Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars — June 2, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones checked four Chicago suburb men turkey hunting at French Bluff Natural Area. All four were issued written warnings for no windshield card. Three of them were issued written warnings for unsigned permits. One was cited for use of an unplugged shotgun.

CPO Posateri issued salvage tags for deer heads which were found while people were mushroom hunting. If a carcass with the antlers still attached to the skull is found and the person wishes to keep it, the person must contact the local CPO prior to moving the carcass. It is not always finder’s keeper in this case, as you may have found a piece of evidence for a poaching case the CPOs have been working on in that area. And those deer with a salvage tag cannot be bought, sold, or bartered in any manner.

While traveling through a secluded portion of Castle Rock State Park in Ogle County, CPO Teas observed a vehicle parked in a hunter parking lot after hours. As the CPO entered the parking lot, he observed the interior of the vehicle to be on fire and filled with smoke. The CPO soon located an unconscious subject in the driver’s seat. CPO Teas broke the driver’s window to gain access to the subject. The unconscious subject was pulled from the vehicle and carried to a safe location as the vehicle quickly became fully engulfed. The vehicle fire was extinguished by Oregon Fire, and the subject was transported by ambulance to the hospital. The investigation revealed the incident to be a suicide attempt. After treatment in the hospital, the subject was released almost a week later with no major injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

CPO Alt was contacted at home while off duty by the Boone County Sheriff’s Department who had a Chicago suburb man and two juvenile males in custody. They were apprehended for shooting crows out of their moving automobile from the public right-of-way. The adult was also going to be charged with providing alcohol to the minors. The minors were charged with possession/consumption of alcohol. After it was determined that the sheriff’s department wished to handle the complaint in its entirety, CPO Alt assisted their agency by providing the arresting deputy with all applicable wildlife code statutes and section numbers for charging to include: unlawful transportation of a loaded uncased gun in or on a vehicle or conveyance, unlawful taking, pursuit or harassment of wildlife by aid or use of a vehicle or conveyance, unlawful discharge of a gun along, across or from a public highway or right-of-way, unlawful taking or attempting to take migratory game birds with an air gun, unlawful taking or attempting to take crow during the closed season, unlawful hunting wildlife without a hunting license and unlawful hunting wildlife without a habitat stamp.

CPO Lazzell cited two fishermen at Lake McMaster for littering and pollution of a waterway after observing them toss a plastic bag full of empty beer cans along the shoreline and sink beer cans in the lake on their approach to the boat ramp. One additional citation was issued to the operator of the vessel for failure to possess a sufficient number of life jackets.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

Sgt. Schreiber and CPOs Semenik and Vaughan conducted a detail at Moraine Hills State Park. They arrested one subject for public indecency. As CPO Semenik was completing the tow inventory, a second subject approached and inappropriately grabbed him in the genitals. The 77-year-old male subject was arrested for battery and public indecency and transported to the McHenry County Jail.

CPOs Farber and Vadbunker received a call from the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department regarding an orphaned whitetailed deer fawn. The sheriff’s department and FBI conducted a raid on a house in rural Kankakee County, and a week-old fawn was located inside the residence. The CPOs took possession of the fawn and relocated it to a wildlife rehabilitator in Aroma Park.

CPO Farber conducted sport fish enforcement at Bird Park Quarry. From a position of concealment, CPO Farber observed two subjects fishing from the dock. CPO Farber approached the fishermen to conduct a compliance check. When the fishermen spotted the CPO walking toward their direction, both men dropped their poles to the dock. One pole fell into the water. CPO Farber was able to retrieve the pole from the water before it sank. Both subjects were issued a citation for fishing without a license.

CPO Ausmus picked up an ornate box turtle that a long-time owner wished to surrender. The turtle, “Mr. T,” had been a family pet for approximately 25 years. Recently, the owner was informed that ornate box turtles are on the State Endangered/Threatened Species list and unlawful to possess without a proper permit. Mr. T was transported to the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forrest.

CPO Ausmus and CPO Snodgrass assisted University of Chicago staff in removing two Canada geese and five goslings from the roof of a building. The geese nested there on a “green” space roof and hatched goslings. The goslings ended up on a small flat roof with a 4-inch high ledge around it and were unable to get out. CPO Ausmus and CPO Snodgrass were able to capture the goslings and transport them to ground level. When the adult geese heard the goslings, they followed. The family was reunited in a small pond across the quadrangle.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPOs Moody and Barnes investigated a Mattoon man who was trying to sell what he believed to be a baby alligator snapping turtle on Craigslist. The two located the man, and the common snapping turtle was release. The man was issued multiple written warnings.

Sgt. McReynolds and CPO Greuel investigated damage to a Wolf Creek State Park courtesy dock which occurred when a rented and unattended 63-foot houseboat was inadequately anchored in high winds. The houseboat was blown across a cove and struck the dock, all while dragging its anchor. Several citations and written warnings were issued when the occupants returned to the scene on rented fishing boats and were found to be overloaded and with insufficient personal flotation devices.

CPO Wright observed a vehicle parked at a popular parking spot for fishermen with two men sitting inside. When the occupants in the vehicle observed CPO Wright, they immediately put the vehicle in drive and exited the parking lot. CPO Wright followed and observed the vehicle not come to a complete stop and initiated a traffic stop. After a short interview, the driver admitted that they had been smoking weed in the parking lot. He also admitted to having weed and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. A civil citation was issued to the driver for cannabis.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Blazinic responded to and investigated a wildlife complaint in Quincy. A subject was keeping a Canada goose gosling as a pet. The subject also possessed a snapping turtle outside of snapping turtle season. Both the goose and snapping turtle were released back into the wild. Citations were issued.

CPO Blakeley located turkey bait on a property in Brown County during the last week of April. He observed fresh UTV tracks on the property that appeared to be from the previous weekend. CPO Blakeley followed the tracks. The tracks stopped at the edge of the timber. CPO Blakeley walked into the timber a few yards and noticed the leaves on the hillside had been scratched by turkeys. He then inspected the area and found cracked corn over a large area. CPO Blakeley was out of town on his weekend off and was notified the individuals were hunting the baited property. CPO Blakeley contacted CPO Blazinic and relayed the location of the area and details of the case. CPO Blazinic arrived at the area and was able to locate the subjects hunting the area. CPO Blazinic issued a citation for hunting turkeys with the aid of bait and illegally feeding deer.

CPOs Goetten and Weishaupt coordinated the removal of a 40-foot houseboat that had drifted against the Hardin Bridge. The boat had been used as a cabin along the Illinois River. Due to the flooding, it broke loose and became lodged against the bridge. Both officers tracked the current owner by using boat registration records and interviewing numerous people having owned the boat over several years. CPO Weishaupt eventually located the responsible party. Arrangements between the United States Coast Guard and a private tow company were made to remove the hazard.

CPO Gilmer, with the help of CPO Elliott, charged a turkey hunter who failed to tag his second wild turkey of the season. The offender’s FOID card was also revoked so he wasn’t even legal to hunt the wild turkey with a firearm. The turkey meat, fan and spurs were seized as evidence, and the offender has a court date at the Cass County courthouse.

At the end of January of this year, a Piney Creek Ravine Nature Preserve visitor observed six small areas in an abandoned field that were covered with burlap. CPO Sievers was notified and located the areas. It was determined that the cultivated areas covered with burlap were possible future sites for a cannabis grow. CPO Sievers removed the burlaps and notified the DNR staff who work at the site. CPO Sievers returned to the cultivated areas and identified that the area has been abandoned and the vegetation has grown back over.

CPO Ralph Sievers is working a complaint from a landowner about a turkey hunter hunting without permission. The illegal hunter provided the landowner with a false name before he ran off with his shotgun while leaving behind his turkey decoy. The primary suspect is a hunter whose hunting privileges have recently been revoked.

CPO Schachner worked a day shift in conjunction with CPO Rolfingsmeier and CPO French at Frank Holten State Park. Immediately upon arriving at the park, CPO Schachner observed a vehicle towing a trailer with the tailgate dragging and losing debris and demolished furniture on the roadway. The subject was warned for the unsecured load and cited for an unregistered trailer. A short time later, CPO Schachner cited two non-resident subjects for falsifying fishing licenses after it was determined the subjects falsified their residency in an attempt to save a few dollars by purchasing the lower cost resident fishing license. However, they now have a mandatory court date with restitution to the state and possible fines up to $2,000. CPO Schachner and CPO Rolfingsmeier observed a subject with a minor fishing violation. Upon checking the subject’s identification, it grew into a suspended driver’s license, no vehicle insurance and illegal registration. The final result was four citations; a towed vehicle, and a trip to jail after the female subject made the poor decision to resist arrest and fight the officers. Numerous additional warnings were written for various violations over the course of the day.

CPO Ralph Sievers had started work at 5 a.m. for turkey hunting enforcement. As soon as he clocked on, a domestic disturbance 911 call was broadcast on the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department’s radio frequency. CPO Sievers was closer to the incident than the on-duty Sheriff’s Deputy so he responded to the address. CPO Sievers secured the scene until the deputy arrived. Just as the deputy arrived, the Randolph County Dispatch notified the officers that a traffic crash west of Ruma was reported with the driver trapped in the vehicle. CPO Sievers and the deputy completed and cleared from the domestic disturbance call and responded to the traffic crash. The Red Bud Fire Department and Medstar arrived on scene and removed the injured female from the vehicle. The traffic crash was handled by the Illinois State Police.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Lay issued a citation to a Franklin County resident after an investigation found that he had taken a fox kit from the wild and retained it alive.

CPO Folden was checking fishermen on department lands when he observed an ATV unlawfully operating on the roadway within the park. CPO Folden observed the ATV quickly turn around when the operator saw CPO Folden. CPO Folden quickly went back to his truck, traveled toward the ATV’s direction of travel, located the ATV, and initiated a traffic stop. The operator of the ATV told CPO Folden, “I do not have a driver’s license, that’s why I am on my three-wheeler.” The subject was cited for driving while suspended and warned for unlawful operation of an ATV on the roadway.

CPO Lay issued citations to three Franklin County residents and one non-resident/ Missouri fisherman for fishing on the Big Muddy River and Rend Lake without a license.

CPO Lay investigated a complaint of a subject selling foxes on Heartland Community Swap. No charges or violation were found.

While on routine patrol at the Crawford County Conservation Area, CPO Roper observed three individuals mushroom hunting. It was before 1 p.m., which is contrary to posted park rules. The individuals were issued written warnings.

CPO Lewis is investigating a traffic crash which occurred in Pyramid State Park. Two subjects were taking turns doing “donuts” and “mudding” on park property. There were a total of nine people in the pickup truck ranging in age from nine to 20. Five of the passengers were in the bed of the pickup and four in the cab. The reckless behavior of one of the drivers caused the truck to roll over onto its side, ejecting the passengers from the bed of the pickup. Luckily, no one was injured during the crash. The investigation has led to one of the drivers being charged with reckless driving and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Charges are pending for the second driver.

CPO Somers, CPO Lewis, CPO Williams and Sgt. Taylor responded to a boat accident with serious injury on Lake of Egypt. Two boats had collided on the lake while cruising. One individual was flown to a hospital in Evansville, Ind. Another individual was taken to a local hospital, treated and released. An investigation is pending into the accident.

CPO Lewis responded to a personal injury incident which occurred on Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge property. The victim was hiking along the Rocky Bluff Trail when she walked too close to the top of a waterfall. She slipped and fell approximately 40 feet to the base of the waterfall. She was flown to an area hospital where she was diagnosed as having multiple broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a severed liver, and a concussion. She is expected to make a full recovery.

CPO Taylor issued two citations to a subject who killed a 17-point buck and allowed another to put his permit on the deer and call it in.

While on routine patrol, CPO Roper and CPO Buhnerkempe observed two individuals fishing at Centralia Lake. It was discovered that one of the individuals did not have his fishing license on his person. While running the individual for the fishing license, it was discovered the individual had a warrant for his arrest. The individual was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. A written warning for not having a fishing license in possession was also issued.

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