Minocqua’s Northwoods Wildlife Center (NWC) selects annual photo contest winners

More than 150 persons participated in the judging of this year’s Northwoods Wildlife Center annual photo gala when they gathered Feb. 18 at the Campanile Center in Minocqua. Each year attendees determine the winning photographers in each category by casting their vote for their favorite photos as they enjoy food and beverages, animal programs and a chance to win raffle items.

A total of 168 photos were submitted in the six categories: North American wildlife, naturescapes, bugs and blooms, pets, trail camera, and youth.

NWC judges, Bob Metropulos, Dean Hall, and Howard Honig, selected the NWC Artist of the Year photo from the top winners of the North American wildlife category.   The 2018 Artist of the Year is Gay Van Pelt, who submitted the photos, “Good Morning.” Signed prints Van Pelt’s winning photo will be available next year with a donation of $100 or more.  Submissions for the 2018 photo contest will begin June . For more information on the contest, visit the NWC website at northwoodswildlifecenter.org

North American Wildlife Category

1st – Good Morning by Gay Van Pelt (2018 Artist of the Year)

2nd – White Deer Reflection on the Moccasin Creek by Brook Burling

3rd – Hello by Julie Klug

Naturescapes Category

1st – Curl of Time by J.H. Arnold

2nd – Lake Tomahawk by Michael MacDonald

3rd – Rainbow Web by Blake Richard

Bugs and Blooms Category

1st – The Guardian by Evie Pokorny

2nd – Milkweed Hug by Hannah Dana

3rd – Frosty Perfection by Kathy Wilke

Pets Category

1st – First Frolic by J. Keeler Johnson

2nd – Heal by Kristen Dixon

3rd – Doesn’t Taste Like Duck by Jeff Druckrey

Trail Cameras Category

1st – Phantom of the Swamp by Scott Samuels

2nd – Sharing Mealtime by Charles Schaller

3rd – What was THAT? By Victoria Palen

Youth Category

1st – Crater Lake Critter by Xylina Graf

2nd – Iris by Miah Newport

3rd – Feeding Time by Rachel Burns


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