Buck saved after going through the ice in Maine; one of four deer that go through ice in Minnesota rescued

Lake residents make their way to rescue a deer that went through the ice on South Long Lake near Brainerd, Minn. (Submitted photo)

Deer harvest is the talk of deer country this time of year.

And now, too, deer rescues, it would seem.

A successful rescue of a buck in Maine and an incident involving eight deer on the ice in Minnesota have received attention in recent days.

A deer hunter helped save a drowning buck when he saw it treading water in a partially frozen lake Sunday in Eustis, Maine – in the far-western part of the state.

According to reports, a day after hunting deer himself, Justin Wyman saw the buck struggling in a lake not far from his home. The report went on to say that he pulled his boat out of the garage and, along with a game warden, came to the rescue of the deer, breaking through the ice with axes to get to the animal.

“It took us 20 minutes to get to the deer. We got a rope and put it on the deer’s antlers and helped pull him back to shore,” Wyman told a local television station, adding that when the animal got back to shore, it was on the ground for quite some time before recovering and finally running off.

The incident in central Minnesota didn’t have quite as happy of an ending. According to reports, eight deer were spotted on thin ice on South Long Lake southeast of Brainerd, Minn., on Saturday. Four of the animals were able to get off the iffy ice on their own, and four fell through – three died and the other was rescued by two lake residents, according to reports.

It was the second report of lakeshore owners in the area seeing deer falling through the ice and struggling to survive this mostly balmy fall. The first report came several weeks earlier on the Gull River just northwest of Brainerd, when a DNR conservation officer helped rescue the deer, reports say.

On Saturday, lake residents EJ Swanson and Terry Huber came to the rescue of the one deer that fell through the ice and did survive. In a lightweight boat and also needing to chop through the ice, they were able to reach the small deer, lifted it into the boat and brought it to shore, according to a report, which went on to say that once on shore, the two helped the deer to stand up and, soon after, it scampered off.

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