Pennsylvania Outdoor News Fishing Report — June 9, 2017

Anglers are reminded that catch-and-immediate-release of bass season runs through June 16.


Lake Erie — Walleyes were hitting along the shore off Elk Creek and Trout Run when conditions allowed boaters to get on the water in late May. Trolling along the shoreline in 15 to 18 feet between Walnut Creek and the Condos was productive for some anglers. Walleyes were hitting in 20 to 40 feet. Shore anglers also were catching walleyes on stickbaits in the late evening hours near the mouth of Elk and other creeks. Perch fishing was generally slow, with the best bite reported in 50 to 60 feet off Walnut Creek. Smallmouth bass were hitting in 10 to 20 feet on both the east and west sides. The tributaries were still yielding a few bass in late May.

Presque Isle Bay (Erie County) — An excellent smallmouth bass bite was reported in late May, with some anglers making nice releases on jerkbaits, drop-shot baits, and bladebaits in 8 to 10 feet. Fish weighed up to 4-plus pounds.

Union City Reservoir (Erie County) — Crappies and bluegills were biting in recent weeks.

French Creek (Erie, Venango, Crawford, Mercer counties) — A few days of cool weather in late May spurred the walleye bite.

Pymatuning Reservoir (Crawford County) — As of late May, reports on crappies and walleyes were mixed, with some anglers reporting a decent crappie bite on small minnows in 10 to 12 feet on drop-offs, and walleyes hitting on jigs and crawlers in four to six feet or trolling in 19 to 22 feet. One walleye was a 9-pound, 28 incher. Numbers were scarce in a recent tournament, with only 14 teams out of 96 catching walleyes. Perch and catfish were reported. During a bass tournament, the winning team weighed a limit of eight bass totaling 23.3 pounds, including the lunker, a 5.39-pound largemouth.

Woodcock Creek Lake (Crawford County) — The lake and spillway were yielding walleyes in nice numbers on a variety of baits and lures, especially leeches. One angler recently caught a nice-size muskie.

Lake Canadohta (Crawford County) — Northern pike were hitting in the lagoon area in late May. Catfish also were hitting.

Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County) — The crappie and bluegill bites were picking up in late May, with the water between I-79 and Launch No. 3 productive. The lower lake also was productive. Crappies were averaging 9 to 11 inches. A few anglers were starting to catch walleyes by trolling between the causeway and Launch No. 2.

Shenango Reservoir (Mercer County) — Bass, including hybrid stripers, walleyes, and crappies were reported in late May. Stripers were hitting on the main lake points in the early morning and late evening hours. Crappies were numerous, but sizes tended to be small. The winning weight in a recent tournament was 20 crappies totaling 9 pounds. Bluegills also were reported.

Neshannock Creek (Mercer County) — Trout and smallmouth bass were reported by an angler fishing from a kayak.

Sugar Creek (Venango County) — Numbers of brown and rainbow trout up to 18-plus inches and 2¼ pounds were reported on Joe Fly lures tipped with crawlers. Crawlers, waxworms, and fathead minnows also were productive.

East Sandy Creek (Venango County) — Nice-size brook and brown trout were reported on salmon eggs and salted minnows in recent weeks.

Allegheny River (Venango County) — As of May 21, smallmouth bass were in some stage of spawn and anglers were releasing bass 14 to 20 inches on flukes, tubes and mushroom-head jigs, jerkbaits, and river darter patterns. Walleyes 17 to 22 inches were reported on Bomber Suspending Long As.


Monongahela River — Nice catches of freshwater drum and smallmouth buffalo were reported in recent weeks, with some of the best bites coming at dusk.

Ohio, Beaver rivers — Flathead catfish were biting throughout May, with live baits and stinkbaits effective.

North Park Lake (Allegheny County) — This popular impoundment was yielding nice catches of bluegills, crappies, trout, catfish, and bass through the end of May.

Brady’s Run Lake (Beaver County) — Trout were hitting in recent weeks on light green pastebaits and garlic-scented baits, with the water near the boat launch productive for some anglers. The South Branch of Brady’s Run also was yielding trout for anglers drifting minnows.

Raccoon Lake (Beaver County) — Boaters caught nice trout in recent weeks trolling spinners, while shore anglers were making nice catches on jigs and pastebaits.

Yellow Creek (Indiana County) — Anglers were catching brown, rainbow and brook trout on minnows on the stocked sections of the creek.

Yellow Creek Lake (Indiana County) — Northern pike, largemouth bass and crappies were reported by boat anglers in recent weeks.

South Branch Two Lick Creek (Indiana County) — Some anglers reported limits of trout on minnows and shrimp eggs.

Keystone Power Dam (Armstrong County) — Largemouth bass, crappies and northern pike were hitting in recent weeks.


Tioga, Hammond lakes (Tioga County) — Crappies were hitting through late May. Fish were holding in deep water in the mornings and moving to shore later in the day. Bluegills and yellow perch also were reported, with crawlers the ticket.

Hills Creek Lake (Tioga County) — Yellow perch, bluegills and some crappies were reported on crawlers, redworms, and minnows.

Pine Creek (Tioga County) — Trout were hitting on spinners, butterworms, mealworms and waxworms through the end of May in good water levels.

Kettle Creek (Potter County) — Numbers of trout were reported, with fly-anglers catching fish on March Brown patterns.

Fishing Creek (Clinton County) — TCO Fly Shop reported May 28 that water was flowing well, had green color, and was in the low 50s, and lots of insects, including March browns (12), sulphurs (14-16), blue winged olives (18-22), caddis (14-16), and midges (22-26) were visible. Nymphing was the best bet during the day, with streamers moving trout in off-color water.

Penns Creek (Snyder, Mifflin counties) — Good conditions and abundant hatch life were reported by TCO Fly Shop May 28. Blue-winged olives (18-22), March browns (10-12), tan caddis (14-16), green drakes (8-10), sulphurs (14-16), and midges (20-24) were hatching. Nymphing Mayfly and stonefly patterns was productive, with trout in the riffles. Green Drake Emergers, Sparkle Dun Sulphurs, and Pheasant Tail nymphs (14-20) were among the more productive flies.

Spring Creek (Centre County) — Water was just above normal flow May 28, according to TCO Fly Shop. Trout were rising to blue-winged olives (18-22), tan caddisflies (14-16), and sulphurs (14-16). Most action was subsurface with scuds, sulphur nymphs, and sowbugs during the day.

Bald Eagle Creek (Centre County) — Trout were reported on Sulphur nymphs and Sulphur dry flies.  Spinners and minnows also were productive.


Little Juniata River (Huntingdon County) — Water was just above normal flow and in the low 50s May 28, reported TCO Fly Shop. Sulphurs (14-16) and tan caddis (12-16) were hatching. Nymphing was consistent during the day, with trout rising to blue-winged olives (18-22) and midges (20-24) on warmer days.

Holman Lake (Perry County) — Panfish were hitting in recent weeks. Trout also were reported by anglers trolling small spinners.

Shultz, Delaware creeks (Juniata County) — Trout were biting in recent weeks.

Lake Marburg (York County) — Yellow perch up to 13 inches were biting through the end of May, with minnows productive.


Nesquehoning, Mauch Chunk creeks, Lehigh River (Carbon County) — Trout stockings by local sportsmen’s clubs on all three fisheries brought anglers to the streams. Lehigh River fishermen made nice catches of trout up to 24 inches on stickbaits and spinners.

Mauch Chunk Lake (Carbon County) — Crappies and bluegills were hitting near the fishing pier at the boat launch through late May. Chain pickerel were reported along with releases of bass.

Beltzville Lake (Carbon County) — Striped bass were hitting in the early morning or evening hours, with chicken livers productive for some anglers. Walleyes were hitting at the spillway.

Harveys Creek (Luzerne County) — Trout were hitting with the water along the Route 29 corridor a hot spot in recent weeks. Spinners, spoons, and minnows were the tickets.

Harveys Lake (Luzerne County) — Nice schools of yellow perch were reported in the cove near the outlet in late May.


Octoraro Lake (Chester County) — Jim Neary’s Bait and Tackle reported May 28 that bass were post-spawn and being released on jigs and spinnerbaits on the shoreline. Crappies also were post-spawn and up on the edge and biting fathead minnows and twisters. Channel cats were starting to move. A 31-inch northern pike was caught on a spinnerbait by a bass angler in late May. White perch were hitting crawlers on the bottom as well as minnows three feet down.

Struble Reservoir (Chester County) — Numbers of crappies were reported in recent weeks, with boaters doing better than shore anglers. Crappie rigs and shiners were productive.

Delaware River (Philadelphia County) — The striped bass spawn was underway in mid to late May with water around 63 degrees.

Compiled by Deborah Weisberg

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