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Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Dec. 1, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Filipiak was on multiple fishing compliance checks and found individuals with multiple violations ranging from: possession of short small mouth bass (x3), unlawful snagging, fishing without permission, and fishing with no valid fishing license.

CPO Murry arrested an individual for driving under the influence of alcohol after witnessing multiple traffic violations. The individual had a blood alcohol content of .143%.

CPO Wagner, while conducting sport fish enforcement near Peru Sportsman’s Club, cited an individual for failure to release short bass.

CPO Wagner, while patrolling at Illinois Canyon, found an individual in a restricted area at the top of the canyon. The individual was later found to have four syringes and two vials of a clear liquid substance. The subject was cited for entering a restricted area, and the two vials have been sent to the crime lab for analysis.

While walking trails at Starved Rock, CPO Wagner found an individual with 10-30 grams of cannabis. An on-site arrest was conducted, and the subject released. Several other off-trail citations were issued while on patrol.

CPOs Elliott and Thompson conducted a compliance check on two fishermen on the Spoon River near London Mills which resulted in one Citation for no fishing license and two written warnings for fishing without permission. Later that afternoon, the CPOs conducted boat safety inspections at Canton Lake resulting in two written warnings for unnumbered watercraft. An additional written warning was issued at Rice Lake to a fisherman for no fishing license.

A male subject previously apprehended on a warrant in Fulton County recently pled guilty to three charges for no fishing license, fishing without permission on incorporated property, and falsification/misrepresentation of identification. The subject’s privileges are pending suspension.

CPO Lazzell responded to a recreational boating accident on the Illinois River in Peoria. The boat operator, a Washington man, collided into a bridge support of the McClugage Bridge while attempting to maneuver his boat at a high rate of speed through a narrow passage between the concrete bridge pilings. After investigation, the operator of the watercraft was arrested for reckless operation of a watercraft and two life jacket violations. Due to injuries sustained by a young passenger of the vessel, the upgraded charge of aggravated reckless operation of a watercraft is pending review by the Peoria County States’ Attorney.

CPOs Elliott and Thompson conducted Sport Fish and Boat Enforcement, checking Lake Bracken, London Mills boat ramp, Lake Storey, Snakeden, and Spoon Lake. After completing a boat safety inspection at Spoon Lake Boat Ramp 1, a Written Warning was issued for the operator not having his lanyard cut-off switch attached while in operation.

CPO Elliott conducted Sport Fish Enforcement, Wildlife Enforcement, and Recreational Boat Enforcement. CPO Elliott checked three boats and eight fishermen at Lake Storey in Galesburg. One written warning was issued for fishing license not in possession.

CPO Elliott patrolled Snakeden Hollow for department lands general enforcement. A check on a vehicle at the Snakeden Office revealed a Warrant for Failure to Appear and displayed the subject to be Armed and Dangerous. CPO Elliott waited for the subject to return to his vehicle. After a check of his identification, he placed the subject under arrest and transported him to the Knox County Jail..

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Davis received a tip complaint of subjects taking sport fish with a cast net. Upon arrival CPO Davis nterviewed patrons in the area and gained a confession from one subject. He was cited for taking sport fish with a cast net.

CPO Davis observed a subject fishing on property where there was a standing complaint from the landowner. When the

subject was identified, CPO Davis recognized him as a subject who had been cited for fishing without permission on the property approximately one year prior. The subject was charged with Trespassing and Fishing without Permission.

CPOs Tepovich, Vaughan, and Semenik, along with Sgt. Schreiber, conducted a public indecency detail at Moraine Hills State Park that yielded the arrest of two subjects when they exposed themselves in a public place.

CPOs Davis and Semenik were checking fishermen at Algonquin Dam when a subject was observed using a snag hook and line. He was found to be in possession of a 15-inch smallmouth bass with damage from the snag hook in the gill plate.  He was cited, and the fish was released alive.

CPO Honiotes received a call from a fire department that they were in route to Heidecke Lake to rescue a family whose

fishing boat became disabled and was blown into the rocks. Upon arrival, CPO Honiotes found the fire department already launching their boat to retrieve the stranded boat. He was told the family had anchored the boat just out from the rocks and made it onto shore safely. CPO Honiotes drove around onshore to the stranded family. Upon arriving at their location, he found that the rescue boat had also become disabled and blown into the rocks, swamping it. The family and the rescuers were all unharmed and transported back safely. The boats were retrieved after the weather improved.

CPO Ausmus transported an ornate box turtle that was found in Oak Park to the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake County. The turtle was found alongside a secondary road. The turtle was in good health and appeared to have been released from captivity, as he was very docile and unafraid of humans.

CPO Stanbary investigated a TIPS complaint at a Chicago Park District pond where it was reported fishermen were taking largemouth bass from a catch and release only body of water.

While patrolling William Powers SFWA, CPO Stanbary issued three written warnings to fishermen for no licenses in possession, no fishing license, and using too many devices in a two pole and line body of water. Two vessel inspections were completed.

CPO Stanbary conducted a fish enforcement detail at Cook County Lakes. A citation was written to a fisherman at a lake after he was discovered fishing while his privileges were revoked for delinquent child support payments. Written warnings were issued for no valid fishing licenses, license not in possession, and no water usage stamp..

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Mieure assisted Coles County Sheriff Deputies and Charleston Police Department on a call for assistance in Janesville regarding a domestic dispute involving a firearm. The dispute was resolved, and a firearm was never located at the scene.  Coles County Sheriff Deputies handled the case.

CPO Barnes cited an Addison subject for fishing without a valid fishing license at the Embarras River.

CPOs Mieure and Gruel conducted a boat patrol at Mill Creek. Written warnings were issued to multiple subjects for watercraft violations..

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Goetten stopped a suspicious vehicle along the river in Jersey County. The vehicle had registration belonging to

another vehicle. The driver was in possession of two “open titles.” He was cited for the improper use of registration plates, and the vehicle was towed. The titles were seized, and additional charges are pending consultation with the States’ Attorney.

CPO Goetten was checking fishermen for compliance in Madison County, and one fisherman was in possession of 10-30 grams of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. He was arrested.

CPO Ralph Sieves completed a hunting without permission complaint. The suspect was issued citations for hunting without permission and turkey hunting while his hunting privileges were revoked. A written warning for criminal trespass was also issued.

CPOs Liebl and Rolfingsmeier were patrolling Horseshoe Lake State Park when they observed a vehicle parked in the park after the posted closed hours. When the officers checked on the vehicle, a strong odor of cannabis could be smelled. A plastic bag of cannabis could also be seen in the driver’s door. The female passenger was found to possess cannabis and prescription drugs without a prescription. The male driver was found to have an active warrant for FTA DUI Alcohol/Drugs. Both the male and female were issued civil citations for the cannabis.  The male was arrested and taken to jail for the active warrant.  The prescription drugs were seized and charges will be sought after the drugs are tested at the crime lab.

After leaving the jail from the above DUI arrest, CPO Tapley went to the Illini Campgrounds at Eldon Hazlet State Park. CPO Tapley encountered two campsites playing loud music and being loud after 10:00 PM. One of the subjects, who was obviously intoxicated, became obnoxious with Tapley. Tapley gave both sites verbal warnings and asked them to keep the noise down. Upon returning around 1:00 AM, Tapley could hear loud music being played from the campsite where the obnoxious male subject was camping. Tapley got assistance from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and the Carlyle Police. After talking with the subjects again, CPO Tapley decided to issue a citation to the registered camp site holder. While walking back to his squad to issue the citation, the obnoxious male subject threw a hot dog at a deputy, hitting him in the chest. The subject then resisted arrest when the deputy and city officer tried to handcuff him. He was taken to the Clinton County jail..

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

iCPOs Teas and Murry were patrolling on Kinkaid Lake near the jumping cliffs. An 18-year-old female subject jumped from approximately 60 feet high off the jumping cliffs and hit the water on her back. She had the breath knocked out of her. She was assisted onto a paddle board in the water, and CPO Teas began coordinating medical response with the CPOs on land, as well as the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and Jackson County Ambulance service. The patient on the paddle board was loaded onto a pontoon boat and transported to the Paul Ice boat ramp where the Jackson County ambulance service was waiting.  After accessing her injuries, the ambulance service decided to transport the patient to Barns Jewish Hospital by helicopter.

CPOs Teas, Lay, and Mohrman, along with Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies, responded to a fight at the spillway at Kinkaid Lake. The fight was found to be verbal only regarding nudity at the spillway. While at the spillway, CPOs Teas and Lay located three subjects in possession of alcohol and cannabis.

Wheatley was patrolling in Giant City State Park. He pulled over a vehicle for driving 40 mph in a posted 25-mph zone.  During the stop, the subject was found to be wanted on a warrant.   The man was taken to Jackson County for the warrant arrest and charged with failure to show valid proof of insurance. He was also issued civil cannabis citations for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. In addition, he was issued a written warning for the speeding infraction.

CPO Lewis stopped a vehicle for speeding at the Kinkaid spillway. While speaking with the driver, CPO Lewis noticed a child laying down in the back seat who did not appear to be doing well. Although there was a language barrier, it was determined that the 10-year-old boy was diabetic, and his insulin pump had been malfunctioning. CPO Lewis immediately called for an ambulance because the boy was barely conscious.

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