Ice fishing trolls — ‘Hey, that’s my spot!’

I don’t know how others fish on the ice, but the way that I attack the ice is with a sort of run-and-gun type of attitude. It is not uncommon for 10 or more holes to be drilled before a line ever hits the water.

This type of approach is what I like to call ice trolling — moving around a lot to not only find the fish but to stay on the schools. The problem that often occurs is when people see me catching fish it doesn’t take long for them to jump into my area and start fishing.

This may include them drilling holes right in the middle of the area I am fishing or just using the holes that have already been drilled. Now don’t get me wrong, as fishing is all about the sport and helping others, but do you really need to sit down right on top of where you have seen me fishing?

There is no written rule that you have to be “X” amount of feet from another person on the ice.  However, common sense really should prevail. You don’t just set up within 30 feet of someone unless you are invited or you are fishing with a group.

Fishing this tight together is just going to push the fish off their typical patterns and also cause arguments on the ice. Not everyone is going to hold their tongue if you invade their space.

There is plenty of room on the ice for everyone and there is no reason for people to set up right on top of each other. Use your head and some common sense when heading out onto the ice to fish.

We all have our favorite spots and if someone just happens to be fishing your spot then it is time to find a new one or learn how to fish the spot without being too close to the other anglers. Don’t go drilling holes right next to someone’s shanty as this is only going to cause issues.

The same rules apply to open water. You wouldn’t pull up next to another boat and cast your lures in the same areas that they are fishing so don’t invade someone else’s space out on the ice. I would just ask that you use some common courtesy and keep your distance.

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