South Dakota proposes hike in buffalo hunt fees

CUSTER, S.D. — Members of the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Commission have proposed increasing the amount hunters pay to hunt bison in Custer State Park.

The Black Hills Pioneer reported the commissioners proposed increasing the cost to hunt a trophy buffalo by $1,500, making the new fee $6,500. The cost to hunt a non-trophy bison bull would increase $1,000 to $3,250.

Nationwide, the average hunt price for a trophy bull hunt costs $6,300 so raising the Custer state Park hunt would fee would be in-line with the industry.

Mark Hendrix, resource program manager for Custer State Park said park officials are recommending the increase because of the increase in the bison market.

“(Buffalo meat) markets have been fairly level to slightly increasing over the last five or six years,” Chad Kremer, bison herd manager for Custer State Park, told commissioners. “Last year there was a pretty significant increase.”

Last season, 414 non-residents and 126 residents applied for the eight trophy bull tags. Eight trophy hunts and 15 non-trophy hunts are available.

The commission also proposed moving the date non-trophy bulls hunting season begins from the second Monday of January to the last Monday in October. Hair on bulls killed in the latter part of the non-trophy season began to slip and ruined the quality of the hides.

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