Change it up to catch more fish!

This week’s blog relates more to my bass fishing experience, but it applies to multi-species fishing, really. Too often I see boats filled with anglers sticking to one spot and one technique all morning long, even when it’s not working. There’s no better way to curb your enthusiasm for fishing!

Example: Say you reach the end of a weedline you’ve been wacky-rigging for bass. Hey, maybe in a 300-yard stretch, you catch three or four bass. Then in another pass nothing!

Time to try something different. Right now! Go a bit deeper off the weed edge and try something like wacky worm jig. Make a pass. Go back and get tight against that weed edge and try a Texas rig worm.

You’re looking for active fish, so don’t make one presentation an all-day affair.

Once the bite stops in an area, try a different location. You always can come back to one or two spots later. This works way better instead of dying in one spot with one specific lure.

Pay attention to your electronics. Check weed edges and points and mark fish. This will help us along with our exclusive change-up formula.

When in doubt, find good structure and holding areas, then concentrate on catching those fish.

When changing it up, do not be afraid to change colors. Maybe you’re going from watermelon tube to a wacky jig; try a different color at the same time. Experimenting almost always boosts our success.

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