Hides-for-Habitat Program: plenty of hide drop points, habitat donation possibilities

Follow the link in the story to a map that includes drop-point locations across the state for the Hides-for-Habitat Program.

It’s that time of year.

Deer-hunting time.

So, hunters, what to do with the hides from those harvested deer?

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association Hides-for-Habitat Program is designed to take donated deer hides provided by deer hunters and market those hides. Proceeds raised by the sale of the hides are earmarked for use by the MDHA for habitat projects throughout Minnesota.

Drop points are numerous and located across the state. For drop-point locations and more information, click here.

Since 1985, MDHA’s Hides-for-Habitat Program has collected nearly 865,000 deer hides, and nearly $5.23 million has been generated to help fund statewide habitat projects, according to the organization.

MDHA chapters collect hides and process them to be sold to fur-buying companies that can bring in up to $8 per hide. MDHA chapters use these funds, paired with MDHA State Habitat Committee funds, for special projects in their local communities. The $8 collected for a hide can be leveraged as much as 10 times – so for up to $80, according to the MDHA.

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