Proposal would limit dog-training on game lands in Pennsylvania

Training dogs on small game could be prohibited on state game lands for about three weeks in the fall, based on a proposal that serves to keep pheasants nearer their release sites.

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners gave preliminary approval to a measure that would close small-game dog training on game lands from the Monday prior to the start of the youth pheasant season until the opening day of the statewide pheasant season.

The measure is expected to be brought back to the March meeting for a final vote.

In casting its vote, the board noted that pheasant-hunting opportunities in Pennsylvania are directly linked to and limited by the existence and availability of pheasants stocked by the Game Commission, and that dog-training activities that occur after pheasants are released consistently cause birds to scatter and disperse far away from their designated release sites.

By prohibiting dog training during this period, the board hopes more pheasants will await hunters on game lands.

The proposal does not limit dog training on any other public or private lands or waters not designated as state game lands.

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