Four men rescued after falling through ice in pair of incidents

Those attempting to navigate atop Minnesota’s not-so-icy waters were literally falling through the ice one after another over the weekend, further proof of the sketchy condition of the ice on many Minnesota waterways this warmer-than-usual winter and the need to use great caution if going out on the ice.

According to reports, three people ended up in the water late Sunday afternoon on Moody Lake in Chisago County.

First, an ice angler went through the ice. A passerby saw the man partially submerged in the water, according to reports, and in attempting to help, also fell through the ice. Then, a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer reportedly attempting to help the two men out of the water also fell through.

Fortunately, according to reports, other first responders were able to rescue the three men, adding that they were all treated for hypothermia and were in a stable condition.

According to another report, also on Sunday, a sheriff’s deputy fell through the ice and into waist-deep water in Gray’s Bay of Lake Minnetonka in the Twin Cities metro area while checking on a man who was removing his ice-fishing shelter. He reportedly was pulled out without incident.

Ice fishing shelters were to be removed by today on inland waters across the southern tier of the state and March 20 in the northern tier, although with ice conditions that have been fast deteriorating for several weeks, the DNR has been urging anglers not to wait for those deadlines and to remove shelters as soon as possible. The final deadline for shelter removal is March 31 — on waters bordering Minnesota and Canada, such as Lake of the Woods. But ice conditions have been much better there than other parts of the state, with reports of 20 inches-plus or so of ice still the norm.

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