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Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars – Nov. 3, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones issued a Savanna man a citation for failure to immediately release a short Northern Pike at Frog Pond.

CPO Hoogerwerf received a report of a fish kill on Yellow Creek east of Stockton. Upon arriving, dead fish were observed at multiple locations. DNR Fisheries and ILEPA were notified. Dead fish counts and water samples were conducted. The affected area was approximately 2.5 miles. The cause was determined to be silage run off.

While conducting boat inspections in Ogle County, CPO Teas ran a registration check on a truck at the boat launch. The check showed the plates to have been reported stolen from a dealership in Wisconsin. Contact was made with the driver of the vehicle who informed the CPO he had recently purchased the vehicle from the dealership who had reported the plates as stolen. The plates were seized from the truck and the driver’s information was taken for a follow-up investigation. The investigation revealed the dealership had issued the owner the wrong plates, which were two numbers off from the correct registration. The dealership stated they had his correct plates at the dealership and had reported the others as stolen after not being able to locate them for two months. The “stolen” plates are being returned to the dealership and the vehicle owner will be receiving his correct plates from the dealership.

CPO Beltran has discovered several locations of baited stands for the archery deer season. Information is being shared with other officers in an attempt to arrest as many violators as possible.

CPO Thompson and CPO Gerard worked teal hunters at Emiquon Refuge. CPOs Gerard and Thompson located a pair of hunters setting up to hunt a short distance away. Approximately 20 minutes prior to legal shooting time, the two hunters began to shoot into groups of teal. The time was documented on two occasions where the hunters shot prior to sunrise. When asked, the hunters both admitted they had shot early and were completely aware of their decision. Citations were issued.

CPO VanZant cited a Chicago resident for hunting ginseng without permission of the landowner and hunting without a valid ginseng harvest license.

CPO Kaufman responded to a hit and run accident in the Starved Rock State Park Visitor Center parking lot. While backing out of parking space a Jeep had struck a four-door sedan. The sedan’s owner was in the car and confronted the driver. The driver said he needed to pick up his pregnant girlfriend and would be right back. After waiting 10 minutes the Jeep had not returned so the sedan owner called 911. The sedan owner gave CPO Kaufman the Jeep license plate number and a description of the driver. An alert was sent out to other police agencies in the area. About 10 minutes later an Illinois State Trooper stopped the Jeep 10 miles south of the park. The sedan owner identified an individual, who was now a passenger in the Jeep, as the driver. The individual admitted being the driver who struck the sedan. He was issued three citations which included leaving the scene of an accident and no valid driver’s license.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Reid handled multiple calls for service for trespass/fishing at a private lake. Multiple arrests were made and one of the more noteworthy was that of a man who was wanted for warrants for unlawful possession of controlled substance/hypodermic needles and for violations of his parole. He knew he was going back to prison and considered running/fleeing but ended up submitting without incident.

CPO Reid was working the same private lake when he located a vehicle parked off-site and suspected the driver had snuck into the property. A short time later he was able to observe the subject fishing in the lake. The subject fled from the officer. CPO Reid was able to identify the subject from his driver’s license photo and obtained a phone number and contacted the suspect, who refused to return to the scene to meet with CPO Reid. A short while later the suspect’s father arrived to try to claim the vehicle and take it back. CPO Reid and the father contacted the subject on the phone again and agreed to meet at his residence, where he was cited for fishing without permission and for obstructing a police officer.

CPO Macias was patrolling the inner city lagoons and came across four different subjects fishing; they were not together as a group but they were all at the same spot in a particular Chicago lagoon. CPO Macias had been watching them cast and retrieve trout and put them on a stringer; all four subjects had been lucky enough to catch two to four each. CPO Macias noticed how much fun they were having and how they were congratulating one another each time a trout was caught. After the observation period CPO Macias decided it was time to confront the four subjects. Upon approach, the tone of all four subjects changed from elation to uneasiness. When asked to show licenses and stamps, one subject admitted to not having one, the second lied and told the CPO he had one and how he “has to be in the system.” The other two spoke only Spanish and began to collaborate on a story to tell the CPO of how they had no idea they needed one. They both admitted during the concocted story that they got one last year but forgot to buy one this season. Then they noticed CPO Macias’ name badge and asked if he spoke Spanish; he responded “Si,” and told them not to lie to cops. After checking the POS website to verify none of the subjects had licenses or stamps, a citation and a written warning were issued to each subject and a total of 13 trout were released back into the lagoon.

CPO Whitchurch and CPOT Poffenberger were on patrol at Lake Michigan when they observed a subject actively fly-fishing for salmon. When the subject was asked for his fishing license and salmon stamp, he informed the CPOs he had never purchased a license because he did not feel he needed a license to fish in Lake Michigan. The subject was issued a citation and a written warning.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO wright and CPO Reeves arrested a Normal man for OUI on a personal watercraft on Clinton Lake. When CPO Wright greeted the man, the man returned with a greeting of “morning” even though it was approximately 5 p.m. The man refused to blow and was released to his wife who had to come pick him up due to not having anyone to drive him home.

CPO Cottrell and CPOT Sanford located an individual unlawfully harvesting ginseng on state land (Middlefork State Fish and Wildlife Area). The individual was cited accordingly and was also issued a written warning for trespass to harvest ginseng on adjacent private ground.

CPO Cottrell and CPOT Sanford received a trespassing complaint from the 2015 deer season. During the course of the investigation we uncovered two untagged, unconfirmed deer from the 2015 deer season. The individual responsible was issued a citation for failure to immediately tag deer upon harvest. The individual was also issued warnings for other assorted violations.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Blakeley responded to a complaint along the Mississippi River south of Quincy. Three subjects went fishing and took a .22 rifle with them. After unloading the fishing equipment, one subject walked over the levee and shot a deer multiple times. None of the subjects had a valid Firearm Owners Identification.

CPO Goetten received a report of two subjects trespassing to collect ginseng in Greene County. Both subjects were identified and arrested. Several pounds of wet ginseng roots were seized.

CPO Goetten received a trespass complaint in Jersey County. A landowner obtained trail camera photographs of two subjects. They were identified and interviewed. Both admitted to trespassing to collect ginseng.

CPOs Elliott and Bettis arrested two subjects for unlawfully harvesting 2.165 pounds of wild ginseng from Jim Edgar Panther Creek Fish and Wildlife Area.

CPO Swance was patrolling the Sangamon River and discovered several people fishing in a remote area. On his way to contact the group he encountered a couple who seemed startled by CPO Swance being in the area. CPO Swance recognized the item in the female’s pocket as a hitter box. The women handed CPO Swance the item. She was issued a civil citation for drug possession.

CPO Tapley received a call at the Allen Branch Boat Ramp at Carlyle Lake about a vehicle that was submerged. When Tapley arrived, he saw a truck and trailer (boat still attached) underwater at the boat ramp. The driver said his back tires started to slide on the algae on the ramp under the water and he couldn’t get the truck out. No one was injured and the truck was removed.

CPO Tapley and CPOT Knop received a call about dove hunters hunting too close to Carlyle Lake. Tapley and Knop went to the area just after the end of hunting hours. As they were walking toward the hunting field several shots were heard. Two of the hunters admitted to shooting at doves after the end of hunting hours and were issued citations.

CPO Schachner and CPOT Knop were covertly working teal hunters at the Carlyle sub-impoundments. They observed several hunters shoot early and also shoot and kill a wood duck out of season. Citations were issued for unlawful take of wood duck and warnings for the early shooting.

CPO Tapley was called to Coffeen Lake in reference to a truck and trailer under water. The driver of the truck had set the parking brake but had forgotten to put the truck in “Park” as he was about to load his boat. No one was injured and the Hillsboro Fire Department Dive Team came to assist the tow company with locating and removing the vehicle.

CPO Ray received an anonymous call informing him of three individuals waterfowl hunting, taking wood ducks during closed season. CPO Charles was near the area and contacted to assist with the complaint. The hunters stated they had only duck hunted a few times and were not very good at identifying ducks. They thought all the ducks they were shooting at were teal. The guys across the field started yelling and cursing at them, and told them to stop shooting wood ducks. One hunter stated he was the only one to kill a duck and he thought it was a teal when he shot it. They utilized their phones and later identified the duck as a wood duck. He got nervous and tossed the wood duck in the weeds. The subjects received citations for hunting on railroad property without permission and written warnings for attempting to take wood ducks during closed season. One hunter was issued a citation for taking a wood duck during closed season.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Schachner and CPOT Knop were covertly working teal hunters at Pyramid State Park to assist the local CPO in response to a complaint. The original violators were not located, but they covertly watched a subject shoot at tree swallows three times. A citation was issued.

Two hunters charged by CPO Schoenhoff were fined for violations committed during the deer gun season in 2015. An Oklahoma hunter paid $1,484 and received 24 months suspension from guilty verdicts on charges of unlawful take of a white-tailed deer and possession of another’s deer permit. A Louisiana hunter pleaded guilty for unlawfully loaning the permit and he was fined $942 and received 24 months supervision. The buck antlers were forfeited to DNR.

CPO Folden investigated a Facebook post indicating a man harvested ginseng out of season. CPO Folden interviewed the subject who was embarrassed but openly admitted that he thought the season started Sept. 1. The ginseng was harvested in White County. CPO Folden cited the man for unlawful harvesting ginseng out of season.

CPO Schoenhoff issued a citation for sport fishing without a sport-fishing license on the Little Wabash River.

CPO Diggins cited two game breeders for the unlawful sale and possession of white-tailed deer without a wild game breeder’s permit. Both men were issued two citations.

CPO Mohrman and Sgt. Taylor assisted in the release of a juvenile bald eagle at the Burning Star State Fish and Wildlife Area. The eagle was initially picked up by CPO Mohrman and CPOT Knop after it was discovered injured at the Union County Refuge in January. After extensive rehabilitation at Free Again Wildlife, the eagle was able to fully recover and thus be released.

While following a UTV on the roadway near Rend Lake Wildlife Management Area, CPO Folden observed the passenger throw some trash in a ditch. CPO Folden stopped the vehicle and cited the driver for unlawful operation of an ATV on the roadway.

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