Pennsylvania Outdoor News Fishing Report — May 26, 2017

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission continued in-season trout stockings at fisheries across the state. For a schedule, visit

Walleye season opened May 6, but catch-and-immediate-release of bass remains in effect through June 16.

Lake Erie — Poor Richard’s Bait and Tackle reported May 12 that smallmouth fishing was good as conditions allowed. Lake trout up to 21-plus pounds also were reported when anglers could get onto the lake.

Presque Isle Bay (Erie County) — Smallmouth bass were moving into the bay in mid-May, and anglers were making nice catches up to 5-plus pounds on tubes and other lures as conditions allowed. The perch bite was inconsistent, with most catches reported off the north and south piers.

Lake Erie tributaries — Poor Richards reported May 12 that smallmouth bass and suckers were in the streams as far as Legion Hole on Elk Creek. Carp, catfish, and freshwater drum were in the lower reaches.

Edinboro Lake (Erie County) — A good panfish bite was reported as conditions allowed. A little muskie action also was reported.

Allegheny Reservoir (Warren County) — Some nice walleye catches were reported on the opening day of the season.

Sugar Lake, Bull Dam (Crawford County) — Anglers were catching crappies and bluegills were hitting at both lakes, and Sugar also was yielding perch through mid-May.

Pymatuning Reservoir (Crawford County) — As conditions allowed, anglers were catching crappies and walleyes through mid-May, but high winds at times kept a lot of anglers off the water. One angler caught a 24.5-inch, 4.75-pound walleye on a red/chartreuse crappie rig tipped with a nightcrawler drifted in 7 to 8 feet around stumps on the north end of the lake. Muskies also were reported in the lake, with one angler releasing a 40-incher on a square-bill crankbait. Bluegills, perch and catfish were hitting off the causeway. Numbers of largemouth bass were released with spinnerbaits effective in the pads for some anglers. New gates in the dam improved flow in the Shenango River  and made for a good walleye bite in the outflow.

Canadohta Lake (Crawford County) — Several northern pike and muskies were reported.

Woodcock Creek (Crawford County) — Trout up to 21 inches and 4 pounds were reported in recent weeks.

Shenango River Reservoir (Mercer County) — Striped bass and white bass in nice sizes were hitting around points and rock shoals. Northern pike and channel catfish were reported in shallow water. Both black and white crappies up to 15 inches were hitting from boat and shore, with some anglers doing well on red and green tube jigs below weighted bobbers.

Cool Spring Creek (Mercer County) — Brown trout up to 18 inches were reported on salted minnows, drifted salmon eggs, and other baits.

Allegheny River (Venango County) — Flathead catfish and a few bass were reported on tubes. Bass up to 4 pounds also were hitting on swimbaits and jerkbaits in shallow backwater eddies and current breaks. The mouth of Oil Creek was yielding walleyes up to 24 inches on crankbaits.


Allegheny River — Catfish, walleyes and bass were reported in recent weeks.

Monongahela River — Channel and flathead catfish were hitting on live bait in recent weeks.

Ohio River — Good walleye, sauger, smallmouth bass, and hybrid striped bass bites were reported through May 10, with anglers doing well on live bait and various lures.

Montour Run, Big Sewickley Creek (Allegheny County) — These urban-area streams were yielding trout on small spinners, minnows, and waxworms through mid-May.

Deer Lakes (Allegheny County) — A nice panfish bite was reported in recent weeks.

Aunt Clara’s Fork, Dutch Fork, Dutch Fork Lake, Pike Run (Washington County) — Brightly-colored pastebaits were taking trout in turbid conditions in mid-May.

Crooked Creek Lake (Armstrong County) — Crappies were hitting for boaters and shore anglers in recent weeks.

Glendale Lake (Cambria County) — Nice-sized bluegills and crappies were reported in recent weeks.

Ebensburg Reservoir (Cambria County) — Yellow perch were reported in recent weeks.

Twin Lakes, Green Lick Reservoir (Westmoreland County) — Anglers were catching crappies on jigs in recent weeks.


Hammonds, Hills Creek, Cowanesque lakes (Tioga County) — Nice smallmouth and largemouth bass releases were reported on jigs, bladed jigs and spinnerbaits, with a few anglers reporting 6-pound-plus catches. Hills Creek was also yielding bluegills and bullheads on crawlers, as well as a few yellow perch and crappies on live minnows.

Hamilton Lake (Tioga County) — Trout were hitting on live minnows, spoons and dough baits, and, when water was murky, brightly-colored pastebaits.

Asaph Run, Long Run, Stonyfork Creek — Trout were biting redworms, small crawlers, mealworms, and live minnows. Fly-anglers were doing well on crawler patterns and dark-colored Wooly Buggers.

Spring Creek (Centre County) — TCO Fly Shop reported May 12 that water was high, in the upper 40s to low 50s, and had nice color. Sulphurs (14-16) were hatching, as were blue-winged olives (18-22), tan caddis (14-16), and midges (22-26). Sulphurs were taking trout on the surface, but most trout were coming on subsurface flies, such as sowbugs, scuds and sulphur nymphs, as well as small streamers.


Raystown Lake, Raystown Branch of the Juniata River (Huntingdon County) — Water levels were returning to normal in mid-May. Lake trout and a few striped bass were reported in the Snyder’s Run Area north toward the dam, with late evening hours the most productive time to fish.

Little Juniata River (Huntingdon County) — TCO Fly Shop reported May 12 that water was dropping to a fishable level and in the upper 40s to low 50s, with sulphurs (14-16), blue-winged olives (18-22), tan caddis (12-16), and midges (20-24) hatching. Nymphing was consistent during the day, with blue-winged olives and midges on the surface on warmer days.

Quittapahilla Creek Lebanon County) — Coble’s Bait Shop reported May 12 that anglers were catching nice trout on minnows, Powerbait, butterworms, crawlers and some spinners in slightly high water.

Stoever’s Dam (Lebanon County) — Coble’s Bait shop reported that this fishery was loaded with trout and anglers were making nice catches on Powerbait, minnows, crawlers and other typical baits.

Memorial, Marquette lakes (Lebanon County) — Coble’s Bait Shop reported that panfish and pickerel were hitting at Memorial, while Marquette was yielding stocked trout. Both fisheries are at Fort Indianatown Gap.

East Licking Creek, Cocolamus Creek (Juniata County) — Trout anglers were doing well on spinners, minnows and waxworms.

Sherman Creek (Perry County) — Anglers were catching trout on pastebaits and crawlers through mid-May.


Lake Wallenpaupack (Pike County) — Hunter’s Gallery reported May 12 that striped bass up to 42 inches were hitting on extra-large minnows, Husky Jerk glass minnows, and Smithwick Rogues. Numbers of crappies also were reported.

Susquehanna, Delaware rivers — Hunter’s Gallery May 12 reported walleyes up to 6 pounds were hitting in both rivers. Shad were running in the Delaware and biting shad darts and flutter spoons.

Shohola Lake, Greeley Lake (Pike, Wayne counties) — Nice crappies and bluegills were reported in recent weeks.

Mauch Chunk Lake (Carbon County) — Pickerel and bass were released in recent weeks. Fishing pier anglers were catching crappies.

Beltzville Lake (Carbon County) — Numbers of striped bass were reported during the early morning and evening hours.

Delaware River — Shad were reported through mid-May.


Delaware River — Striped bass were hitting below the New Hope Wing Dam, near the 202 Bridge, Neshaminy State Park shoreline, and Burlington-Bristol Bridge area, with poppers, crankbaits, and eels effective. Smaller stripers were biting clams and bloodworms. Catfish also were hitting.

Tulpehocken Creek (Lebanon County) — TCO Fly Shop reported May 13 that water was 57 degrees and clear and the tan caddis hatch (14-16) was on. Other effective patterns included midges (18-28) and streamers (1-10)

Marsh Creek Lake (Chester County) — The crappie bite had slowed by mid-May, but fish were still hitting on small brightly-colored jigs and minnows. A slow bass bite was reported in mid-May, with crawler patterns and other soft, large plastics in purple, black, dark green, and pumpkin-seed productive. Crayfish, minnows and crawlers also were effective.

French Creek, Pickering Creek, East Brandywine Creek, West Valley Creek (Chester County) — Trout were hitting on spinners and small crankbaits. Minnows, small waxworms, and mealworms also were productive, while fly anglers were doing well on black caddisflies, stoneflies, midges, and Wooly Buggers.

Octoraro Lake (Chester County) — Jim Neary’s Bait & Tackle reported May 14 that crappies were spawning and on the edge. Medium fatheads and jigs were the ticket. The bass were released on crankbaits and soft plastics. White perch finally were starting to bite on crawlers.

Little Schuylkill River (Schuylkill County)  — Trout were reported on mealworms and minnows as well as spinners and jerkbaits.

Locust Lake (Schuylkill County) — Trout were being caught through mid-May on baits fished off the bottom.

Compiled by Deborah Weisberg

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