Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars – July 28, 2017

Region I – Captain Laura Petreikis

CPO Finn received the disposition of two men who shot a duck and two rabbits near Lake Mendota earlier this year. Both men were found guilty of hunting by use of a vehicle, hunting from a roadway and taking ducks out of season. They were charged $600 each and given one year of supervision. Both men’s privilege to possess a hunting license will be suspended.

CPO Posateri relayed an injured fawn to a wildlife rehabilitator. The 4-week-old deer had been caught in a fence prior to a witness setting it free. However, there was an injury to the leg of the fawn, and he was unable to walk. This was the fourth fawn the rehabilitator had this year. Two of the four were returned to the field where they were found because they were uninjured

CPO Posateri and CPO Teas were patrolling the Rock River near Dixon when they approached two men in kayaks for a safety inspection. Neither of them had a life jacket on board as required by law. They also failed to have a $6 yearly paddle pass (aka Water Usage Stamp). The paddlers were each issued a citation for the life jacket violation and written warnings for the paddle pass.

CPO Francisko was traveling southbound on Route 84 near the I-80 bridge en route to a scheduled boat patrol on the Mississippi River. The CPO observed a van on the side of the road heading northbound with a woman standing next to it. The woman appeared to be holding an infant. The CPO turned around and conducted a “motorist assist.” As the CPO approached, he observed a stroller with two more small children in it. The family was in direct sunlight and sweltering heat. The young mother was in tears as she told the CPO her van quit working, and her nearest family member was an hour away. The CPO assured the woman he was going to help her and everything was going to be OK. The CPO cleaned all the equipment out of his squad and put the woman and her three children in the squad with the air conditioner on. The CPO assessed the vehicle and determined the battery went bad. Within an hour, the woman’s grandfather arrived. The grandfather transported the family home and made arrangements to fix the car.

While on patrol just outside Rock Cut State Park, CPO Fraser observed a subject holding a lighter to the driver’s seat headrest of an unoccupied vehicle. By the time CPO Fraser was able to get behind the parked vehicle, the interior was completely engulfed in flames. CPO Fraser immediately placed the subject into handcuffs before extinguishing the flames with the assistance of a nearby deputy who was conducting a traffic stop less than 50 yards downhill from the flaming vehicle. CPO Fraser asked the subject why he lit the car, which belonged to him, on fire. The subject stated ‘because I’m an American, and I can do whatever I want.” Rockford arson investigations was called to the scene to interview the subject about a string of arsons in Rockford but declined to take the subject into custody. CPO Fraser transported the subject to jail where he was lodged on reckless conduct and Illegal burning charges.

CPO Thompson was conducting boat registration and safety checks at the Banner boat ramp of the Illinois River. While conducting surveillance, CPO Thompson observed a boat approaching the ramp with six occupants, three of which were youth. During the inspection, CPO Thompson identified the three youth occupants were under the age of 13 and should have been wearing life jackets (PFDs). CPO Thompson identified the operator and found he had an active warrant for his arrest for failure to appear. The man was transported to the Fulton County jail and posted bail. Two citations and a warning were issued for the boating violations.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Snodgrass observed a subject catching several bluegills at a Cook County Lake where site specific regulations only allow 15 bluegills per angler per day. After speaking with the subject, it was found he did not possess a valid fishing license. CPO Snodgrass issued him a written warning for no valid fishing license and informed him on the fishing regulations.

CPO Mooi was conducting boat patrol on the Chicago River when he observed a boat, traveling on the south branch, operating from side to side in wide arcs. The boat was operating in a crowded channel, and the CPO boat waited at Wolf Point for the boat to approach. After a few minutes, when the boat did not appear, CPO Mooi began heading to the boat’s last observed location. The boat was not immediately visible. After a short transit down river, the boat was observed attempting to dock on a pier behind a large commercial boat. The operator was contacted and after a short conversation and field sobriety testing, was determined to be operating under the influence of alcohol. The man was arrested and refused chemical testing.

CPO Mooi and CPO Klemme were patrolling Lake Michigan when they were contacted by the USCG out of Calumet Harbor about a possible intoxicated boater. The CPOs responded and observed a vessel without navigation lights. The USCG personnel and CPOs spoke with the operator of the vessel. After field sobriety testing, it was determined that the operator was under the influence of alcohol. The man was arrested and refused chemical testing.

CPO Knop investigated a complaint of an individual who had five pet raccoons. Upon further investigation, it was determined the person had the raccoons for over a year and a half. While several of the raccoons were “friendly,” several others were very aggressive. There were also children staying at the residence. A citation was issued, and the raccoons were taken by McHenry County animal control.

CPOs Semenik and VanWiltenburg cited a subject at the Carpentersville Dam for unlawful use of cast net to take sport fish.

While patrolling the Fox River in Kane County, CPO Knop encountered multiple people fishing without fishing licenses.

CPO VanWiltenburg cited a subject for possession of an undersized largemouth bass on Nippersink Lake. The subject had three largemouth bass under nine inches and no fishing license.

While checking fishermen along the Fox River, CPO Winters came across three separate individuals with short largemouth bass, measuring 9, 11 and 13 inches, respectively.  The minimum length is 14 inches.

While checking fishermen at the McHenry Dam, CPO Winters came across a subject with a 223⁄4-inch walleye. There is an 18- to 24-inch protected slot. The subject received a citation for possession of a walleye in the protected slot.

CPO Klemme has been continuing an investigation into illegal charters on Lake Michigan. Several boats have been cited. Charges include no state registration, no passenger for hire license and operating a charter without a US Coast Guard captain’s license.

CPO Thornley and CPO Stanbary stopped two dirt bikes and a four-wheeler operating unlawfully in William Powers SRA. CPO Thornley issued a citation for unlawful operation in the State area. CPO Stanbary cited the other individuals.

CPO Ausmus observed a Burbank man fishing with too many devices at Cook County Lake. CPO Ausmus contacted the subject and informed him of the violation. When asked for a fishing license, the subject produced a 2015 fishing license. The subject was cited for fishing with too many devices and issued a warning for no fishing license.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Reeves made an arrest of a male subject from Loda for driving under the influence of alcohol. The arrest occurred inside the Clinton Lake State Recreation Area near the campground. The subject was arrested and lodged at the DeWitt County jail and has a court date next month.

CPO Graden and CPO Viverito were patrolling Clinton Lake. They stopped at Valley Mill fishing area and CPO Graden conducted a fishing inspection on three males. CPO Viverito deployed K9 Hank who alerted to the presence of narcotics. CPO Graden searched the vehicle and discovered a white powder-like substance that later field tested positive for cocaine.

While on patrol in the Clinton Lake SRA, CPO Graden arrested a 21-year-old Bloomington man on an outstanding McLean County Arrest Warrant for FTA – unlawful restraint/domestic battery. The subject was transported to the DeWitt County jail where he was lodged pending bond.

CPO Barnes assisted two female subjects who had become lost on the Kaskaskia River while tubing. CPO Barnes located the subjects who were then safely returned to their family.

CPO Moody cited a Strasburg man for illegal dumping after finding a truckload of his household trash dumped in a ditch near Hidden Springs State Forest.

CPO Barnes cited a Pana man for no fishing license at Lake Pana.

Sgt McReynolds and CPO Moody, on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville, cited a Shelbyville man for possession of an undersized largemouth bass..

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

ACPO Wheatley was made aware that a man from Brainerd, Minn., who was originally arrested for hunting while suspended and possession of permits and license while suspended, was ordered to pay $637 in fines and court costs and placed on three  month’s court supervision. The charges were amended to no valid hunting license.

CPO Goetten stopped a subject operating an ATV on property without permission. The subject lied about his identity and was arrested. The ATV owner was contacted to recover the ATV. Upon arrival, CPO Goetten recognized the ATV owner from a previous encounter where he had also lied about his identity to avoid being arrested on two arrest warrants. A new obstructing justice warrant was later issued. This subject again lied to CPO Goetten about his identity. He was arrested on the three arrest warrants and new charges of obstructing identification and driving while license suspended. Both subjects were transported to the Madison County jail.

CPO Gilmer was report writing in his patrol vehicle when he noticed an individual with a trap at Kickapoo Park in Lincoln. He asked the individual what he was doing with the trap in a park. He said he traps all kinds of critters in town and sets them free in the park. CPO Gilmer explained he was not allowed to do that and was also trapping out of season, did not have a trapping license or habitat stamp, and his trap wasn’t tagged with a name and address, not to mention he was in possession of a live furbearing mammal out of season. CPO Gilmer took this opportunity to educate the individual there were multiple violations with what he was doing by issuing five written warnings. The offender thanked CPO Gilmer for the valuable lesson learned.

CPO Gilmer seized hoop nets, used as turtle traps, from a farm pond. There were two dead turtles in the trap. After an investigation, he found who set the turtle traps. When CPO Gilmer went to the offender’s residence, he found numerous deer antlers displayed proudly by a garage without salvage tags. There were also live pheasants in pens, and the owner did not possess a valid game breeder permit. The offender was issued citations and 29 warnings and has a court date for the offenses.

CPO Macias spotted two individuals below the Springfield Dam carrying fishing equipment into a closed area. CPO Macias observed the subjects catching fish. Upon making contact, the subjects had caught 13 fish, which were a combination of white bass and largemouth bass. They were keeping them all on a stringer. CPO Macias checked the subjects who had no licenses and were over the limit on bass. In addition, both subjects’ driver’s licenses were suspended, and they admitted to driving to the location. Multiple citations and written warnings were issued. The fish were released back into the water, and the vehicle was towed by a private company.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

A bench trial was held in Fayette County for a subject from Ramsey. He was charged with unlawfully taking a large 9-point buck in November 2016 at Ramsey Lake State Park. The subject was found guilty on three of the four charges. He was fined a total of $1,300, and the deer rack was forfeited to the Illinois Conservation Police.

A Farina Police officer stopped a vehicle on I-57. The subject was discovered to have a firearm in his waistband. The officer was able to get the firearm from the subject, but the subject ran from the traffic stop into an adjacent cornfield. Illinois State Police was contacted and a request was made for all available units to respond. CPO Roper and CPO Smith both responded to the scene. CPO Smith responded with a department ATV to assist in the search. Both CPOs assisted ISP with the manhunt until its completion. The subject was located and arrested without any further incident.

CPO Williams was conducting a patrol of small bodies of water. At the Buckner Mine Pond, two subjects were located in a vehicle. The subjects moved frantically upon the approach of the patrol truck, and an odor of cannabis was coming from the passenger compartment. Each occupant was found to have cannabis paraphernalia.

While working Red Hill State Park, CPO Taylor observed a male subject fishing off a dock at the boat ramp. The subject did not have a fishing license. When the subject was checked through Illinois State Police, he came back with a failure to appear warrant out of Lawrence County.

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