Ice opens up on Upper Red anglers

Photos courtesy of Mike Milinkovich

Three anglers got a scare when a large crack opened up under the ice-fishing house they were sleeping in Monday morning on Upper Red Lake near Waskish.icehouse4

“Three of us were sleeping and heard a bunch of smaller cracks all night long,” Mike Milinkovich of Big Lake said in an email to Outdoor News. “That’s not uncommon for early ice, and certainly nothing I’ve ever worried about — especially on 14 inches of ice. Around 8 a.m. Monday we heard the big one coming from the distance that woke us up. It was the most wicked, horrible sound.

“I knew we might be in trouble. We jumped up and the house was moving while we were running out the door in our underwear. No socks. Nothing. The house was still moving when we got out the door. We got in the pickup — it was parked away from the house a good 50 feet — and waited.”

And, eventually, the three anglers were able to get themselves and the house to shore safely.icehouse3

“There were people over there and (they) eventually helped us hook up tow straps and yanked it over the open break, which was still getting larger,” Milinkovich said. “I thought my house was gone, but somehow we got lucky. After I put it in four-wheel low, I said a small prayer … and gunned it.”

Milinkovich said the three — he and his uncle, Mike Maro, from Monticello and a cousin, Anthony Dorff, from Zimmerman — were fishing in about 12 feet of water, and that before the incident, fishing had been “fair to good.”

“We used an unused ice hole — half-drilled — to keep our walleyes in. The house shifted so much, and the crack went right through that hole. We thought our fish were gone,” Milinkovich said.

“Those (fish) are going to taste so good.”






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