Make the effort to get your deer CWD-tested this fall

Jim Lease, of Blue Mounds and Uncle Jimmy’s Deer Processing, is open to handle all a deer hunter’s needs in Dane County.

There are several reasons why hunters should leave a deer gland or head sample at a registration station for laboratory testing for chronic wasting disease (CWD) prions.

The state is presumably seriously interested in getting more test results from certain regions of the state. There also continues to be more possibilities of the disease spreading across species barriers, according to Canadian research.

The friends and relatives we feed with our venison will appreciate the gesture – it will show that we care about them, too.

Unfortunately, it is still too easy for hunters to not test their deer, but one way to eliminate some of those presumed hassles is to use the one-stop-shops where a butcher offers registration help, takes samples, has a taxidermist nearby, and has a way for a hunter to donate venison.

These shops can be found on the DNR in-person registration web page. The list of businesses offering some, but not all services, continues to grow beyond 300.

Give them the business and save time, energy, and worry. Some, like Uncle Jimmy’s in Blue Mounds, even has a reduced rate for deer that test positive and are not run though the final processing.

Registration stations are a way of returning to a tradition that started in 1953, too.

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