Vortex’s move to Barneveld to benefit optics users

Work is underway on the new Vortex Optics word headquarters building in Barneveld. The company will move its entire operation from Middleton to Barneveld in March 2018. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

Vortex Optics’ world headquarters is making a move from being spread out over seven buildings in Middleton to a huge complex in tiny Barneveld so the company can serve its customers even better.

To make this move possible, Vortex Optics is constructing a new building that will house the entire manufacturing process — except the equipment necessary to maintain the grounds, remove the snow, and maintain the structure.

The company president, Dan Hamilton, who started the business, is a customer-oriented person. Consider Vortex Optics’ guarantee for rifle scopes and other optics-related products.  Most are repaired or replaced if something happens to an item. It’s almost as though the user is faultless.

Consider the CARE (Creating A Rare Experience) motto. This comes from customer-friendly ideas, including an opportunity to view a scope being manufactured, which will be part of the plan after March 2018, when the move takes place.

The world headquarters is not a general retail building, because most products are sold through regular outdoors-related business, but tours are possible, questions are answered, and customer service to individuals and large retailers are welcome, in person.

Everyone, large and small, is treated the same, the company emphasizes. And the company is open to showing what they do and how they do it.

The move will generally be good for the community because there is room for necessary businesses to move in to provide for visitors’ and employees’ needs. Barneveld, known mainly for its tornado and high school basketball teams – girls and boys – doesn’t even have a grocery store anymore. That can’t continue, can it?

The 200 employees, most of whom will live within 50 miles of the business, will want to eat and relax nearby. Land space is available for businesses. Employee count will grow, albeit probably slowly, during the next decade.

And outdoors-minded folks will have another door to the outdoors. A large entrance will house displays of products in segmented areas. Taxidermy and outdoors art will be displayed for viewing. Small presentations and seminars are possible in this “lobby” setting.

Whether you want to buy something or simply see how it is manufactured, this can be a destination location. You might even take in a Barneveld basketball game, or see a bald eagle or golden eagle since the large raptors spend a lot of time along the nearby Wisconsin River.

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