Now is the time for Wisconsin sportsmen to review CWD committee’s progress on disease response plan

Tony Grabski (l) and George Meyer are participants of the CWD Response Review Committee and consult during a meeting break.  photo by Tim Eisele

If you have opinions on what Wisconsin should be doing to monitor or fight the spread of chronic wasting disease, now is the time to speak up.

The Department of Natural Resources formed a CWD Response Plan Review Committee to look at the state’s plan and recommend additions and changes.

The committee met in October, November and December.  It has not taken any votes, but has identified suggestions that are on the DNR web site.

You have the opportunity to look at these suggestions from Dec. 20 through Jan. 3, 2017, and add your comments.  Do you support them or oppose them, or have other ideas?

Some of the potential thoughts include:

  • Require an electric or second fence around any deer farm where CWD is found.  If so, should the state pay for that or the deer farmer?
  • Request legislative change to allow the DNR to inspect fences around farms raising sitka deer and elk.
  • Require the state to test all elk it releases into the wild for CWD.
  • Ban baiting and feeding of deer statewide.


All of the public input obtained by Jan. 3 will be summarized and forwarded to County Deer Advisory Councils in each county of the state.  They will provide their suggestions and then the whole package goes back to the committee to make its final recommendations on Feb. 1.

The committee’s recommendations go to the Natural Resources Board for further action on March 1.

If, like many, you feel the state needs to be more aggressive in monitoring and trying to contain the spread of CWD, you better speak up now!

Do a search for the DNR web site or go directly to:


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