel.  CPO Barnes contacted Sgt. McReynolds who arrived at the hotel and made contact with several subjects. The subjects retrieved the short muskie from a hotel room. Three subjects were cited for no fishing license and failure to immediately release short fish.

CPO Wright and CPO Viverito checked two fishermen on Clinton Lake and found them to be in possession of four short largemouth bass.  Both subjects, from Monticello, were issued a citation.

CPO Schultz was on patrol at Clinton Lake when he noticed a boat approaching the dock having motor troubles. As he helped the vessel tie up he noticed the operator made a quick move to grab and hide an object. After a short interview the operator handed over a cannabis pipe he was trying to hide.  Citations were issued.

While talking to a few Bloomington fishermen about their luck catfishing, CPO Schultz observed a cannabis grinder and pipe in the cup holder of one of the fishermen’s chairs. After confronting the man about the items, he and his fishing partner were both found to be in possession of two pipes, a grinder and a bag of cannabis. Multiple citations were issued.

CPO Cottrell and Indiana DNR detectives have conducted three non-resident investigations regarding the unlawful purchase of resident deer permits and resident hunting license in the Indianapolis area. These investigations continue with the request to file charges to follow.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

A subject was issued citations by CPO Bettis for unlawful use of snares, unlawful trapping without any valid trapping license, failure to tag traps (snares) with name and address and failure to check traps each day.

CPO Lentz of Montgomery County was checking fishermen at Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield.  While checking a couple of

male subjects fishing he observed that one of the subjects had a small hitter pipe (commonly used to smoke cannabis) and some cannabis located in the cup holder of his chair. CPO Lentz arrested the subject for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and for possession of drug paraphernalia. The subject was taken to Montgomery County Jail and left in lieu of bond.

CPO Schachner handled a fishing without permission complaint. Two older adult males decided to fish a private pond just because they thought it looked good. The landowner confronted them and one of the illegal fishermen responded in an unpleasant and rude manner. The landowner was an excellent witness and obtained very accurate descriptions of the subjects and copied their vehicle registration. CPO Schachner and Sgt. Manker contacted the subjects and issued citations for fishing without permission and no fishing licenses.

CPO Schachner handled two boat swampings/sinkings during this reporting period which involved a total of ten occupants. One occurred at Baldwin Lake due to high winds and heavy waves. The 16 foot boat became swamped by waves near the shoreline and was recoverable. The boat was towed by CPO Schachner approximately a half-mile and most of the equipment was recovered. The second swamping/sinking occurred on the Kaskaskia River and CPO Schachner and CPO Charles located the Jon boat for the investigating officer. The large Jon boat was swamped/sunk due to operator inexperience when he attempted to land the Jon boat at a steep bank and forced the rear of the boat under the river surface. This boat was also recovered, emptied and towed entirely with the aid of a good Samaritan who volunteered to help the boat owner.

CPO Rolfingsmeier while working sport fishing enforcement along the Mississippi River came across two fishermen fishing on railroad property. The fishermen did not have permission to be on the property. After CPO Rolfingsmeier conducted a compliance check on the fishermen, one fisherman was wanted on a warrant from Johnson County and also had drug paraphernalia on him. Both fishermen were cited for fishing without permission and the one was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and was bonded out for the warrant.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Lay was the investigating officer of a boat accident on Rend Lake. CPO Lay and CPO Folden responded to a boat sinking near the Dam West Access area of Rend Lake. The boat was being towed into the dock area when officers arrived. A small child had his hand hurt during the incident and was the only injury reported. The boat operator was cited for overloading a watercraft and insufficient number of life jackets. A written warning was issued for not having his batteries covered. The boat was pulled from the water, drained out and taken home.

CPO Smith observed a three wheeled ATV traveling southbound on Highway 45. CPO Smith activated his emergency lights and siren to let the ATV operator know he was creating a safety hazard by being on a public highway with a vehicle that was only traveling 30 mph and had no working lights. The operator pulled off the highway and CPO Smith checked his driver license status. ISP dispatch advised CPO Smith the ATV operator’s driving privileges were revoked. CPO Smith arrested the operator and cited him with driving with a revoked driver’s license and unlawful operation of ATV on the roadway. The subject was transported to the Wayne County Jail and the ATV was impounded until verification of the VIN can be conducted.

CPO Vasicek and Intern Newbold located a subject who had harvested a large amount of ginseng and goldenseal roots. The subject was in possession of 36 ginseng roots which were harvested during closed season, without a license, and on property where he did not have consent to be.

CPO Vasicek and Intern Newbold located and recovered a deceased mature bald eagle in rural Union County. Interviews were conducted at a nearby residence.  It is believed the eagle was killed by the power line which was above the location where it was discovered.

CPO Diggins located two Eldorado men fishing without permission on Peabody Coal property. The men were fishing from kayaks and were without pfd’s and additional boating gear as well as no valid registration. Both men were cited for fishing without permission.

CPO Jourdan responded to a call in reference to a man shooting a fox. The complainant said she heard a shotgun blast that awoke her in the early morning. She observed a man carrying a dead fox back to his house. The suspect admitted shooting the fox and showed where it was lying in his yard. The man was cited for the offense.

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