State record crappie is a hybrid

Illinois DNR Fisheries Chief Dan Stephenson said today that the agency has gotten results from the 4-pound, 8.8-ounce crappie caught in Kinkaid Lake last month.

It is a state record hybrid crappie.

The initial assumption was that the fish was a black crappie. After the March 28 catch, DNR fisheries biologist Shawn Hirst clipped a fin and it was sent to a lab in Champaign to determine the species.

“We have confirmation from two geneticists that the new state record crappie is a hybrid,” Stephenson said in an email this morning. “The parents were male white and female black. I received word late yesterday and informed the angler, Mr. Ryan Povolish. The fish had the appearance of a pure black crappie but that’s why we do the testing. Testing included both nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA.”

Regardless, the Kinkaid crappie is still a state record. The hybrid crappie record was 4.52 pounds, caught by Marcus Miller on a Jefferson County farm pond in 2008.

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