Boone and Crockett: Trophy hunting should be respected, not criticized

Trophy hunting is not a particular form of hunting, but rather the selective pursuit of an older, more mature animal that tends to be more challenging to hunt. And the choice to pursue those animals should be respected, not criticized.
That’s the Boone and Crockett Club‘s position on trophy hunting, according to a release Wednesday by the hunter-conservation organization known for its scoring system for trophy animals.
In the release, B&C said there are several aspects to public hunting and its connection to wildlife and habitat conservation that are not well understood. Trophy hunting, however, is the subject that has generated the most misunderstanding and misperceptions. It has become a polarizing topic, both internationally and in North America. As a result, the conservation benefits of hunting in general and the ethics of some hunters individually have come under attack. So, according to the release, the club felt it was time to offer its views on the subject.
When hunters choose to selectively hunt in fair chase, the B&C continued, they are engaging in wildlife conservation at its core — a choice that should be respected and admired, not criticized.
“The arguments being put forth that trophy hunting is unacceptable are value-based and have no scientific relevance,” said Ben B. Hollingsworth, Jr., club president. “They also ignore the historical linkage between hunting, wildlife recovery, conservation and management, and the future welfare of game species. Most of the criticisms about hunting big-game trophies appear more concerned with the actions of individuals than for the welfare of wildlife.”
According to the release, the new position statement expresses the club’s belief that the term “trophy hunting” is ambiguous, subjective, and can therefore be easily exploited to advance anti-hunter rhetoric.
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